Transfer Rumours: Friday July 23, 2010

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In today's press scan, news reports from the Turkish and International press linking Fenerbahçe with transfer moves for Robinho, Asamoah Gyan, Guillaume Hoarau and others. Please note that Fenerbahçe Worldwide does not confirm any of the following transfer rumours.

The following transfer rumours were linked in Turkish and International media, although each is pure speculation unless the club issues an official statement. We do not hold any of the rumours to be truth.

Fenerbahçe Worldwide will publish one article of transfer rumours per day (as long as there is demand), and the list will be updated throughout the day as more are reported. Please check the article periodically for updates.

Robinho (Manchester City / Santos)
Striker / Winger - 26 years old

Turkish daily Sabah writes that Robinho is 'not a dream' for Fenerbahçe and that the Yellow Canaries are trying hard to land the 26-year-old Brazilian superstar. Despite being previously denied by the club management, rumours are that Fenerbahçe are on the verge of transferring a world-class superstar and supposedly this could be Robinho. UPDATE: The club management issued an official statement on Friday afternoon, denying interest in Robinho. The club rejected the above press reports and claimed they have no intentions of transferring the 26-year-old Brazilian striker.

Asamoah Gyan (Rennes)
Striker - 24 years old

Milliyet claims that Fenerbahçe are keen on finalizing a deal for Rennes striker Asamoah Gyan. However the 24-year-old Ghanian international is said to have also attracted offers from many European clubs including sides from the Premier League. The Yellow Canaries reportedly want to bring Asamoah Gyan to Kadıköy at the latest for the UEFA Champions League play-off round.

Guillaume Hoarau (Paris Saint-Germain)
Striker - 26 years old
Sabah, Le Parisien

Once again Turkish sources cite Le Parisien's report that Fenerbahçe are keeping tabs on Paris Saint-Germain striker Guillaume Hoarau. The 26-year-old Frenchman is considered to be Fenerbahçe's Plan B, if the club is not successful in bringing in Asamoah Gyan. The tall forward (1.92 m / 6 ft 3) who bagged only six goals in 22 league fixtures for Les Parisiens last season is also said to have attracted Schalke 04's interest. PSG coach Antoine Kombouaré is also reluctant to let Hoarau go, according to French sources.

Juventus attacking midfielder Diego, Olympique Lyonnais striker Bafétimbi Gomis and VfL Wolfsburg striker Grafite have also been linked with Fenerbahçe.

Disclaimer: Fenerbahçe Worldwide does not confirm any of the above rumours or state that they are anything else than mere speculation. Please wait for official announcements from the club management.

(Pictured above, Guillaume Hoarau)

Comments (62)

khoda • 11:32 • July 23, 2010
Bring us Robinho, Show Europe we can get young superstars aswell, Not just those over 30!

He would tear the TSL teams defens apart!
Amsterdam • 11:50 • July 23, 2010
i dont want robinho... hes spoiled and he seems like he doesnt want to strain hemself for a club... he only strains hemself and plays good @ worldcups to get a new deal and then he chills again..
i hate player like that.. he isnt a good proffesional.. cause manchester city wouldn't loan hem to santos if he was...
!!!I want a striker who is hungry for succes!!!!
khoda • 12:01 • July 23, 2010
well, sure he is spoiled but this guy can deliver if he wants to. Like he did in Santos. I think Robinho made a mistake going to Man City at that young age and he didnt felt comfortable. In Fener he would have 6 brazilian friends and he also have chans to play in Champions League. A chans he never had in Man City. Also he just came back from world cup. He his only 26 and are really hungry to play world cup in 4 years home in brazil. Becouse thats his biggest chans to win it again. So yeah all Brazilian will play like it was there last game in earth to be able to enter the national team.

A 4 year deal with Robinho so we can sell him after next world cup!
Kozak • 12:08 • July 23, 2010
Robinho is a good player. Don't pay notice to what the media says of him. I mean, you'd be absolutely annoyed with life if Real Madrid suddenly tossed you in an exchange deal despite playing some of the best football at the club.

After he moves to City, he does the best he can in his first season yet the fans don't appreciate it.

