An Important Announcement From Fenerbahçe Worldwide

News  •  Author: Nathan Redd   •   Saturday, July 24, 2010 Picture

On July 24, 2006 - exactly four years ago today - Fenerbahçe Worldwide was created.  What began as a simple blog from an American supporter would evolve into something more than anyone ever dreamed.  Thousands of members and millions of hits later, Fenerbahçe Worldwide has become the home to fans across the world who support our team.  Now, on the fourth anniversary of Fenerbahçe Worldwide's inception, we say goodbye.

In the summer of 2006, I was feeling desperate.  I had taken my first trip to Turkey the year before, and through a couple of Turkish friends and my encounters in Istanbul, I had started keeping up with a football team called Fenerbahçe.  As an American, I admittedly grew up hating football.  It made no sense to me whatsoever.  After I graduated from college, I left the comforts of the United States and began traveling abroad.  I realized during my journeys that the world loved this game known as 'football.'  The world outside of America, at least. 

As I began to travel, I also began watching more football.  I made an effort to learn the rules and watch it with an open mind, rather than my previous American skepticism.  As I did, I started to fall in love with this game.  My appreciation for the sport first led me to watch any teams that were on television.  When you live in the United States, that usually means a lot of English football and an occasional Italian match, but not much else.  While I saw other American fans devoutly following teams like Manchester United, Arsenal, AC Milan, and Juventus, my attention drifted away.  That's because in 2005, shortly before my first trip to Turkey, a Turkish friend of mine invited me over to watch the world's biggest derby - Fenerbahçe versus Galatasaray.  I realized after watching this team, these fans, that I had been exposed to subpar football before.  Don't get me wrong, those other clubs were fantastic.  But they weren't Fenerbahçe. 

After I returned from my first trip to Turkey, I began trying to keep up with this team in Istanbul that had captured my interest.  But there was a major problem: there was almost no information on the team in English, and the extent of my Turkish started and stopped with "merhaba."  As I began looking around online, looking at enough Turkish websites to make my head spin, I started to figure out when we won and when we lost, but not much else.  People thought I was simply mad.  "Fenerbahçe?  Who is Fenerbahçe?  You are an American who likes 'soccer' and you support some Turkish team?"  That was a common exchange I had back then, and it still is today. 

In July 2006, I decided I must not be alone.  Surely there was some other insane person out there who liked this team, but like myself, did not speak Turkish.  I started a simple blog and decided to call it Fenerbahçe Worldwide.  I would write a little about when the team played, who scored, and report any other news that I could somehow figure out.  I was told that Fenerbahçe was a massive club; a "European power," they said.  But why was there no information on this global giant in English? 

When I started FBWW, I thought maybe another fan would find the website, or maybe I was alone in my fanaticism for this team.  Less than a year later, the Turkish media caught on to me.  Before long, FBWW was featured in nearly every newspaper in Turkey, and I was asked to write an article for Hürriyet newspaper.  I was doing interviews for Lig TV, Fenerbahçe TV, Fenerbahçe Magazine, and countless others.  I admittedly got a kick out of the attention, but my predominant thinking centered around my excitement for having the ability to tell more and more people about Fenerbahçe, this club that I love. 

Over the years, Fenerbahçe Worldwide has evolved into a respected football website with a journalistic perspective.  We were recognized and accredited by UEFA as an official news source on Turkish football.  We had a foray into Portuguese and Spanish, in addition to our English content, and we had countless offers and meetings about turning FBWW into something much different.  While we listened to each offer and evaluated all of our possibilities, in the end, we said no to all of them.  The reason we did this is because we did not want to turn FBWW into something it wasn't.  A fan created this website for other fans to be able to share in the passion of Fenerbahçe.  My intention was never to use it to become wealthy or achieve anything personally.  I only wanted it to get bigger and bigger in order to take Fenerbahçe to all of the world. 

We've had a few staff changes over the years, but two years ago, my friend Mehmet Pozam agreed to help me out on the site.  Mehmet was actually way too accomplished to be writing for this site, so I was thrilled to have his help.  He shared my passion and my vision, and he's become more than a contributor because of it.  Without Mehmet, FBWW would have folded a long time ago.  I never would have been able to keep up, but Mehmet also saw what I saw.  He understood that we could take Fenerbahçe to all the world, and his priorities were the same as mine.  Mehmet and I put the club first in everything, turning down offers to sell the website, take on other partners, and turn the website into a profit machine, because we wanted it to be pure in its intentions. 

