Fenerbahçe Worldwide Featured on FB TV Live Broadcast

FBWW in the Media  •  Author: Mehmet Pozam   •   Tuesday, May 18, 2010 Picture

Fenerbahçe Worldwide was featured on FB TV's live broadcast from Bağdat Caddesi on Sunday afternoon. Fenerbahçe TV presenters Kıvanç Özkök and İpek Ustaoğlu interviewed FBWW readers Morten Galåsen, Kim Kristiansen and FBWW's very own Mehmet Pozam during the run-up broadcast live from the popular Istanbul high street, home to Yellow Canaries fans.

On Sunday afternoon, Fenerbahçe TV's sympathetic duo Kıvanç Özkök and İpek Ustaoğlu kindly interviewed FBWW readers Morten Galåsen and Kim Kristiansen during their live broadcast on Bağdat Caddesi. Fenerbahçe Worldwide editor Mehmet Pozam also accompanied the interview.

Galåsen and Kristiansen got the chance to tell their story of becoming Fenerbahçe fans in Norway and also spoke about their previous attendance at this season's Fenerbahçe vs. Galatasaray derby. Fenerbahçe Worldwide's Morten Galåsen also became a local favourite, repeating President Aziz Yıldırım's famous words, "One day everyone will support Fenerbahçe," and chanting "Fener Gol Gol Gol, Şampiyonluk Geliyor".

Lastly, Fenerbahçe Worldwide editor Mehmet Pozam stated that FBWW was the perfect indicator that Fenerbahçe has become a World Club, reaching to supporters on a global scale.

You can watch the video featuring Mehmet, Morten, and Kim at http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xdcepf_fenerbahce-worldwide-on-fb-tv-live_sport

Comments (29)

efe10 • 04:32 • May 18, 2010
wow thats really cool.
nathan • 04:43 • May 18, 2010
Mehmet says something about me at the end, but if you play it in reverse, it says "Nathan is a jerk."
Fener_eniste • 07:22 • May 18, 2010
lol...I'll check this out when I get home from work.
Is Kivanc the guy that does Mac Kac Kac also?
Memz • 10:52 • May 18, 2010
@Fener_Eniste exactly he is the guy.
Skyblues • 12:20 • May 18, 2010
yea I was watching it online when Mehmet appeared, full power to FBWW :)
Fener_eniste • 13:37 • May 18, 2010
So...not to ruin anyones day but:
this made me tear up a little...
macho-morten • 14:29 • May 18, 2010
This Morten guy seems awesome!
Fener_eniste • 14:36 • May 18, 2010
I just watched the vid man...excellent stuff Morten!
mtHead • 16:40 • May 18, 2010
Fener_eniste, thanks for the vid, that was a beauty by Burak, anyway I really thought that he was paid agent of Fener when I watched him in the Cup game, I guess I was wrong, wait maybe he meant to kick out, hmmmm.
mtHead • 16:41 • May 18, 2010
Morten what you think about Bursa's chances in CL
macho-morten • 17:26 • May 18, 2010
Don't know, man. I come from the country who sent Rosenborg to the CL for several years in a row, and they made some good runs. Bursa's current squad is far superior to anything Rosenborg ever had. However, they lack experience and who knows what will happen with their squad during the summer...

I think they'll be a fierce home team, though!
serdar_tasci • 17:52 • May 18, 2010
i simply dont get any of you, you guys are complaianing about how crap bursaspor are and how they will get demolished in the CL they beat us fair and square, besiktas,gala,trabzon they beat everyone and beat us 3-1 in the cup if it werent for guiza goal we would havebeen eliminated at extra time. if bursa will get smashed then so will we because as far as im concerned bursa are better than us there strikers defenders and some midfielders are better than us straight
berkan8gulsen • 19:06 • May 18, 2010
serdar_tasci • 19:15 • May 18, 2010
lol besiktas wanted to give 4 mil to inter for quaresma thats how i know quaresma will never go to broke besiktas, i hope he comes to fener

