Transfer Rumours: Saturday July 17, 2010

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In today's press scan, news reports from the Turkish and International press linking Fenerbahçe with transfer moves for Nilmar, Brandão, Asamoah Gyan, Issiar Dia, Vladimír Weiss and others. Please note that Fenerbahçe Worldwide does not confirm any of the following transfer rumours.

The following transfer rumours were linked in Turkish and International media, although each is pure speculation unless the club issues an official statement. We do not hold any of the rumours to be truth.

Fenerbahçe Worldwide will publish one article of transfer rumours per day (as long as there is demand), and the list will be updated throughout the day as more are reported. Please check the article periodically for updates.

Nilmar (Villareal)
Striker / Right winger - 25 years old

Turkish daily Hürriyet reports that Fenerbahçe have made La Liga side Villareal a formal offer for Brazilian striker Nilmar. Rumours are that the offer consists of cash plus part exchange, involving a certain Yellow Canaries Spanish striker. Villareal are reportedly keen on the proposal, but want just a bit more cash from Fener.

Brandão (Olympique de Marseille)
Striker - 30 years old

Sabah suggests that Fenerbahçe have targeted Olympique de Marseille's Brandão. With Chelsea hoping to add Liverpool's Fernando Torres to their ranks, Didier Drogba could soon complete a move to OM. If so, São Paulo born Brandão will look to depart from the French side and rumours are that agents have already offered the 30-year-old tall forward to Fenerbahçe.

Asamoah Gyan (Rennes)
Striker - 24 years old
Sabah, Habertürk

Sabah suggests that Rennes are lowering their asking price in hopes of sealing a deal with Fenerbahçe. Meanwhile, Habertürk claims that Fenerbahçe have shook hands with the Ghanaian striker and are now negotiating with the French club. With interest from Sunderland and West Ham United and despite Gyan's preferance to play in the Premier League, the Yellow Canaries are still reported to have the best offer on the table. 

Issiar Dia (AS Nancy)
Striker / Winger - 23 years old
L'Equipe, Sabah, Milliyet

French sports daily L'Equipe reports that AS Nancy-Lorraine are not satisfied with Fenerbahçe's offer for Issiar Dia and they are looking for a higher offer. L'Equipe suggests that tables are now turning towards Monaco who are also eager to snatch the 23-year-old Senegalese winger. Sabah also writes that Bundesliga sides VfL Wolfsburg and Stuttgart are also interested in Dia.

Vladimír Weiss (Manchester City)
Midfielder/Winger - 20 years old
Il Secolo

Italy's Il Secolo reveals Fenerbahçe's interest in Manchester City midfielder Vladimír Weiss. While Sampdoria are also reported to be interested, Il Secolo claims that a number of clubs are also after the 20-year-old, including 'particularly aggressive' Fenerbahçe. Rumours are that City does not want to let go of Weiss and are looking to send him out on a loan, like last season when he played at Bolton Wanderers.

Disclaimer: Fenerbahçe Worldwide does not confirm any of the above rumours or state that they are anything else than mere speculation. Please wait for official announcements from the club management.

(Pictured above, Vladimír Weiss)

Comments (129)

AKay • 12:08 • July 17, 2010
Weiss played very well in the world cup......Stoch and weiss wud be awesome.
They say there will be a suprise on fenerbahce day
star suggests Ronaldinho!..i wish.
Memz • 12:14 • July 17, 2010
they said a lot but nothing happend..
2pac • 12:15 • July 17, 2010
Don't get your hopes up guys, we really don't need transfers since we have a team that almost got two titles.

However, im happy if Aziz Baskan decided to transfer a "big player"
ozanFB • 12:30 • July 17, 2010
selam, when is this fenerbahce day?? I read about it only in this forum...
AKay • 12:31 • July 17, 2010
19th of July
Kozak • 12:58 • July 17, 2010
I don't know what we'd do with Ronaldinho. He is amazing yes thats for sure but we already have way too many in that area.

