Final Curtain Closes On Terim Tenure With Little Fanfare

Commentary  •  Author: Nathan Redd   •   Wednesday, October 14, 2009 Picture

Wednesday night in Bursa will mark the end of an era in Turkish football.  When the final whistle is blown and the lights go out at Atatürk Stadium, Fatih Terim will step off the pitch for the final time as Turkish National Team boss.  While time will determine the legacy of the embattled coach, fans are left wondering if they have reason to be optimistic about the future. 

This was not the way that Fatih Terim expected to go out.  After taking over for Ersun Yanal in 2005, the former Galatasaray manager promised to continue the Turks' global success.  A remarkable third-place finish in the 2002 World Cup set the Turks up for greater things in 2006.  But the darlings of the previous competition were nowhere to be found.  Fast-forward two years, where Terim saved his reputation by leading the Turks to another semifinal - this time in the European championships.  The coach once nicknamed "The Emperor" was fielding offers from European sides and basking in international glory.

Turkish fans were salivating at the World Cup qualification group pairings when they were announced in 2007.  Belgium?  Bosnia-Herzegovina?  Armenia?  Estonia?  If Istanbul had direct flights to Johannesburg, they were filling up quickly.  Turkish fans were realizing that nothing less than a second-place finish was practically being handed to them. 

Something happened along the way, however.  "The Emperor" became "The Obstacle."  Terim has had his share of supporters and critics, but one word can easily characterize his tenure as Milli Takım: inconsistent.  Fantastic performances such as the 4-1 spanking of Greece and last summer's come-from-behind win over Czech Republic were followed by draws against Belgium and Estonia.  Injuries hampered the Turks over the last two years, but it's a part of football.  An injured Turkish squad littered with substitutes should be able to easily handle a full-strength Estonia or Belgium team.

Terim remained defiant and arrogant until the end, constantly citing the team's accomplishments rather than apologizing for missing two consecutive World Cup tournaments.  He indicated that he offered his resignation despite the wishes of the Turkish Football Federation, but TFF Chairman Mahmut Özgener would have been under enormous pressure to fire Terim if he had not resigned. 

Milli Takım fans are largely happy to see Terim depart.  The coach arguably wore out his welcome, and fans are ready for a change.  Özgener and company must re-group and begin to assemble a staff to prepare for the next European championships.  Hopefully they'll look for a new coach without the red and white-tinted glasses.  They should seek out the best coach; not the best Turkish coach.  Meanwhile fans have reason to celebrate on Wednesday.  Fatih Terim led the team to an impressive performance in Euro 2008 and that accomplishment should not be ignored.  However, the muted happiness in Bursa on Wednesday is likely going to be a celebration of Terim's departure rather than his inconsistent success. 

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fener-pnw • 06:57 • October 14, 2009

Agreed - best coach whose style is compatible with our talent.
nathan • 07:01 • October 14, 2009
I vote for Diego Maradona!

just kidding :)
fener-pnw • 07:08 • October 14, 2009
appleyasemin • 07:24 • October 14, 2009
IM SAD that fatih is leaving this way!!.. i just wish it was a good farewell rather than a angry sad goodbye like this one!!..
Kozak • 15:47 • October 14, 2009
I know the majority of you don't want to see another Turkish coach but if we were to have a Turkish coach I'm confident in saying it should be Bulent Uygun.

The man works miracles with a professional squad. This season he was left with scraps due to the club not being financially well off.

Bulent Uygun would definitely inject respect, discipline and professional football in to the Turkish National team. Remember at Sivas? One of the frequent celebrations was the team saluting Bulent Uygun. If he can get the national team to salute him than we are in store for big things.
fener-pnw • 15:57 • October 14, 2009
I'll take your word for it Kozak. I do not get a chance to see other teams play in TSL
except against us.
TanzFener • 16:39 • October 14, 2009
Hi Nathan,
Thanks for the Article. Hey I have a little project for you guys. I have been trying to find a video that displays the Fenerbahce History in English. I visited the Fenerbahce Museum at Sukru Saracoglu and sat thru the little video they have there which was great. I have already converted my Morrocan and Tunisian friends to become Fenerbahce Fans and am now working on showing my girlfriend our beautiful history and the historical importance of our club. So I found the following videos:

I am posting these here for everyone since these are great clips. THE PROBLEM is that there is nothing in English. Does anyone know if these videos are available in English? If not can take on the monumental duty of translating these with subtitles maybe?
Can you guys get in touch with Fener Yonetim and ask the question. I thought I contact you guys first since you are already engaged in makeing our beloved club Fenerbahce world wide.
Let me know your thoughts.
Ediz36 • 16:44 • October 14, 2009
I heard Joachim Low (Germany manager) is considering taking the milli takim job. His contract with Germany runs out after the world cup.
Kozak • 16:56 • October 14, 2009
it seems that every failed Fenerbahce coach is on the national team list.

Scored a lot of goals with the team though, Low.
nathan • 16:58 • October 14, 2009
Ediz, I have an article about Low coming shortly.

Tanz, I have to go at the moment, but I'll send you a message and respond later. Thanks!
d.guiza • 23:50 • October 26, 2009
d.guiza • 23:51 • October 26, 2009
cool one
d.guiza • 18:15 • November 2, 2009
hi im danyiele guiza im from spain and im 29 years old.
Fenerfan_16_kfy • 13:55 • December 3, 2009
At the moment there is no manager in turkey that could manage the natinal team and be succesful. we should get lucescu heknows all about turkish football he is perfect. The tukish managers go into evry away game knowing that they are going to lose they should be more optimistic
d.guiza • 20:43 • January 4, 2010
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