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Fenerbahce Worldwide was started in July 2006 by American graduate student Nathan L. Redd. After becoming a Fenerbahce fan through his travels and a love for Turkiye, he became frustrated by the lack of information on the club in English. Speaking very little Turkish, Nathan started Fenerbahce Worldwide – a non-profit blog dedicated to news on the club in English.

In May 2007, Turkish media began to pick up on this weird American who loved Fenerbahce and Turkish futbol. Soon, some of the biggest newspapers, magazines, and TV networks in Turkiye began featuring stories on Fenerbahce Worldwide. (You can find some of these in the “FBWW in the Media” section) The blog began acquiring fans from all over the globe and many were like Nathan – Fenerbahce fans who did not speak Turkish.

In September 2007, Nathan’s friend Ozgur R. Nazilli joined Fenerbahce Worldwide. Ozgur, a native of Ankara, Turkiye, is a university student in Canada and also a huge Fenerbahce fan. Fluent in both English and Turkish, Ozgur impressed Nathan with his bilingual writing skills and quickly became an asset to Fenerbahce Worldwide. As readers from around the globe began flocking to the blog, Nathan and Ozgur realized they needed to do more to serve the Fener fans.

Not long after Ozgur joined Fenerbahce Worldwide, the team invited Cristina Prado to join as well. Cristina, a native of Sao Paolo, Brazil, had become a Fenerbahce fan through the club’s signing of Brazilian stars like Alex de Souza and Roberto Carlos. With Cristina fluent in Portugese, Spanish, and English, the team knew they were on their way to becoming the home for Fenerbahce fans around the globe. Soon it became obvious that Fenerbahce Worldwide had outgrown its blog format, and Ozgur’s childhood friend Murat Ayfer was brought on board. Murat, who is also a native of Ankara, Turkiye, and studying in Canada like Ozgur, joined the team to help design a new website – www.fenerbahceworldwide.org. The website was launched in January 2008.

The purpose of Fenerbahce Worldwide is to deliver the greatness of Fenerbahce to the world in as many languages as possible. Our mission is to use every media opportunity and every outlet available to promote Fenerbahce. We hope you’ll feel at home here and be as much a part of our team as Nathan, Ozgur, Cristina, and Murat. After all, we believe that one day everyone will be a Fenerbahce fan.

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