We only need a good partner for Lugano and maybe a striker ( I personally don't think we need a striker )
ozanFB • 13:31 • July 17, 2010
thx akay
Memz • 13:33 • July 17, 2010
i also see a good parner for Lugano as priority #1 - now it looks like they forgot that postion with there search to a good forward.
vivalavida • 13:52 • July 17, 2010
well last season the tabloid were linking us with all these players from brazil and not one of them mentioned andre santos and cristian, hopefully they're doing the same again and will transfer a decent partner for lugano (godin will be great!).
AKay • 14:00 • July 17, 2010
Unless they are keeping a defender transfer of the down-low...the only defender rumours are just in case lugano leaves...:/
buraktigin • 14:02 • July 17, 2010
now all we need is forlan, messi & ronaldo, then we good to go
buraktigin • 14:03 • July 17, 2010
damn foreigners
Semihhh • 14:21 • July 17, 2010
i bet there is no suprise at Fenerbahçe day an they wil come with the last choise cuz they couldnt buy anyone pff im getting to nervuse now :( i want a tranferrrrrrrrrrrrr
fb_fan • 14:53 • July 17, 2010
WEISS IS AMAZING!I watched him in one Bolton match while ago!This boy is gr8!Him and Stoch...wowo :P
Memz • 14:57 • July 17, 2010
@Semihhh we can buy everyone - but what can you do if they doesn't want to play for Fenerbahçe?
2pac • 15:14 • July 17, 2010
Come on guys, we finished 10+ points above our rivals last season. They are the ones that need transfers, not us :)
Brazilian • 16:05 • July 17, 2010
Guys yesterday we lost to Bahrain 2-0
Kozak • 16:08 • July 17, 2010
Who? Brazil?
Brazilian • 16:40 • July 17, 2010
Yeah Kozak, Yesterday we played Bahrain, Bahrain is a small island in the Gulf next to saudi Arabia.. and we lost 2-0, terrible!
AKay • 16:49 • July 17, 2010
oh wud u look at that...we're losing again...that pass cut through our center backs like a hot knife thru butter!
berkan8gulsen • 16:49 • July 17, 2010
bilca sucks man he fukd up the offside trap...
alperfener1 • 16:50 • July 17, 2010
How are we 1-0 down???
remedy2000 • 16:50 • July 17, 2010
hahah bilica, lacking in defensive know-how and speed. And all these transfer rumours for strikers and attacking midfeilders olol
AKay • 16:51 • July 17, 2010
Bilica f'd up....wht a surprise..
Kozak • 16:53 • July 17, 2010
we are 1-0 down cause we are playing crap. This isn't even experimenting...its just playing crap.
AKay • 16:56 • July 17, 2010
i've stopped watching..this is jsut embarassing and very frustrating.
remedy2000 • 16:56 • July 17, 2010
It's hilarious how Koln's players can shutdown the superstars of fenerbahce's attack so easily! it's like we're Stoke playing against Barcelona.
Kozak • 16:56 • July 17, 2010
surprise surprise Alex is our best player on the pitch.
macho-morten • 16:57 • July 17, 2010
I thought he was too old? ;)
berkan8gulsen • 16:58 • July 17, 2010
maybe when lugano comes bak our defense will be stronger
berkan8gulsen • 17:01 • July 17, 2010
maybe the ball they are playing with sucks.. lolll. cause they cannot even control the ball..
AKay • 17:07 • July 17, 2010
our defense is always strong with Lugano.
Kozak • 17:16 • July 17, 2010
and we're down 2-0. FC Kolns youths are kick our ass.
Memz • 17:16 • July 17, 2010
