Fenerbahçe Introduce New Kits for 2010-2011 Season

News  •  Author: Nathan Redd   •   Friday, July 23, 2010 Picture

Fenerbahçe introduced their new 2010-2011 season kits earlier this evening in a ceremony in Istanbul.  The team will have four new shirts to choose from this season, including the classic shirt (now with nine stripes), as well as one in green, white, and parliament blue.  There is also a navy goalkeepers' shirt as well.  Fans can purchase the new kits and complete training range starting Saturday at Fenerium stores.

In a ceremony just moments ago, Fenerbahçe launched their new kits for the upcoming 2010-2011 season.  The team will wear four different shirts this fall.  As promised, the classic shirt now features nine stripes instead of five, representing the nine branches of sport that the club competes in.  Also as rumoured, the team will have a shirt in parliament blue and a shirt in green.  Additionally, the team will wear a white shirt with the club emblem emblazoned in the background.  There is also a solid navy goalkeepers' shirt with gold lettering.

Fenerium, the official team store, will begin selling the shirts Saturday.  Fans in Turkey can also purchase the shirts online at www.fenerium.com.tr.  Fenerium, the official team store, has locations throughout Turkey. 

In addition to the new kits, the full autumn/winter collection was introduced Friday, as well as the team training and camp range.  The squad has been wearing their camp range this summer, and all shirts, shorts, and training gear will be available starting tomorrow at Fenerium stores. 

Comments (23)

AKay • 23:12 • July 23, 2010
i dont liek the green... i will ge tthe white and blue one.
JayJayOkocha • 23:32 • July 23, 2010
Chelseabahce :D
Temirov123 • 23:34 • July 23, 2010
The Blue one is AWESOME!!!!
sageleader • 23:40 • July 23, 2010
oooh I like the green! Anyone have good pics anywhere?
Semihhh • 23:43 • July 23, 2010
Fenerbahçe.org check it there , im going this year for the bleu one , cuz the green one is TOO green :( but stil better than pink ( 6s ) haha :D
sageleader • 23:55 • July 23, 2010
Here's the link: http://fenerbahce.org/fb2008/detay.asp?ContentID=20295

We have 5 jerseys? Yellow/Navy, Parliament Blue, White, Dark Blue, Green. WTF?
Temirov123 • 00:05 • July 24, 2010

guys look in the pic where stoch is and behind him is dia. if u look at stoch i think he found him self a girlriend there :P
Semihhh • 00:15 • July 24, 2010
Navy/Gold is for the goalkeepers , so yeah we heave in total 5 kits :D
JustinBass • 00:35 • July 24, 2010
not feeling the green !!
Semihhh • 00:40 • July 24, 2010
Guys the green is comming out after the winter-break so don't panik :p ( Check Fenerium ) and a yonetim sad that also before that they where showing the new kits ! im totaly going for the blue one
ozanFB • 00:44 • July 24, 2010
aykut kocaman looks like sener sen in this picture (scroll down) http://www.fenerbahce.org/fb2008/detay.asp?ContentID=20294 :)
khoda • 01:14 • July 24, 2010
Guys is it just me or do the white one look just like Real Madrid? hahaha
aarohaa • 01:17 • July 24, 2010
I think the kits are all nice and stuff, but im sorry to say that we are imitating Real Madrid!!


That really disappoints me, we are creative enough to create our kits on our own.. Only the classic ones are unique..

Real Madrid also has total white ones, they even had the parliament blue, and Casillas wears the same green that we all dislike here at the forum.. Dissappointing!!
WirSINDFenerbahce • 01:19 • July 24, 2010
Love the parliment blue! I also do like the Green!
khoda • 01:20 • July 24, 2010
hey guys! Whats this? there is a black too? http://fenerbahce.org/pic_lib/2010-07-23_fener10.jpg
WirSINDFenerbahce • 01:23 • July 24, 2010
The 9 stripes do not look as good as our traditional striped shirts. I also do not like the yellow at the bottom of the sleeves.
RisingSunOnEurope • 01:26 • July 24, 2010
so that green or dark blue is goalie jersey or do we really have 5 new jerseys? nd idk i like the 9 stripes and light blue is sickkk
londonder • 03:32 • July 24, 2010
The 9 stripes makes it look better:)
The Blue one is my favorite.
Kozak • 05:17 • July 24, 2010
The white jersey is amazing!
fb_fan • 09:56 • July 24, 2010
the blue and white are so damn great!
londonder • 18:22 • July 24, 2010
Guys how can we buys these if we are living in europe.
I Live in London but i really want the original kit.. anyone who can help?
AKay • 18:58 • July 24, 2010
hey londonder, my friend went to london one time and he said he saw fenerbahce shirts in lilywhites, i cant back that up cos i didnt see them, btu you cud go check it out.
GFBHollanda • 21:09 • August 2, 2010
I bought the navy blue wıth gold (kalceı forma) Im so happy wıth ıt!
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