Dia: "Everyone Knows Fener is One of Europe's Best Teams"

News  •  Author: Nathan Redd   •   Thursday, July 22, 2010 Picture

Fenerbahçe's newest transfer spoke to the media Thursday, shortly after arriving in Istanbul.  Issiar Dia made the move to Fener from French side AS Nancy-Lorraine earlier this week, and the French-born star of Senegalese heritage said he was excited about his new opportunity.  Dia told FB TV that didn't hesitate in accepting the offer from Fenerbahçe.

Issiar Dia is still getting used to his new surroundings in Istanbul, but the French/Senegalese footballer spoke with FB TV earlier today.  Dia said he was thrilled about his new home in Istanbul. 

"I learned that Fenerbahçe had contacted us after I had received a few other offers," Dia told FB TV.  They presented the most serious offer, and Fenerbahçe is a great team, so I accepted it without hesitation." 

The former AS Nancy-Lorraine striker said he was excited to be making regular European appearances with Fener.  "Everyone knows Fenerbahçe is one of Europe's best teams.  Every season they play in the UEFA Champions League, and I know I've come to a team that has a lot of great possibilities," he said.  "I know Fenerbahçe was the right choice." 

Issiar Dia said he was aware of Fener's prestige before making the switch.  "Aykut Kocaman has scored many goals and is a legendary name," he said.  "I already knew of the club from Alex and Emre.  I believe we'll do great things working together," he said. 

Dia had a message for Yellow Canaries' fans as well.  "I'm very happy to come to Fenerbahçe, and hopefully the fans will support me during the season," he told reporters. 

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ergin • 21:39 • July 22, 2010
Welcome! I hope you do well and score lots of goals for us... :-)
Midwinter • 21:40 • July 22, 2010
Prove me wrong, Issiar !
AKay • 21:49 • July 22, 2010
off topic but fotomac had an article saying that bilica is part-israeli and some fans are threatening him? is this true?
Manx • 23:20 • July 22, 2010
He is not a real goal scorer, more a great provider.
I think he could be the link for Guiza to profit from.
He will strike fear into Turkish defences with his runs and layoffs.
fb_fan • 23:37 • July 22, 2010
so far so good! :D
ozanFB • 00:05 • July 23, 2010
WELCOME DIA!! With this wings, Güiza will EXPLODE this season http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inuRr8NK0PA ;)
berkan8gulsen • 00:20 • July 23, 2010
JayJayOkocha • 00:22 • July 23, 2010
Whoever thinks Guiza will explode should throw himself away. I doubt anyone who claims something like that have watched Fener for the past 2 years.
ozanFB • 00:56 • July 23, 2010
relax jayjayokocha, i watched every single game of fb. you have to admit that guiza makes amazing runs but was totally (and consistently) unlucky in the final touch. plus he was was quite alone upfront due to feners defensive play. now we have two very fast and offensive wingers which could change feners game. this might improve guizas game. when looking at the stats of the potential new strikers they are no better than guizas..
ergin • 01:15 • July 23, 2010
no i'm with jayjay on this one. Guiza does not make amazing runs he makes ok runs, and when you mess up that many times in front of goal or in other good situations it's not unlucky, it's that you suck.
ozanFB • 01:26 • July 23, 2010
mark my words and lets see what happens
Fenerbahce_Is_Beast • 01:27 • July 23, 2010
Guiza is never gonna play this season :/ Aziz won't wait another year.
Temirov123 • 02:07 • July 23, 2010
naah, guiza wont play. Right now Gokhan Unal is on aykut's mind :D
ergin • 02:32 • July 23, 2010
I agree temirov, I think Aykut really likes Gokhan Unal and wants to play him. Personally I think Gokhan's best days are still ahead of him, I'm hoping he will have a great season...
JayJayOkocha • 02:41 • July 23, 2010
I'm hoping Issiar turns out like Yattara.
Temirov123 • 03:07 • July 23, 2010
Gokhan Unal is a very interesting type of striker... i watched him play for two years, if he get a trustful partner like he had at trabzon he can really cause damage to the opponents defense.

Did you guys realize that when ever he got the ball he went wide and tried to find someone who could help him. That is the thing i like about him. He doesnt just go and take on defenders when alone like guiza and loose the ball.

Also Gokhan Unal can really strike the ball hard. His teqchinqe is awsome, his strength is too. He is a perfect striker to be played at Europa League, and Turkcell super lig. I think his is ready to play in CL. The guy from Ghana who is with us for next year, has had expirence playing with good defenders in the world cup, so he will be a good choice to start for CL.
JayJayOkocha • 03:15 • July 23, 2010
He didnt do shit at Trabzon..lol He had his best time with Kayseri.
Fenerbahce_Is_Beast • 03:15 • July 23, 2010
Haha u guys read about krasic now deciding to come after we got dia? It says we closed the doors for him so I'm actually glad because if he really wanted to play for us he would have said yes sooner :|
RisingSunOnEurope • 04:16 • July 23, 2010

subs: deivid,ozer,cristian,ugur,onder,bilica
i think with that speed from the wings and defensive wing backs and alexs keen passing our offense shold do ariteee .. bilica is ok in my opinion lotsa mistakes but i like his aggressiveness and he does save our a**es alot but bekir is solid too
Kozak • 08:16 • July 23, 2010
JayJay is true that he didn't have the best time at Trabzon but he did still score some game winning goals. The goal against Bursa comes to mind.

Gokhan Unal is a great striker.
perlomental • 11:18 • July 23, 2010
It seems that some people dont hear Aykut here... Aykut clearly said that he is gonna get a striker, and you say Unal is his favorite, and ofcourse not Unal a player who constantly misses. Just a slower Guiza, with a powerful, yet inaccurate shot.
Kozak • 12:06 • July 23, 2010
I find it hard to say Unal has a powerful shot :P Most times it looks like he'd rather pass the ball into the net.

I still stand by Semih as our best striker and the best striker Turkey has. His shot and heading skills are insane. If only he didn't have the tendency to dissapear in the game and get injured :(
Fener_eniste • 13:36 • July 23, 2010
Welcome Dia. I hope you do wonderful things for us this season!
As for the best striker in Turkey. Its hard to say. The last time I really had a good look @ Turkey's striking ability was back in the 2008 Euro competition.
Semih, Nihat & the Altintops come to mind...I think Nihat's curling strike into the upper 90 and semih's late heroics both were amazing.
perlomental • 15:09 • July 23, 2010
He has a powerful shot compared to Guiza, and in my opinion the best striker is still Nihat, alongside Semih.
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