that Alex is our best player on the pitch says a lot about us - there is a looooot work to do for Aykut if he is able to stay.
serdar_tasci • 17:17 • July 17, 2010
AKay • 17:18 • July 17, 2010
yeah man we're gonna kick sevilla and werder bremen's butts arent we!
serdar_tasci • 17:19 • July 17, 2010
alex and stoch are the only players playing good
Kozak • 17:19 • July 17, 2010
Alex is always the best player on the pitch for us. It doesn't say a lot about us, but it says a lot about Alex. I admire him for sticking around for Fenerbahce when he could have quite easily played for big clubs in Europe, winning European trophies and medals.
Kozak • 17:21 • July 17, 2010
serdar_tasci • 17:22 • July 17, 2010
berkan8gulsen • 17:22 • July 17, 2010
perlomental • 17:22 • July 17, 2010
The first goal came in because of Bilica's mistake, and the second goal came because Bilica lost the ball trying to show his skills on the ball...
Semihhh • 17:22 • July 17, 2010
Fck this man where soooo fckd up , against Gs and Young Boys look at al the injures fck ... Volkan Demirel , Gokhan Gonul , Lugano ( vacation ) Mehmet Topuz , Ozer Hurmaci , Ugur Boral , Omg and it's 3-0 now dude i swear where so fckd up ....................
2pac • 17:24 • July 17, 2010
Defence is in shambles man... its terrible
perlomental • 17:25 • July 17, 2010
Aykut should go with Fener to the next game, if he loses again, then seriously get a new coach.
AKay • 17:25 • July 17, 2010
haha this is funny.
Aykut wont even last till the season starts lol
Kozak • 17:25 • July 17, 2010
Just saying, this would never have happened with Daum. I guess this is what we deserve though after sacking a coach who missed out on the league title by 1 point.
serdar_tasci • 17:25 • July 17, 2010
KOZAK alex is always the best for us, your damn right he could have easily gone to arsenal,liverpool,bayern,inter,milan etc but he chose us and after his first year he could have left but NOOOO he stayed to the damn end showing how much passion he has for us
Sydney_GFB • 17:25 • July 17, 2010
honestly, i have never ever ever ever seen a shitter fenerbahce team in my life, this is a disgrace
perlomental • 17:26 • July 17, 2010
+ Get a new medical staff for God's sake!!
Kozak • 17:27 • July 17, 2010
Yup, he is a legend. Deserves a statue,NO, TEN STATUES! All situated around our stadium and even one for Galatasaray to put near their new stadium.
perlomental • 17:28 • July 17, 2010
I agree with Kozak, this would've never happened with Daum. I always said here on the site that Daum should stay, unless we get Zico back.
Sydney_GFB • 17:28 • July 17, 2010
from the year we had a good run in the champions league to this, are you serious, how can a team get so bad in only 2 years... teams move forward and get better and better but we are getting worser and worser, im embarresed from this kind of football.
serdar_tasci • 17:30 • July 17, 2010
HAHAHAHAHA do you guys remember in the 2004-2007 seasons how we hit 90, 80, 70 goals and ripped all teams up playing attacking football why cant it be like that
Kozak • 17:31 • July 17, 2010
I'll reserve judgement of Aykut until we actually start playing games that actually matter but I did have a strong opinion that Daum should have stayed.

