Fenerbahce 2 - 1 Chelsea: History Still in the Making

Commentary  •  Author: Özgür R. Nazilli   •   Thursday, April 3, 2008 Picture

What a night! Fenerbahce made the biggest shock of the Champions League Quarter Finals stage by beating Chelsea, who were previously unbeaten in this season's Champions League run.

And what a win it was! Fenerbahce fell back 1-0 early on in the game due to a very unlucky own goal by Deivid. However, Fenerbahce's resolve and unwillingness to give up took over at this point and with goals from Colin Kazim and Deivid, Fener came away with a 2-1 win against the Football giants Chelsea.

I will only mention a few key points about the game in this article, and full recap will come in later to Fenerbahce Worldwide.

1) This is the 5th consecutive home win for Fenerbahce in the Champions League. The previous losers in Sukru Saracoglu this year include 2007 Italian Serie A Champions Inter, 2005 UEFA Cup Winner CSKA Moscow, 2007 Eredivisie Champions PSV Eindhoven, and 2006 and 2007 UEFA Cup Winner Sevilla.  

2) Tonight Fenerbahce doubled the goals conceded by Chelsea in this year's Champions League campaign. Blues, as they are colloquially known, had only conceded 2 goals in their previous 8 Champions League games, but to be fair, they had not visited Sukru Saracoglu before!

3) Deivid was the "villain-turned-hero" of the night, who took over the title from Volkan Demirel. Volkan was the previous holder of the title after conceding two early goals in Sevilla and then saving 3 penalties in the penalty shootout of the previous Champions League round, carrying his team for the first time to the Quarter Finals. Tonight, Deivid first scored a very unlucky own goal early on in the game, and then more than redeemed himself by scoring another of his trademark long distance scorchers to help his team come away with a crucial 2-1 win at Kadikoy.

4) Colin Kazim continued his excellent form from the weekend's Besiktas game and scored a very well organized goal, in which he latched on to a long pass and kicked the ball home on a one-on-one with Chealsea keeper Cudicini. Hopefully, Colin will build up on this excellent form and earn himself a regular spot on the team.

All in all, Fenerbahce had another amazing night, which has become the norm in this year's Champions League campaign. Let us hope that they can carry on this form to the second leg at Stamford Bridge.

More analysis and recap to come here on Fenerbahce Worldwide.

(Photo credit: Ugur Pembecioglu)

Comments (6)

paristexas • 01:17 • April 3, 2008
incredible! no word to express my delight.
Skywalker • 02:33 • April 3, 2008
We scored 3 goals, and win 2-1 :) Thats awesome.
nathan • 03:04 • April 3, 2008
good to see you again, paristexas :)
JielJar • 10:02 • April 3, 2008
I started to think Fenerbahce scoring own goals by purpose to make more dramatic effect :)

5 Own goals, 2 big mistakes from Volkan at Sevilla game and 1 back pass finished as goal from Edu at Moscow, total 8 goals by our mistakes and we still have a good Semi Final chance!
Denzo-Elturko • 11:01 • April 3, 2008
I was so excited when my friend from UK messaged me to tell me we won!! I saw half time highlights due to time difference and thought we cant loose to Chelsea!! En Buyuk Fener!! It even it made news on the free train newspaper in Melbourne thats impressive. Lets see how they go in Stamford Bridge
perlomental • 17:17 • April 3, 2008
We'll win the champions league!!!
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