Nathan L. Redd


Nathan started Fenerbahce Worldwide in July 2006 after being frustrated with the lack of information on the club in English. He grew up playing and watching sports, but ironically, he hated futbol as a child. He admits he never really watched it and didn’t understand it growing up in America, so baseball and basketball had his attention as a kid.

It wasn’t until Nathan began traveling internationally that he became a huge futbol fan, and it was only logical that he would love Fenerbahce. While most Americans that do follow futbol gravitate toward English teams, Nathan found that Fenerbahce had many of the things that made these English teams attractive, but they also have the world’s greatest fans. It wasn’t long after he began watching futbol and specifically, Fenerbahce, before he was completely hooked on the club.

Nathan is currently finishing his master’s degree in sport management from the University of Louisville. He plans to move to Europe after graduate school to work in sport management, and he hopes his career will take him to Turkiye soon. “Turkiye is home for me. No matter where I live, it just feels like my home” he says. Nathan also has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Louisville.

Before moving to Louisville for graduate school, Nathan spent three years working in the music industry for various record companies. During his time there, he worked with numerous platinum-selling artists on marketing campaigns. A self-professed music nerd, he also DJ’s a little as a hobby. When Nathan isn’t following Fenerbahce, he is likely watching University of Louisville sports or following one of his other passions. “I’m really a nerd in that I sit around and think of new business ventures” he says. “I have a lot of different interests and I’m always trying to think of ways to combine them.” Among those interests are fashion and “trying not to dress like an American” he says. He also loves to travel and play sports. Nathan is active in working with animal rights and rescue causes, as well as gender equity issues in sport. He’s also interested in initiating programs to fund and develop youth futbol and girls’ sports in Turkiye.

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