Fenerbahçe Worldwide has continued to grow and get bigger and bigger, and Mehmet and I have continued to operate the website by ourselves for the last two years, occasionally getting a little help from contributors.  We've been extremely fortunate to be asked to be a part of a number of media opportunities, and we've worked hand-in-hand with the club itself on many occasions.  Fenerbahçe has been very good to us over the years, and we've done everything possible to act as representatives of the club as well.  We've helped to accomodate media requests for the club, as well as work with others associated with the club. 

As our workload continued to increase on the website, it became more difficult and tedious for Mehmet and I to keep up.  I went to graduate school to study sport management, exclusively for the purpose of using my education and experience to eventually help the club in other ways.  Mehmet also finished his university, earning a prestigious degree in hopes of using his media and communications experience to help Fener continue to grow.  Additionally, both of us have had jobs doing other things in addition to family responsibilities.  We realized that for Fenerbahçe Worldwide to continue to grow, we needed help.  FBWW has been more than a job or an activity to Mehmet and myself.  It is a passion, and it is what we would love to continue doing every day, permanently.  But we needed help in order to achieve our vision of taking Fenerbahçe to the next level and expand the club's global image. 

We were approached with a lucrative offer earlier this year, but we rejected the deal, because it would have required us to turn Fenerbahçe Worldwide into something it is not, and something cheap that the fans don't deserve.  Instead, we approached the club and pitched our ideas to several club officials, with presentations that also required me to travel to Istanbul.  We were confident that we would be able to achieve our dreams of expanding Fenerbahçe into unchartered areas globally.  We felt that our plan to partner with the club would meet the growing demand for news and content on the team in other languages, as well as give Mehmet and I the help we greatly needed.  Unfortunately, we were unable to get the positive response we hoped for. 

After careful evaluation, meetings, and planning, Mehmet and I mutually decided to cease Fenerbahçe Worldwide today, on our fourth anniversary of the website.  To be honest, tears were shed as we came to this decision.  Both Mehmet and I have felt an emptiness inside as this day grew near, experiencing a feeling similar to a relationship break-up.  This was not a decision we wanted to make today, or twenty years from now.  It is a decision that we had to make. 

Our vision and dream continues to be taking Fenerbahçe into all of the world, using languages, media resources, and our university education and industry expertise that we've gained from doing this for years.  However, we lack the financial resources and the time to be able to continue this.  We simply can't continue our mission of serving the fans without the club's assistance.  Because of these constraints, this will be the last article to appear on Fenerbahçe Worldwide

As Mehmet and I have talked this through, we discussed the things we would miss, and how empty it will seem to not be able to bring the latest news and information on the club to fans whose primary language is not Turkish.  One common theme kept coming back to both of us.  We'll miss writing articles, we'll miss translating news, and we'll miss searching through newspapers and websites around the world each day to bring news on the club to its fans.  But most of all, we'll miss you.  Mehmet and I read every message and every e-mail that comes to us.  We check each week to see who signed up for the website, even as that number climbs into the thousands.  We know many of you personally, and we feel that we know all of you.  You are our family, and it's been a tremendous honor for Mehmet and I to serve you. 

We have put four years into taking Fenerbahçe to the world, without vacations, time off, and often putting aside important duties to post news.  We also did this without ever making any profit whatsoever.  We did this for Fenerbahçe, because we believe it is the greatest club in the world.  In fact, we know it is...because of its fans.  You make Fenerbahçe the greatest club in the world.  We all cheer for footballers and we share the joy and sorrow of wins and losses.  But the club is only as strong as its fans.  This is why Fenerbahçe is the greatest club in the world.  It's because of you. 

