Cristina Prado


Cristina Prado became a part of Fenerbahce Worldwide in the beginning of 2008, after one of the most interesting encounters with Nathan Redd. During her first graduate marketing class, a professor introduced Nathan as a celebrity in the program and asked him to follow up with his story. As he described his passion for Fenerbahce, and his website she realized that she had visited his blog.

Prior to joining the FBWW team, Cristina’s was a strong soccer fan. Born in Brazil, she had always followed Sao Paulo FC, the Brazilian National team and many European teams. After Sao Paulo won its third FIFA Club’s Championship in 2005 on of her favorite players, Lugano was transferred to Fenerbahce. Upon this transaction she sought for information of the team and found Nathan’s website a very helpful tool to hear more about Lugano’s news. By acquiring more information on Fenerbahce, she realized that several talented Brazilian players and staff were part of the team, which increased her interest. She couldn’t believe that Zico, one of her idols, was part of this amazing team. She adds, "Getting to know Nathan was something very unpredictable, and now when we talk about soccer, Fenerbahce grew on me. It is awesome to see the Brazilian talent shinning throughout the world that makes me extremely proud!"

Cristina is currently seeking a master’s degree in Sport Administration from the University of Louisville. A recent graduate from Western Kentucky University, Crisitna who holds a degree in Marketing and Advertising, has been living in the United States since the age of fifteen. Since then she has been back to Brazil several times to visit family, friends, and of course watch some great soccer matches. She believes that sport can play a major role on social development, "Sports can be used as a tool to help child development, and from my personal experience I know it plays a major role on child development within a foreign environment".

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