Serdar, it can't be like that cause we sacked the coach who led us through those seasons for losing the title by 1 point lol.

Daum may have played boring football last season but its quite clear that it was what Fenerbahce has to do for now until we sort ourselves out.
Temirov123 • 17:31 • July 17, 2010
ahahahaha, guys relax this is a friendly... no point in complaining. obviously ever player is out of shape
Sydney_GFB • 17:32 • July 17, 2010
young boys is going to pump fenerbahce atleast 6-0
Memz • 17:33 • July 17, 2010
@Kozak - yes he could now he can't.
compare Alex with 3/4 years ago - right now we can't expect Alex to turn the game around to our hand anymore.

there never was a bid on Alex btw so i don't think that we can honour him about that but yes indeed he deserves a statue for all what he has done for us.
Kozak • 17:34 • July 17, 2010
Temirov, if every player is out of shape why aren't the Koln players out of shape? Not to mention they are playing youth players..

Taner Yalcin has only ever played 10 games for FC Koln and now he has scored 2 goals against Fenerbahce.

Memz, there were actually bids. I remember in a UEFA interview he said it was always difficult each season with big teams asking for his services but it had become a more simple choice as he had gotten older.

Alex was actually a much sought after player. We're lucky that he had contract issues with Parma cause goodness knows if we would ever have landed him while he was in Italy.
perlomental • 17:36 • July 17, 2010
At the beginning I wanted Aykut, I still want him to stay cz im a big fan of him, but if he will also fail in the next friendly against Genk after tmrw then I want him to leave, unless he will surprise gala, but i dont think thats the case.
Kozak • 17:37 • July 17, 2010
We can't lose against Galatasaray. Just...we can't...
Kozak • 17:43 • July 17, 2010
That was beautiful.
serdar_tasci • 17:43 • July 17, 2010
bravo deivid!!!
serdar_tasci • 17:43 • July 17, 2010
amazing from caner,stoch,santos and the deadly finisher DEIVIDDDDD DEEE SSSSSSOOOOOOUUUUUUZZZZZZAAAAAA!!!
ergin • 17:44 • July 17, 2010
Ok seriously, even though this goal was lucky in the end, we just had some GREAT passing to get into the box. Worked very well. I'm still pissed with how we're playing overall, but the build up to that goal we just scored was great.
Kozak • 17:47 • July 17, 2010
Cristians passes are brilliant.
remedy2000 • 17:50 • July 17, 2010
happy days, after this game bilica should be shipped back to sivas. I can't believe people thought this guy was great, he is shockingly bad.
Semihhh • 17:51 • July 17, 2010
anasini satim 4 oldu :s
serdar_tasci • 17:51 • July 17, 2010
yep happy days were loosing 4-1
perlomental • 17:51 • July 17, 2010
lol 1-4,
for a minute i thouoght weer coming back...
emre • 17:51 • July 17, 2010
Oh wow 4-1.
Kozak • 17:51 • July 17, 2010
Can we please ship Bilica off into the Bermuda triangle?
emre • 17:52 • July 17, 2010
remedy2000 • 17:54 • July 17, 2010
You know i think if Fener doesnt get any more CB's they should start using either santos or gokhan at CB instead. Both of them will do a respectable job and we got enough cover for either right or left back.
perlomental • 17:55 • July 17, 2010
I'll donate for the shipment fees!
AKay • 17:56 • July 17, 2010
so will i
perlomental • 17:57 • July 17, 2010
@remedy, andre is not that good in defence, and gokhan is our best right-back
we had 40 millions for transfers this season and we only payed 2.5 for soth and 3 for caner, how much left? lets say 35, we can get literally ANY defender in the world, mertesacker, westermann and are the others germans... y dont we get servet?
perlomental • 17:59 • July 17, 2010
bilica again letting freis shoot, thankfully the ball was weak enough for babacan
AKay • 17:59 • July 17, 2010
Besiktas and gala are probably laughing their butts off rite now.
perlomental • 18:01 • July 17, 2010
Just assign me as Fenerbahce manager, problem solved.
emre • 18:01 • July 17, 2010
Most likely.
probably fenerbahce are going to do what they did to Robert Enke (RIP ENKE!)
serdar_tasci • 18:03 • July 17, 2010
yh but why would mrtesacker or westermann want to come to a team who lost to one of the worst teams in the bundesliga 4-1 hmmm
fb_fan • 18:04 • July 17, 2010
1-4???what t f is going on..?
AKay • 18:05 • July 17, 2010
this isnt a loss..this annihilation.
emre • 18:06 • July 17, 2010
its fenerbahce being shitkickers thats what.
Im losing my faith in that team now.

What the hell is aziz doing in management and what the hell is aykut kocaman doing?

tobe tobe.
perlomental • 18:07 • July 17, 2010
@Serdar: there is a saying that says: Money Talks.
perlomental • 18:08 • July 17, 2010
Now, i will try to have some fun when i watch bursaspor against red star belgrade at 19:30
remedy2000 • 18:09 • July 17, 2010
Seriously they could even put semih in defence and he would do a better job then bilica. Bilica sticks to a man and does nothing to dispose him of the ball, as a result the rest of team ignore that man and we conceed stupid goals.