As proud as I am of creating this website, Mehmet has been the one who has taken it to the next level.  And he would like to share a few words with our readers as well:

For me, it all started in the early days of 2007. Apparently, this was only a few months after the creation of Fenerbahçe Worldwide. Little did I know that it would soon become a big part of my life.  Back then, I had created a Facebook group called ‘Fenerbahçe Centennial’ where every now and then I would give updates in English on the club’s 100th year celebrations and also feature scores on the football and basketball teams’ games in European competitions.
Facebook was slowly becoming a phenomenon and it was still very new to Turkey. With this website that single-handedly reduced the ‘global village’ into one easily-accessible virtual community, I felt that there would be people around the world seeking information on Fenerbahçe. And I was right! It was there that I met Nathan and started learning about his story. Seeing that we shared exactly the same vision, I answered his call and decided to join ranks in July 2008 – following my return from Belgium – and began helping Nathan spread Fenerbahçe to the world.
Starting off as a contributor, my transition from writer to editor was fast. Being a Communications & Media major at my university (now a graduate), my main focus was to enhance Fenerbahçe Worldwide’s journalistic aspect. Rather than treating it like a blog, together with Nathan we looked at it as a news website; a reliable source of daily information on Fenerbahçe, the Turkcell Süper Lig and also the Milli Takım. Although the website was non-profit, we tried to do our best to keep a professional approach. Soon we started ‘living’ Fenerbahçe Worldwide day and night, 24/7.
During my two years on the website, being able to promote Fenerbahçe and Turkish football on a global scale, being able to reach Fenerbahçe fans and football enthusiasts from USA to
Australia, from Europe to the Arab World, was priceless. Meeting up in Istanbul with Fenerbahçe fans coming from as far as Norway to Dubai, taking them inside the Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium, watching a match in Kadıköy side-by-side, and even going together to an away match in Ankara.  Knowing that I have served the football club which I am a trueborn fan of, on such an international level, means a lot to me.
Maybe the pinnacle of my FBWW career was receiving media accreditation for the UEFA Cup Final and being amongst foreign journalists at the media tent at Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium. That day when I stood up and said, “Mehmet Pozam, representing Fenerbahçe Worldwide” and asked Mesut Özil a question, I understood that I had been successful in what I was doing and felt that this was what I had to do in life.
Fenerbahçe Worldwide was an A-to-Z learning experience for me, from online journalism to having my work published in the written press. My work was cited in numerous websites, including Fenerbahçe USA and I made appearances on television and radio, going live on Fenerbahçe TV and BBC World Service Radio. They were all an amazing experience for me.
I have one person to thank that gave me the chance to experience all of this; someone who will always remain my good friend - Nathan Redd. Together we gave a lot of effort, and together we sacrificed a lot. We tried hard to take Fenerbahçe Worldwide to the next step and turn it into something permanent.
Perhaps we now leave you empty-handed and deprived of something you cherish, however we do need to support ourselves and make a living. Despite everything, I am very pleased to have shared this experience with all of you and to have known you. If we made any contribution or have had any part in introducing you to Fenerbahçe and helping you become a Yellow Canaries' fan, that would be very gratifying for us.
- Mehmet Pozam, Executive Editor

Fenerbahçe fans, I want to leave you with a final thought.  One of the first phrases I learned in Turkish was "Bir gün herkes Fenerbahçeli olacak," which means "One day everyone will be a Fenerbahçe fan."  That phrase became my motto, and it was my mission statement every day as I worked with Fenerbahçe Worldwide.  I still believe it, and I believe one day fans from the United States to Zimbabwe, England to Peru, will be able to read about the world's greatest club in their native language.  While our work on FBWW concludes today with this article, our work to expand Turkish football does not.  You can leave a job, but you cannot leave a passion.  This is the end of a chapter, but the beginning of things to come.  Our loyal readers, we truly love you, and we are looking forward to sharing our support with you for years to come.  Thank you for giving us the motivation to do what we've done for four years.  You are the reason for our success, and the success of Fenerbahçe.  Keep spreading your passion for the Yellow Canaries, because one day, everyone will be a Fenerbahçe fan.