RisingSunOnEurope • 21:07 • May 18, 2010
i just read that there is an offer for kazim + 8 mil for gignac .. i have mixed feeling about this.. i personally love kazim as a player and think he deserves another chance at fener.. the scandal was false and he did a good job at toulouse.. although gignac is an amazing player and would boost the squad tremendously.. im just bias cuz im a kazim fan.. gignac is a beast
vivalavida • 21:20 • May 18, 2010
kazim has a horrible attitude and berkan8gulsen, the news that daum is fired is probably the best news i've heard all year.
Kanarya • 21:26 • May 18, 2010
gokhan gonul done so many bad balls in to the box in the last few mins which we could of easily scored
panama • 21:32 • May 18, 2010
GFBHollanda • 21:42 • May 18, 2010

turkish people in holland want Daum out!
mtHead • 22:13 • May 18, 2010
GFB Turkish people in Holland are very smart and love attacking football so I would not be surprised.
mtHead • 22:14 • May 18, 2010
Kurban from Rubin Kazan should be the next coach.
GFBHollanda • 22:38 • May 18, 2010
sagol MTHead kardesim we are discussing at the biggest football site in Holland and Belgium. They all want them gone. I gave my vision and somebody wished that I was the coach of FB. Read the 5 comment of AlexAnelka. I am 10_alex_10. Translate alexanelka's comment on me :D

A green line means a compliment :D
efe10 • 22:45 • May 18, 2010
thank God hes leaving
GFBHollanda • 22:56 • May 18, 2010
Kozak • 01:37 • May 19, 2010
So yeah Daum isn't leaving. A coach that can raise a team from fourth place last year into 2nd place this year, a cup final and Turkish super cup win, will not get sacked.

Its non-existent in football to sack a coach who has come back from a team he loved coaching back to a team who had fallen to its lowest point in DECADES and revitalize the team. If Daum didn't come back we would have gotten another drop kick foreigner coach who knows nothing about how the club works and we probably would have been fourth this year AGAIN.

Hate Daum or love him. He has brought Fenerbahce back from the dead and into second place. We didn't win anything but at least we had a chance to win something. Last year we had NO CHANCE and our squad looked defeated.

I look forward to next year when Daum makes his transfers and we play under his game rather then what he was forced to play.

And to all those that believe Daum has no "game" or "tactics". Tell that to Bayer Leverkusen, Koln, VFB Stuttgart, Besiktas and Austria Wien. They will whole heartedly disagree with you as his tactics led them to either championships, great heights, or survival against the odds.

If we let Daum go, a German team will take him back with open arms and laugh at our stupidity to let him go.

Thats all I'll say on the matter.
efe10 • 02:20 • May 19, 2010
then why did we get rid of zico that amazing year?
Memz • 08:46 • May 19, 2010
he wanted to much money...

kinda ironic because a month later they gave 2 million more then Zico asked for to Aragones - who after he got sacked again recieved a lot of money.
Kozak • 10:18 • May 19, 2010
Aragones had been proven though. He was at the time, the mastermind in Europe. It took massive balls for Fenerbahce to acquire Aragones, and people knew our name.

Unfortunately it didn't work out :(
Memz • 12:12 • May 19, 2010
without thinking what future would bring and that we couldn't expect anything in the upcoming 3/4 years they signed Aragones 'Dede'. it's something that we've seen a lot in players also - after one good season they are transfered without checking first what they did the seasons before and in what system they where playing.

so Aragones is just a good example of the failure of the current board - getting a name without checking what he did before and if he will add something. Aragones needed 4 years with Spain to let them play good! Spain a team who have on every position a player who can be called within the best 10 of the world on that position. how could they expect that he would do good the first year (something crucial in Turkey) if he needed 4 with worldclass players!

i would love it if we could find a good coach who can let us play good served footbal that could finally stay long termed without any promises and without expecting something....unfortunately this is impossible in Turkey.
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