Gokhan is our best right back, but he also knows how to defend at center back, something bilica seems to know nothing about. And we needed another CB last january, instead we brought Gokhan Unal.

I also have very little faith in aziz and his understanding of the game. The choices he's made on transfers these past 2 years show that he needs to stay away from the football aspect of running the club. But his ego will never allow that to happen.
perlomental • 18:10 • July 17, 2010
We should play this:

--------Gokhan------Lugano-----NEW CB----Andre
------------------Topuz (Stoch)-------------Alex
emre • 18:10 • July 17, 2010
If fenerbahce loses one more game or plays a game like this then im not going to support this team nor any other TSL team.
perlomental • 18:12 • July 17, 2010
Look at besiktas, fener can buy the whole club, but they still make better transfers.
serdar_tasci • 18:14 • July 17, 2010
this taner yalcin kid is damn right terrific please guus hiddink call him up to the milli takim aswell as deniz yilmaz, i dont want the same thing to happen to them like mesut ozil,inler and tasci
perlomental • 18:16 • July 17, 2010
taner already played for germany u-19 team. it seems he facies germany more than turkey.
serdar_tasci • 18:17 • July 17, 2010
remedy2000 • 18:17 • July 17, 2010
i actually think besiktas played the best football last season but lacked the quality to finish up front. Gala until they lost kewell and baros to injury were playing amazing football.

Looking at things this is going to be a really difficult season for Fener. You have bursaspor, besiktas, galatasaray, and trabzon all looking fairly decent. Even some of the smaller clubs have made some good signings.

Yet Fener looks worse then they did last season. We could be looking at one of the worst seasons of Fener's history.
perlomental • 18:17 • July 17, 2010
LOL 5-1
Fenerbahce_Is_Beast • 18:18 • July 17, 2010
WTF IS THIS?????? 5-1

F**K THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AKay • 18:18 • July 17, 2010
5-1 is fricking insane..that must be some sort of record
serdar_tasci • 18:19 • July 17, 2010
IF I ever knew fenerbahce were gonna play one day this kind of low-quality football i would never have supported them
AKay • 18:19 • July 17, 2010
haha i bet stoch regrets coming here now hahahaha
serdar_tasci • 18:21 • July 17, 2010
Kozak • 18:22 • July 17, 2010
Aykut Kocaman shakes his head lol.
remedy2000 • 18:22 • July 17, 2010
you guys see the camera on aykut, the season hasnt even started yet and he already looked defeated.
Fenerbahce_Is_Beast • 18:22 • July 17, 2010
Goodbye Aykut :)
emre • 18:25 • July 17, 2010
bye bye aykut.
ergin • 18:25 • July 17, 2010
Guys it's just a friendly, calm down! Yes it's FC Koln and yes we should beat them normally, but we're trying new things, we're out of form due to the off-season, and our players aren't playing hard cause they don't want to get injured.

Calm down! It's just a friendly...
AKay • 18:26 • July 17, 2010
yeah fine if we lose 2-0 or 1-0 but when we lose 5-2 to kolns youth team..thats not normal no matter how off-form we are
emre • 18:27 • July 17, 2010
Calm down?
Have you even seen how our players are playing football at the moment.
its a 1 sided game.
fb_fan • 18:29 • July 17, 2010
honestly,i m freaked!
Kozak • 18:31 • July 17, 2010
New ideas or not, 5-2 is UNACCEPTABLE. Aykut obviously knew it was unacceptable by the look on his face..
remedy2000 • 18:31 • July 17, 2010
The thing is aykut should have been out of his chair sending orders out to his team and controlling it. Last thing he should be doing is holding his head in shame and looking to ground. His team is losing, it needs direction and command. Last thing the players want to see is a defeated manager. Aykut looked lost and out of his depth, and this is just a meaningless friendly.
polat10 • 18:37 • July 17, 2010
will be fine
JayJayOkocha • 18:37 • July 17, 2010
Anyone who still believes Bilica is a "good" defender ? And Kazim should just f*ck off to a sh!tty Championship club who'd probably defeat us in our current form anyway.