- Nathan L. Redd, Editor-in-Chief, and Mehmet Pozam, Executive Editor

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Fener_eniste • 06:24 • July 24, 2010
Oh noooooooooooo.
Mavi • 06:33 • July 24, 2010
Thanks for the articles and best of luck Nathan and Mehmet!!
RisingSunOnEurope • 06:34 • July 24, 2010
thanks for everything guys .. tremendous work and dedication helal olsun
polat10 • 06:35 • July 24, 2010
There isn't really much I can say, I wish you guys the best of luck. Everything happens for a reason, just one question, will this site still be up or no? Even though I know there will be no more articles.
nathan • 06:36 • July 24, 2010
the site will remain up for a while, and I will continue to own the domain names.
nathan • 06:37 • July 24, 2010
...and thank you everyone. You really have no idea how hard this is and how much we DO NOT want to leave this.
WirSINDFenerbahce • 06:38 • July 24, 2010
I'm gutted. I become a fan of the Yellow Canaries during their magnificent Champions League run in 07/08 and became fascinated by this club from the Asian side of Istanbul. Though I had seen a game against AC Milan when Anelka was still with us [when Alex scored a PK v Dida] I didnt know a thing about Turkish football. What a treat it was to watch CL games on Satelite from California being broadcasted from the Sukru. The fans were the most passionate fanatics I'd ever seen. Its awe inspiring. The clubs colors, the stadium was beautiful. This little known club[to me at least] from Turkey was taking the game to some of Europe's big boys. You couldn't help but feel there was some special kind of energy that the fans transmitted to the team. I then found this site, got links from fellow fans to the TSL games and started trying to watch every game Fenerbahce played in. Its sad that there will be no more news for us English speaking fans. I hope one day we'll have another site to share the passion we have for this team. I'll miss your enthusiaum fb_fan, and Kozak's, and Okocha's analyzes. Thank you Nathan and Mehmet!
JustinBass • 06:46 • July 24, 2010
This is one of the saddest day of my life !! I wish you guys the best !!
berkan8gulsen • 06:47 • July 24, 2010
omg no!

thanks a lot. Nathan, Mehmet, Ozgur Thank you for everything..

but the people that have an account on this, i never meet you but i wana say that it was fun having this.

Thank you.
sageleader • 06:58 • July 24, 2010
This is the saddest thing I've heard probably all year. No joke. I love this site. Thank you for everything. Is there anything we can do to pressure the club to help the site out?
farid_gerrard8 • 07:03 • July 24, 2010
seriously it's a sad night ! I see your publication in Twitter and i felt that something is wrong.
You are our source to translate news from english to arabic for arabic fan's you are the source number one for us.
You were and you are and you will be in our minds for a long time.
Thank you for everthing you did for us.
Respect From Morocco
Kozak • 07:17 • July 24, 2010
nooo :(:(:(
Skyblues • 07:54 • July 24, 2010
A sad saturday morning FBWW checking kangaroo here :(...saddest news I have had in a while too, thanks guys, thank you for bringing Fenerbahce to Australia for me, you know we love you, good luck in your lives and careers, let me know if you ever come by Australia.
emre • 08:07 • July 24, 2010
What about the transfer rumors etc?
would they still be written?

:( dont leave!!
AKay • 08:12 • July 24, 2010
ergin • 09:15 • July 24, 2010
Thank you so much guys for all the hard work you put into this site over the years. Much appreciated, and I wish you the best of luck!

haris • 09:48 • July 24, 2010
In the beginning I thought it is a bad joke but later on I realize it's a true. Shocking! How I gonna survive without you guys? First thing I check every day was this web site. I gonna miss you a lot! Thank you for everything and best wishes from Bosnia!
AKay • 09:54 • July 24, 2010
I checked this site like 3 times a day, i duno how to follow them now but thanks for everything.
Thank you from Oxford!
macho-morten • 09:59 • July 24, 2010
I am also shocked and in a confused state of "What do I do now? Where will I go from here?"...

Me and WirSIND seem to share the same story. I was also enchanted by FB during the Champions League run in 2007/08, and as my interest grew I tried to find out more about the club. Being non-Turkish, FBWW was the first place I found that I could really use. And what a site it was! Fresh news on a daily basis, match reports, transfer rumours, training reports, and the occational contribution from travelling fans etc. It had it all, and really shaped me into the die-hard Fenerbahce fan I am today. I don't know if that could have ever happened without Fenerbahce Worldwide.

