Ten-Man Fenerbahçe Beat Galatasaray Lions in Germany

News  •  Author: Mehmet Pozam   •   Thursday, July 22, 2010 Picture

Despite playing with one man down for 75 minutes, Fenerbahçe beat archrivals Galatasaray 1-0 at the Borussia Park Stadium in Mönchengladbach, Germany on Wednesday evening to lift the Spor Toto Friendly Cup. The only goal of the match came from Brazilian left back/winger André Santos who hit the back of the net in the 30th minute.

After completing their pre-season training camps in Belgium and Holland, Turkey's top two clubs Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray met at the Borussia Park Stadium in Mönchengladbach, Germany on Wednesday evening. The one-match exhibition game called the Spor Toto Friendly Cup was organized so that supporters abroad, namely in Germany, could feast their eyes on the World's Greatest Derby.

One expects to see a lot of action on and off the field, every time Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray play, be it a friendly or a championship-decider. Wednesday night's game was no different. The action kicked-off with a fourth minute free-kick by Lions' captain Arda Turan, which Volkan Demirel beautifully tipped over for a corner-kick.

Tensions rose ten minutes later, when Fenerbahçe defensive midfielder Selçuk Şahin was sent off after receiving a double booking. Selçuk saw his first yellow card for pulling Ali Turan in the 14th minute, a fair booking for a fair charge. However his second card was an altogether extraordinary case, as German referee Thorsten Kinhöfer sent Selçuk off the field with another yellow card for supposedly trying to trip him over.

With Selçuk Şahin out of the game, Fenerbahçe were down to ten men and the Yellow Canaries had another good seventy-five minutes against their archrivals ahead of them. Although the odds looked against Fenerbahçe, it was the Yellow Canaries that broke the deadlock in the half-hour mark.

In the 30th minute, Cristian Baroni sent a through ball to the left wing to set André Santos up with a perfect opportunity against Galatasaray keeper Ufuk Ceylan. After a brilliant twist and turn, the Brazilian winger did well to smash the ball above the shotstopper to send the ball safely behind the net: 1-0.

Fenerbahçe's goal was received joyfully in the stands of the Borussia Park Stadium and supporters lit celebratory flares which quickly filled the air with smoke. German referee Thorsten Kinhöfer was not amused when a flare was thrown on the field and he and his assistants gathered together, leaving the field in the 32nd minute. Only after team captains Volkan Demirel and Arda Turan spoke on the stadium microphone telling supporters to calm down, the match was resumed after a nine-minute break.

Shortly after the pause, Galatasaray's new striker Mehmet Batdal struck a decent shot only to be saved by Volkan Demirel after two attempts. Fenerbahçe's new attacking midfielder Miroslav Stoch also tested Galatasaray in the 42nd minute, striking from outside the box. The Slovakian winger's shot was parried by Ufuk Ceylan out for a corner-kick. Half-time score: 1-0.

Galatasaray manager Frank Rijkaard began the second forty-five with multiple substitutions, fielding Sabri, Hakan, Barış and Ayhan. With a fresh and improved eleven, Galatasaray started pushing towards Fenerbahçe who were already used to playing one man down. After a few dismal attemps, Galatasaray came close to equalizing in the 61st minute.

Sabri sent a cross from the left wing, but when Volkan fumbled the ball Hakan Balta laid the ball to Mehmet Batdal who had an open position to score. However, Fener keeper Volkan Demirel made amends for his critical error and did well to hold on to the ball. 

That Mehmet Batdal was replaced one minute later by Emre Çolak. Fenerbahçe manager Aykut Kocaman also went for a double substitution on 63 minutes, taking Colin Kazım-Richards and Alex de Souza out and replacing them with Caner Erkin and Deivid de Souza.

The Lions could have equalized once again in the 69th minute, when Galatasaray captain sent another pinpoint free-kick. This time the ball hit the post and went out for a goal kick. With the clock ticking down, Galatasaray players became furious as they were unable to make that decisive attempt on goal.

Arda Turan was under the spotlight yet again, in the dying moments of the game. Sabri Sarıoğlu crossed once again from the right wing and the Galatasaray captain safely headed inside the Fenerbahçe box, only to see his shot go over the crossbar. Final result: 1-0.

This result enables Fenerbahçe players to boost their morales and regain their confidence ahead of next week's crucial UEFA Champions League third qualifying round first leg match against Young Boys, Wednesday night at the Stade de Suisse in Bern, Switzerland.

STADIUM: Borussia Park Stadium
REFEREES: Thorsten Kinhöfer, Mark Borsch, Kai Voss (Germany)

GALATASARAY: Ufuk Ceylan, Ali Turan (46th, Sabri Sarıoğlu), Servet Çetin, Gökhan Zan, Serkan Kurtuluş (46th, Hakan Balta), Musa Çağıran (46th, Barış Özbek), Lorik Cana (46th, Ayhan Akman), Mustafa Sarp (81st, Cumhur Yılmaztürk), Serdar Özkan (88th, Caner Öztel), Arda Turan, Mehmet Batdal (63rd, Emre Çolak)

FENERBAHÇE: Volkan Demirel, İlhan Eker, Bekir İrtegün (88th, Önder Turacı), Fabio Bilica, André Santos, Colin Kazım-Richards (63rd, Caner Erkin), Selçuk Şahin, Alex de Souza (63rd, Deivid de Souza), Cristian Baroni, Miroslav Stoch (88th, Semih Şentürk), Gökhan Ünal (82nd, Gökay İravul)

GOAL: 30th - André Santos (Fenerbahçe) 
RED CARD: 14th - Selçuk Şahin (Fenerbahçe)

(Photo courtesy of Fenerbahce.org)

Comments (11)

berkan8gulsen • 00:16 • July 22, 2010
did we play well?
polat10 • 00:20 • July 22, 2010
I wasn't at home for the first half, second half we were going all out defense and we did pretty well i must say....despite selcuks red
fb_fan • 00:22 • July 22, 2010
we the best that's it!
fener_efsane • 00:32 • July 22, 2010
We actually played better 10 to 11. Solid, composed and confident. Superb goal by Dos Santos, the GS keeper did not have a clue about what happened, he stayed completely immobile. I wondered if we could keep up the physical effort but we did. What concentration and focus can achieve! My GS friends were depressed, completely speechless, remember how you guys felt after Alkmaar and Koln? hehe.... Aferin Aykut, aferin hoca !
mtHead • 00:53 • July 22, 2010
I only watched the first half and it was so dull and bad football that by both teams that I switched to Trabozon game. Both team kept passing to each other as if they were all on the same side.
Nesil • 01:33 • July 22, 2010
is there a place we can see the highlights?
macho-morten • 02:08 • July 22, 2010
Nesil: If you are on Facebook, Fenerbahce's official page has posted a few videos already.
ergin • 03:27 • July 22, 2010
I'll be you $100 that Caner gave Arda that "what's up now?!" look after the game... ;-)
eksi • 07:42 • July 22, 2010
Ergin, haha I bet you're right. I hope Caner gives him that look at least twice more this year ;)
polat10 • 07:50 • July 22, 2010

ergin • 11:40 • July 22, 2010
Haha yeah eksi, I hope we beat 6s twice again this year and keep the trend going!... ;)
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