Kocaman Happy With Team's Ambition & Desire to Win

News  •  Author: Mehmet Pozam   •   Thursday, July 22, 2010 Picture

Fenerbahçe manager Aykut Kocaman spoke to reporters, following his team's 1-0 win over Galatasaray on Wednesday night. Kocaman stated that despite losing one man on the field, he was delighted to see his players' ambition and desire to win. "It would have been better for us to finish 11-against-11. However, our performance in the second half was terrific, especially when we were under pressure," stated the Yellow Canaries coach.

Fenerbahçe completed their pre-season camp in Europe on a high note, finishing off with a derby victory over archrivals Galatasaray in Germany. After Wednesday night's final whistle, Yellow Canaries boss Aykut Kocaman spoke to reporters at the Borussia Park Stadium and commented on his team's win.

"It was an opportunity to see our final shape, prior to the start of the season," said Aykut Kocaman, as he began his words. "However, the game didn't go quite as we thought. These types of friendlies are important and playing against Galatasaray was a good test for us," he continued.

"If I'm not mistaken, up until the 14th minute, the referee had pulled out three or four yellow cards and one red card. I don't see why there would be so many bookings in an exhibition game where sides are testing their squads. Of course after the red card, the balance of the game collapsed," explained Aykut Kocaman. "Nowadays in football, especially when you play between top flight teams, you can lose control of the game even when a few players run short - let alone if your player is sent off," he added.

"In that sense, it was a difficult match for us, as we weren't able to test our squad properly," commented the Fenerbahçe manager. "Despite playing a man down, we played well in the first half, not letting our opponent dominate us. We took the lead when we were a man down," said Kocaman. "In the second half, Galatasaray added on the pressure. We lost ball possession, so we tried to protect our lead," he explained.

"The good thing about tonight's match was that our ambition and desire to win was of a top level. It would have been better for us to finish 11-against-11. However, our performance in the second half when we were under pressure was terrific. Especially after that FC Köln defeat, it's pleasing to see that our confidence is back and that we won the game," commented Aykut Kocaman. "I hope we can carry on with this level of performance and add on to that, prior to our game against Young Boys," he added.

Speaking on Selçuk's red card position where he 'supposedly' tripped the referee, Aykut Kocaman stated, "I spoke with Selçuk. He says the referee got caught on his foot. Selçuk isn't the kind of person that would do that sort of thing anyways."

"Playing against Galatasaray with ten men is not an easy task, but we were able to win. Many of our first-team players haven't been with us at the pre-season training camp, due to injuries or national team obligations, however if we manage to get through the next month with the least amount of problems, then we will easily become a well organized team that shows a better performance," commented the Yellow Canaries coach.

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berkan8gulsen • 03:39 • July 22, 2010
At least we won. i mean it just feels great to keep beating Gaysaray. i feel that the Ref was on Gaysaray side as well..
polat10 • 07:51 • July 22, 2010

AKay • 08:53 • July 22, 2010
Dia was in the stadium watching with his fenerbahce scarf :)
Kozak • 09:57 • July 22, 2010
Selcuks red card was the worst I've seen. He lightly nipped the refs boots on accident and you could see no intention on Selcuk's face...
ergin • 11:58 • July 22, 2010
Kozak especially for a friendly I completely agree, was an inadvertent trip and I can't believe the ref would give an immediate second yellow. If it were an actual match, then I might understand, but this was just ridiculous.

Anyways, glad we won in the end! :) Hep destek tam destek!
cercif • 15:19 • July 22, 2010
Some Derby Match Jokes in Turkey:
In order to have more chance it has been proposed to play the next game Fenerbahce against Galatasaray in Antartica. But the football federation of Antartica refused this proposal, since football games whose outcomes are already known are not allowed in Antartica.

When consulted, Paul the Octopus to predict Galatasaray- Fenerbahce game, he immediately hid himself -because he tought , "why do ask me? The result is already known = of course Fenerbahce, as always -. Maybe they want to make me old age pensioner , then make a salad out of me"
(I hope You understand my englisch):-)
khoda • 16:19 • July 22, 2010
The red card on selcuk was stupid. That referee must be GS fan or something.
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