I want to thank Nathan, Mehmet and everyone else who's been involved at some point for making Fenerbahce accessible for all of us "young Nathans" - people who wanted to get into the club, but couldn't read Turkish. I know I'm far from the only one, and I don't have to look further than to some of my closest friends here in Norway to find people who check this site on a regular basis and have grown strong Fener sympathies because of it. The club should be very grateful of your work, it has indeed brought Fenerbahce into worldwide recognition.

All the best,
Morten Galåsen
efe10 • 11:28 • July 24, 2010
Wow. I am on vacation now in Turkey and i had not written anything since i left the United States a couple weeks ago but i feel it is my duty to write something now. It Really is a sad day and I am in shock. I remember when i first saw this website. I was amazed that there was an english Fenerbahce website. since that day i have looked at this website everyday. Everytime i looked on the enternet i would look at fenerbacheworldwide. I would check this website maybe 10 times a day. Thanks for all you have done nathan and mehmet. I wish you guys the best of luck and I am still shocked and this seems like it is not real. Nevertheless Good luck to everyone and thank you because it truly was a delightful 3 or 4 years for me. Hopefully we will meet again in the future :)
khoda • 11:30 • July 24, 2010
HEY!!! This must be a joke! i fallow this site like 10 times a day... what are i'm suposed to do know. How should i fallow the greatest team in the world! you guys made it possible. Thank you for all of your work man!! Hope you guys really change your minds!
Brazilian • 11:54 • July 24, 2010
You guys connected us very well! gave us all information, and we feel like a family here! it is very sad to hear this news and i wish u guys all the best! BOA SORTE meu amigos
AKay • 12:01 • July 24, 2010
lol i chekced this site at least 10 times a day every day :(....i cudnt sit at a computer without going on fbww
emre • 12:11 • July 24, 2010
Hey guys.
Because FBWW is closing down i was thinking if i should open a Blog Site and continue FBWW's run from there?

If anyone is interested, please write a message on my Profile on this site and if i do get more then 10 messages, ill open up a blog site.
GFBHollanda • 12:28 • July 24, 2010
Im in Turkey reading this and im shocked! Thank you guys for everything! Sad Sad day! :( cosign akay! I love this side! Pffff.....
ozanFB • 13:06 • July 24, 2010
Thank you guys - when this site closes my view to FB will definitely change.. this was definitely the best fan site. EMRE please do so!!


We simply can't continue our mission of serving the fans without the club's assistance. Because of these constraints, this will be the last article to appear on Fenerbahçe Worldwide.

Have you talked to the club about this??? What about advertising on the site??

Hey guys lets start a facebook site aiming to force FB to support this site???
Semihhh • 13:07 • July 24, 2010
hay amk :( i was starting to love this site !!! plz make something on facebook then ..

& Thnks alot for all you're work !!
ozanFB • 13:08 • July 24, 2010
Nathan and Mehmet: you guys know about journalism but have no clue about business! I am sure with so many supporters you guys could find a way of financing this site!
turcin • 13:18 • July 24, 2010
İ am shocked, but İ can understand Nathan and Mehmed.
emre • 13:44 • July 24, 2010
7 more PM's and ill open up the revived fbww site!
fener1907 • 13:54 • July 24, 2010
Good bye and good luck to everyone:) Mehmet and Nathan thank you so much but we understand:) hope you, your careers and family a very good luck and best wishes......take care everyone especially Polat10 and his aggressive comments:D
Kozak • 14:05 • July 24, 2010
emre, opening up a blog is cool and all but who is going to run it?
Temirov123 • 14:38 • July 24, 2010
Amsterdam • 14:57 • July 24, 2010
omg guys... noooooo im gonna die right now... ive just discovered this website a month ago.. and ive fallen in love with all the supporters here and this website... everyone here seem so high educated and smart compared to the other soccer websites.. i was like'' finally ive found my people''.. and now its over:(.. its one of the saddest days in my life:(...
thanks for everything.. i <3 u all
skulaksiz • 15:05 • July 24, 2010
not only is it sad that the site won't be there any more, but it's equally sad that the members won't be able to get in touch and discuss fb related issues. i hope there will be an english speaking forum or something similar for fb fans :( thank you for all your work nathan and mehmet. hope to run into you guys at some point.
Kozak • 16:05 • July 24, 2010
remedy2000 • 16:13 • July 24, 2010
Shame that the club have got the money to throw away on guiza's wages but not on keeping this important place up and running.
macho-morten • 16:22 • July 24, 2010