Aykut, gtfo. You're not nearly good and experienced to manage a big team like Fenerbahce. Just bring Pellegrini, Magath or whoever, Aykut just go scout some youngsters, seriously. This is just f*cking embarrasing.
Sydney_GFB • 18:40 • July 17, 2010
you think any big names are going to sign with fenerbahce after a performance like that, THE SCORE ON ITS OWN WILL SCARE THE STAR PLAYERS AWAY ON ITS OWN, goodluck signing a big name player, fenerbahce sucks
serdar_tasci • 18:42 • July 17, 2010
you know what i dont care if lost this match now, because its just a damn friendly we lost nothning out of this performance!!!

polat10 • 18:43 • July 17, 2010
If we kept aragones, we would be playing like spain now.
Fenerbahce_Is_Beast • 18:43 • July 17, 2010
We better play different against Gala cause I don't want to lose to them!!!!!!!
JayJayOkocha • 18:45 • July 17, 2010
I said it before, we need atleast 2 centrebacks, 2 right wingers, 1 very,very good foward and a type of Cana on the midfield. Good luck on wednesday, 6s will probably make us f10.
remedy2000 • 18:45 • July 17, 2010
Fener doesnt need big named players, it just needs to replace its bad players. Bilica is bad however you look at it. We have a great backline untill you get to bilica which makes the rest worthless. We have a world class RB,CB, and left back. But when you have bilica allowing players to run through the middle unchallenged, then the rest counts for nothing. Other players lack consistency like kazim, semih, seljuk etc.

Also after two seasons of bad play, its a big gamble to employ an unknown in aykut.
polat10 • 18:47 • July 17, 2010
fener1907, you actually think we can get a star player by a snap of a finger? the only reason bjk got quaresma is because he never played in inter, he was just on the bench since day 1, they were lucky enough that he came. we still have 2 months until transfer windows shut down, be patient.

most star players don't even want to go to turkey cause they never give it a chance or think they won't get any experience there.
Kozak • 18:48 • July 17, 2010
I actually agree with you polat...

Aragones wasn't scared to play differently. I know I hated on the old man back then but imagine if we had waited..

He likes a 2 striker system as well so it would have made a lot of you guys happy..
fener1907 • 18:50 • July 17, 2010
Polat10, yes you are right , we will be winners again Aykut knows it, he will sign a defender and forward i am sure! As long as Guiza leaves for even 5 Mill i will be happy! Cant believe we payed 15 mill for his football!
Sydney_GFB • 18:52 • July 17, 2010
lol actually it was more like 17 million
polat10 • 18:54 • July 17, 2010
From what I know, we are gonna offer atletico madrid cash + guiza for diego forlan.
2pac • 18:57 • July 17, 2010
Oh well, its a friendly after all. Anyone catch Aykuts interview? He's even disappointed in the players.
Engin • 19:04 • July 17, 2010
The problem with our team both our coach and players. Aykut Kocaman was always a softie, I'm glad Ali Sen booted his ass to the curve after he felt "sorry" for stupid Trabzon after the match back 1996. Legends are ruthless animals and have no feelings at all.

Now on to our players, the problems are simple. Too much sex, drinking, poor diets, lack of working out during the World Cup and spending too much time at the clubs. Both Gokhans, Ugur, Mehmet Topuz, and Ozer are prime examples of what I said about what's wrong with the players.
Kozak • 19:06 • July 17, 2010
Ugurs a married man. I don't think he fits under your list. His injury was actually really serious too.
emre • 19:24 • July 17, 2010
All 3 of those players are injured.
they dont have the strength to stay up until 3:00 am with a strapped up shoulder or with crutches...
perlomental • 19:53 • July 17, 2010
I don't know about Ozer (I always thought he is like this), but Gokhan Gonul and Ugur Boral, hell no.
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