Özgür R. Nazilli


Özgür has been an avid Fenerbahce fan since as far back as he can remember. He recounts a story in which he, when given a Besiktas membership card by his father’s friend who was hoping to convert him into a Besiktas fan, threw it in the bin to prove to the world (which consisted of his parents only, at the time) that he was loyal to Fenerbahce. At the time, he was 8.

Özgür lived most of his life in Ankara, but he has been far from stationary. As a member of the Turkish National Fencing Team, he travelled to many European and Mid-Eastern countries, but never to the American continents. That came at the age of 18, when he graduated from Bilkent University Preparatory School (BUPS) and chose to attend University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Doing his undergraduate degree there in Commerce, Özgür plans to specialize in Marketing and Management Information Systems, with a focus on E-Businesses.

Özgür’s interest in Fenerbahce Worldwide was born when he ran into an American fan, Nathan, at the Antu Fenerbahce Fan Forums, who he offered to help with any Turkish-English or English-Turkish he might need. When Nathan gladly accepted Özgür’s help, a team was born. After Özgür helped with some translation work and did some small-time commentary writing at an online platform for Nathan, he was offered a full-time editorial position at Fenerbahce Worldwide.

Being the entrepreneurial spirit he is, Özgür got very excited by the prospect of turning the Fenerbahce Worldwide blog into a full website, and got working on it straightaway. Securing the domain names www.fenerbahceworldwide.org , www.fbww.org , and also www.footballworldwide.org , the last one being a possible future project, Özgür and Nathan got to work to turn Fenerbahce Worldwide into a full-scale multi-lingual news portal for Fenerbahce followers from all over the world. With the inclusion of Murat Ayfer as the webmaster and Cristina Prado as the Spanish and Portuguese translator, the core team of Fenerbahce Worldwide was born.

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