Kozak's link a couple of comments over here is a sample of things to come. A group of us realised this morning that we can't live in a world without a place to read about our dear club and discuss events and news with our international brothers and sisters. So, will with time evolve into a full web site in English about Fener. Hope to see you all there. It can never replace FBWW in terms of journalistic integrity and frequent updates, but we will try to make it a place worth visiting on a regular basis.

FBWW may be gone, but its spirit lives on :)
perlomental • 16:32 • July 24, 2010
So sad...
Nesil • 16:33 • July 24, 2010
Thank you Nathan and Mehmet for everything. Although I think you guys are leaving a treasure behind. Why didnt you guys ever add on commercials to the right side of the screen. I mean you could have easy sold fenerbahce merchandise at the very least. Or why dont you guys add on a membership fee... There are so many ways to make money on this website. You have so many dedicated supporters.

Why dont you put a place, where we can donate money to keep you guys up?? I would definately give you 20-50 bucks, and if you guys got something from maybe a hundred people, we put our heads together to find ways to bring in income for you.

I really dont think you should abandon this mission due to financial concerns. I think you can grow bigger.
Nesil • 16:37 • July 24, 2010
I buy 5 fener jerseys a year, I am sure if there was more merchandise, I would definately use this website to get them. I am sure you can work a deal with fenerbahce, since you are offering them a market they dont have. I have to ask my friends who goto turkey to get me the merchandise all the time.

Add on a once a year donation fee... everyone can put what they'd like.

Lets find a way to get some global advertisement to the right side of the screen.

Come on guys... there is more than one way to make money.
Ediz36 • 16:40 • July 24, 2010
I am devastated. I check FBWW everday for the latest on our beloved team and I am deeply going to miss doing so. Nathan and Mehmet thank you very much for all the up to date news on Fenerbahce and their connections as well as the way you conveyed the news through your articles. Good luck in whatever you do next and I'm sorry that you cannot continue with this. Icimden cok cok COK tesekkur ederim. X
Ediz36 • 16:42 • July 24, 2010
Saying this^ I would be more then happy to donate whatever you deem necessary if you choose to pursue this. And a few adverts won't be too distracting!
Kozak • 16:48 • July 24, 2010
Nesil, unfortunately they did go to Fenerbahce and they denied them :( Says so in the article.
emre • 16:49 • July 24, 2010
I was going to run it with the help of someone in mind.
But now i got a PM from Macho-morten saying that GlobalFB has been made and wanted me to join the team.
I accepted.
2pac • 16:52 • July 24, 2010
may Allah keep your path open through life, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for filling my life with the extra joy when I was struggling to find it.

You have no idea how much this website means to many of us.
londonder • 17:37 • July 24, 2010
I really cant believe this.. its only been 2 weeks that i have joined FBWW but straight away its been part of my life style. I visited this website 10 times a day. It wasn't just about the updates and rumors about the team that made me chose this website it was the intelligent discussions that made this website a must visit. Thankyou for everything Nathan and Mehmet Wish you all the best!
fb_fan • 18:07 • July 24, 2010
Well,i have been here for a long while and the bookmark of FBWW still comes on top of my favourites list!What can i say?Well,first of all,i would like to serve Nathan and Mehmet my deepest gratitude!I know how hard is to combine the virtual life with the real one!You always have to think one move ahead so that you can satisfy your followers!Thanks for all this years of complete dedication to us!You are amazing!

Personally speaking,i know turkish very well and it's not a problem for me to follow the FB news on the turkish media,BUT i can honestly say that there isn't any place better than FBWW!It's something with Nathan's/ Mehmet's way of spreading the word,so soft,so gentle,neutral..perfect!I love you guys!4real!

Best wishes and blessings...!!
fener-pnw • 19:17 • July 24, 2010
Thanks Nathan and Mehmet.

Typical that a club with NO VISION and NOT A CLUE ABOUT MANAGING things
would not understand the resource that is FBWW and how it has and how it could continue a resource to help the club.