He has gone through a lot of crap as a footballer.
khoda • 12:19 • July 23, 2010
True Kozak,

I think he would love it in Fener especilly with Alex Baroni and A.Santos
khoda • 12:33 • July 23, 2010
Btw, did anyone see Vikingur - Besiktas game? Quaresma was involved in all the goals. He is really creating alot for Besiktas.
fener1907 • 12:45 • July 23, 2010
Gattuso is for sale for only at 2mill euros!!! We can buy him and sell Bilica for 2 mill euros and partner Baroni and Lugano in defence:D then partner Emre and Gattuso what do you guys think?
Amsterdam • 12:53 • July 23, 2010
khoda its vikingur.. it was like playing a practise match... i mean he has to show sum skills there or else he wouldnt be quaresma would he?..... we can truly judge hem after 2 months or so.. cause big matches for besiktas comes after that
khoda • 12:56 • July 23, 2010
Amsterdam your absolutly right, but still he did create alot. And ofc i'm looking forward to how he will play against better teams. But Quaresma is a good player in anyway you see it.
fenerliyavuz • 12:58 • July 23, 2010
Why gattuso when we have emre who is much better. And then baroni in defense?! That would be complete desperation. It would be a waste for a guy Who has good attacking capabilities
Amsterdam • 13:04 • July 23, 2010
btw thanks guys for sum feedback about robinho.. i should rethink about the way a feel about hem
khoda • 13:13 • July 23, 2010
Btw guys is it today they will introduce the new game shirts?
Amsterdam • 13:22 • July 23, 2010
yes its tonight
remedy2000 • 13:26 • July 23, 2010
robihno has potential for quality. He performed well at the world cup and looking at some sources he performs well at Santos.

The issue with Man City is that the team has so much much that they bought too many chefs and not enough cooks. Lots of big names that don't gel well together.
Amsterdam • 13:28 • July 23, 2010
@khoda yes quaresma is a good player.. but besiktas scares me more because of schuster... i have mad respect for that coach... and i hope hell be succesfull in the euroleague.. that guy isnt fake and allways speaks the reality... just like aykut kocaman...

(note: one of the main reasons why bernd schuster was fired @ real was because he said after a el clasico that real madrid can never beat this barcelona, barcelona plays too good... and after that barcelona won all the cups.. and he was right.. real didnt beat barcelona since he said that)
Kozak • 13:58 • July 23, 2010
Yeah Schuster is amazing and has had success everywhere he has gone. Getting fired from Real Madrid doesn't really affect your resume these days anyway seeing as they go through a yearly routine.

He has a really strong squad and yeah I agree, I hope they are successful in the euroleague because they have a squad that can easily win it.
khoda • 14:46 • July 23, 2010
Amsterdam, Yeah i read that about Schuster also! Funny thing is while he was coach in Real he also had a membership in Barcelona. Real wanted him to give it up but he never did! :)

I wish Besiktas the best in Europa League also. But hope they fail big time against us in the superlig :P
fb_fan • 14:57 • July 23, 2010
agreed with Kozak on his 1st comment!On the other hand i don't think that Schuster is that good...!

EDIT: Looks like Robinho ain't happening after all:
emre • 15:46 • July 23, 2010
lol you believe superFB?
they just said on One HD in australia that theyre covering a deal.
Yes, they were actually talking about Fenerbahce and Robinho.

all these sites like superFB are pure bulldust.
the only site that is official is this site and
Kozak • 15:53 • July 23, 2010
No way? for reals they said it on ONEHD? That is amazing!

On sports tonight or one of those football programs??
emre • 16:06 • July 23, 2010
football programs.
many teams are going for robinho thats why theyre covering the topic and apparently fenerbahce are the lead "OFFERERS", as in we are willing to pay more then any other team.
khoda • 16:11 • July 23, 2010
thats good!!! better waste money on young players then on players that are over 30+ as the turkish clubs usually do
khoda • 16:18 • July 23, 2010

Used google translate and I think this is the superstar Aziz talked about. This would be the greatest transfer in superlig.
emre • 16:24 • July 23, 2010
Word around that Robinho is VERY close.
berkan8gulsen • 16:25 • July 23, 2010
Ribinho is not gona come..
khoda • 16:25 • July 23, 2010
2010 → Santos (loan) 17 games 19 goals

Thats what you call a goal scorer :)
emre • 16:26 • July 23, 2010
read that article.

Your obviously wrong.
He is very close to coming.
Kozak • 16:33 • July 23, 2010
Well I would have said he would have came until you used Turkish news...

The minute you used Turkish news the deal is fake...
khoda • 16:46 • July 23, 2010
maybe someone can translate this?
khoda • 16:48 • July 23, 2010
btw mesut özil joins barcelona!
londonder • 17:13 • July 23, 2010
Robinho has just been denied by the club.
perlomental • 17:16 • July 23, 2010
Few months ago, I wrote here that Robinho was coming in the Summer... Some said it was crap to say this, and now he is coming...
khoda • 17:18 • July 23, 2010
londonder: nothing about any denial on
sageleader • 18:09 • July 23, 2010
When do the new kits get presented today?
londonder • 18:26 • July 23, 2010
Khoda thats the link..
emre • 18:35 • July 23, 2010
That link doesnt mean that Robinho has been denied.
That announcement is just to rule off what Sabah Gazetesi said.

Not robinho.
They are in talks and they are CLOSE to an agreement.

