Squad Welcomes New Transfer Issiar Dia to Samandıra

News  •  Author: Mehmet Pozam   •   Friday, July 23, 2010 Picture

Following a one-day break after returning back from their pre-season training camp in Belgium and Germany, the Yellow Canaries picked up where they left from and began preparing for their upcoming UEFA Champions League qualifiers against Young Boys with a practice session on Friday evening. The squad also welcomed new transfer Issiar Dia, as he set foot on Samandıra for the first time.

The Yellow Canaries reassembled after a one-day break and resumed their pre-season preparations with a training session at Samandıra's Can Bartu Training Grounds on Friday evening. There was a newcomer at Samandıra, as Senegalese winger/striker Issiar Dia reported for his first practice at the training grounds.

At the start of the practice session, Fenerbahçe coach Aykut Kocaman welcomed new transfer Issiar Dia, along with Özer Hurmacı and Gökhan Gönül who have now completed their post-surgery recoveries. Both players had been unable to take part in the team's ten-day training camp in Belgium and Germany, which ended on Wednesday.

"If we need to sum up the Belgium camp in one sentence, we can say that 'It began like hell, but ended like heaven'. The only difference between the two was taking things 'seriously'," said Aykut Kocaman describing his squad's performance during the pre-season training camp. Speaking on Fener's upcoming UEFA Champions League third qualifying round tie against Swiss side Young Boys, Kocaman stated his confidence that his team will have the ability to eliminate their opponent.

"The UEFA Champions League is a very important for both the club and for you all individually; we will all be there together," said the Fenerbahçe manager. Thanking his players for their great team work during their 'ten-man' performance against archrivals Galatasaray, Aykut Kocaman asked his players to keep the same level of ambition and desire ahead of the Young Boys fixtures. "Starting from tomorrow, we will start getting concentrated on the match," he added.

Yellow Canaries manager Aykut Kocaman then led his team for approximately an hour and forty minutes, along with assistant coaches Fahrudin Ömeroviç and İsmail Kartal, trainer Turgay Altay, team conditioner Alper Aşçı, goalkeepers' coach Murat Öztürk and match data analyst Arda Keskin.

Work on Friday evening began with light jogging and coordination drills. Afterwards, the Yellow Canaries continued with passing drills, before completing the training session with a practice match. Prior to the scrimmage, Fenerbahçe's shot stoppers also practiced seperately under the supervision of goalkeepers' coach Murat Öztürk.

While Gökhan Gönül and new transfer Issiar Dia conducted today's regular practice session with the rest of the squad, Özer Hurmacı also practiced with the team but did not take part in the scrimmage. Instead he joined Uğur Boral practicing seperately under personal trainer Dolu Arslan's supervision. Bekir İrtegün, in the meantime, continued his preparations with an individual programme. Injured players Mehmet Topuz and Dani Güiza continued their injury treatments inside the facilities.

(Photo courtesy of Fenerbahce.org)

Comments (4)

Temirov123 • 23:33 • July 23, 2010
YEAAA, the Kazim gang
emre • 03:17 • July 24, 2010
Kazim: Hey man, watcha doin, want some weed?
Dia: Nah man i dont do that kinda stuff
Kazim: O.O take it!
Dia: No
Aykut Kocaman: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
Kazim: CRAP! Uhhhh nothin coach, just welcoming him to the club.
Dia: get yo hand off me fool!

RisingSunOnEurope • 05:55 • July 24, 2010
^^ closest to th dumbest thing ive read on this site for a while : p
Caliturk • 22:09 • July 24, 2010
^^ I would have to second that! That wasnt to bright.
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