Robinho hasnt been denied at all.
londonder • 18:51 • July 23, 2010
Emre what does "Kulübümüz Robinho'yu transfer etmek adına herhangi bir çalışma yürütmemektedir." mean..

They haven't even tried..
AKay • 19:32 • July 23, 2010
Emre i duno if we shud belive you as u wer the one who sed that hazard was in our hands and that he was definetaly coming etc etc
polat10 • 19:35 • July 23, 2010
if you guys want legit transfer news.....go to forums

I always follow this site also, but antu's forums is also something you guys should look at. (just a thought)
RisingSunOnEurope • 19:38 • July 23, 2010
i jus read that asamoah could be headed to england, tottenahm and two oter english clubs have declared "interest"...
RisingSunOnEurope • 19:39 • July 23, 2010
londonder... it means that our club is doing everything they can to transfer robinho to our ranks
AKay • 19:45 • July 23, 2010
londonder-translation fail
polat10 • 19:49 • July 23, 2010
I think the title of the article pretty much says it, saying "THIS IS NOT CORRECT NEWS". so clearly its false
khoda • 19:49 • July 23, 2010
polat10: hard for most of us to understand things written on thats why we read stuff on in english instead :(
polat10 • 19:51 • July 23, 2010
khoda, they usually gives really good details of what player were looking for, why were not getting this player, etc. its really useful
polat10 • 19:56 • July 23, 2010
The reason we got stoch and dia is cause when we found out that hazard was going to be staying at lille for another year....we got stoch instead. When krasic kept on saying "i'm not going to turkey" or "i'd rather stay at cska".......we bought issiar dia instead. makes sense? those two transfers were just back ups incase we didn't get hazard or krasic
khoda • 20:03 • July 23, 2010
and what about the striker part. what did they say about that? Who are we looking for? And what hapend with Aziz and his superstar promis? the transfer that would shock all of superlig that he talked about?

Couse if besiktas brings Guti and Raul the shocked Superlig more then we will do if we dont bring robinho
polat10 • 20:03 • July 23, 2010
What they're saying so far is that they want someone big.....and asamoah right now is our main target.
khoda • 20:05 • July 23, 2010
Do you feel Asamoah is big enough to match the promises Aziz made?
AKay • 20:08 • July 23, 2010
polat10 • 20:08 • July 23, 2010
Well we've seen him play in the world cup, i'm pretty sure he'll be a good add to the team, and I do see him somewhat as a star(not officially a star though), but he needs to show me more for me to consider him as a star. But the man is a very tough person, very fast, great shooting, aggressiveness which i love the most. And if you think about it, last year we were doing great at bringing the ball up, just some forward named guiza couldn't finish a good 95% of those chances.
khoda • 20:22 • July 23, 2010
well well, depends on how you see on it. Asamoah miss alot of chances too. And even in france his scoring record aint as good as guizas crappy record in turkey
polat10 • 20:27 • July 23, 2010
I think ANY forward out there that doesn't have the name Daniel Gonzalez Guiza can finish.
khoda • 20:31 • July 23, 2010
haha good one!
sageleader • 21:25 • July 23, 2010
I don't know why everyone hates Guiza. Look at the stats for 2009-2010:

Alex - 43 appearances, 21 goals [.49 goals/app]
Guiza - 46 appearances, 18 goals [.39 goals/app]
Kazim - 11 appearances, 3 goals [.27 goals/app]
Semih - 29 appearances, 7 goals [.24 goals/app]
Unal - 10 appearances, 2 goals [.20 goals/app]
perlomental • 21:30 • July 23, 2010
Sageleader, I personally don't hate Guiza, but he scores one from every 5 chances he gets, he is perfect in speed, and his control is good, and has excellence crosses, but his finishing sucks! Only if his finishing was good, he wouldve been one of the best striker in the world, but finishing matters for strikers, a reason why he wasnt called up for spain...
polat10 • 21:40 • July 23, 2010
No....guiza is a joke. Simple as that
vivalavida • 22:01 • July 23, 2010
asamoah gyan won't be any better than guiza and right now we really need to sort out the defence. get rid of selcuk, bilica and volkan babacan and get someone at the back. ilhan is just like bilica but slower, bekir is being used in the wrong position and we still don't know if lugano is going to leave.
Amsterdam • 22:20 • July 23, 2010
the new kids are amazing... its live right now... we have a classic home kit... white away kit... and blue chealsea like kit..... and a very different green kit... its all amazing... especially the blue chelsea like kit
polat10 • 22:23 • July 23, 2010
lugano is going to stay
khoda • 22:28 • July 23, 2010
Polat: how long ?
londonder • 05:28 • July 24, 2010
Guys according to Milliyet News agent Aykut Kocaman has decided to get rid of:
* Deivid de Souza
* Onder Turaci
* Daniel Guiza

I dont know how true this is but i find it positive.
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