And Fenerbahce's website is a joke.
polat10 • 19:27 • July 24, 2010
fener-pnw, besides this site i use, which a site that gives pretty great details on transfers also.
karaagclar • 20:13 • July 24, 2010
Thank you guys for everything. I dont know what else to say.
bjkdeniz • 21:27 • July 24, 2010
Even though i do not support Fenerbahce, i enjoyed coming to this site to read about National team news, and news about the league in general. Great site. Best of luck.
JayJayOkocha • 21:57 • July 24, 2010
Sad, but I can understand. Perhaps we could open a FBWW forum, that aquires much less attention as you can make a lot of people mods/admins whatever.
buraktigin • 21:58 • July 24, 2010
To all the supporters of this site, as a last ditch effort,you can call the board building about this webisite 90 216 5421907 , Nathan and mehmet i am a business owner in the united states of Turkish origion, myself and others are willing to contribute work and contact to this site, and i believe many other dedicated fans are as well. LEts make this happen.
JayJayOkocha • 22:29 • July 24, 2010
Isn't it possible that you guys can open some paypal account or whatever, so we can donate money ? Anyone can miss 10 dollars or more. I don't have paypal but in Holland we work with something called iDeal, you can send money to another bank account. I, like many members would also like to contribute.
DeutschFener7 • 22:39 • July 24, 2010
I know many of you don't see me around here because I am too lazy to login or comment, but for the past 2 years I've gone on this site everyday of my life 2 or 3 times a day. I'm deeply saddened this is the final goodbye. I don't understand though, did fenerbahce make you guys close the site down or was it simply because of monetary reasons? how much is it to keep maintaining this site the way it is? =[
Fener_eniste • 23:15 • July 24, 2010
I'm with Jay Jay on this...paypal donations to keep the site alive.
Nesil • 23:33 • July 24, 2010
Kozak... you can always sell fenerbahce product without their permission... just add on a fee... I would be in for it... esp to keep this site up. And you will be working with people all around the world....

Let's start with the DONATIONS.... to get some money in your pocket... then lets brainstorm business ideas to keep u going.
SelcukFener • 00:52 • July 25, 2010
im def down with this idea i will love to help this to me is one of the most productive fener sites and i love it why shut it down unless of suttin legaly came up but otherwise im sure everyone else and i would love to keep this site up but if not i would be very sad about this news here please let us what we could do to help i goto turkey alot and my turkish is whats up ill help
ozanFB • 00:57 • July 25, 2010
hey guys, we should definitely open a group in facebook so we could exchange..
aarohaa • 02:00 • July 25, 2010
Ohh.. Well... Where shall i start..

I truly enjoyed peoples reactions, the best out there!
Nathan and Mehmet, you guys really created something special here!! I mean, look at all the comments!!

I wish you guys all the luck and thanks for making this all happen.. I'm very sad.....

Greetings from Holland..
Aydan • 04:00 • July 25, 2010
I have been struggling to find the right words all day but like so many of us I don't even know where to begin. I wish there was some way we could write to Fenerbahçe and tell them how we feel and how important this web site is for us. I have to tell you guys that I feel that we have been completely ignored by the board and all the other administrators. We are the richest club in Turkey and you're telling me Fenerbahçe won't part with enough resources to maintain this site it doesn't make sense! I have to agree that Fenerbahçe is not doing the best of jobs for the future of the team. Fenerbahçe worldwide is something very special and I will miss it very much.

Nathan and Mehmet I cannot put into words my deep gratitude for everything you have done for us. You guys are simply amazing. You have truly transformed Fenerbahçe into a worldwide organization. Yes I am a Fenerbahçe fan for life now but I will always be a Fenerbahçe worldwide fan first. Nathan and Mehmet I have never met you guys but I will always see you as friends. It has been an amazing 1 1/2 seasons and thank you again for everything. I wish you guys best in the future.
buraktigin • 04:07 • July 25, 2010
mehmet and nathans new web page:
bloody hell : )
panama • 05:00 • July 25, 2010
mehmet and nathan thanksss!!! :D
Thank you for everything..
from panama :D
Aydan • 08:27 • July 25, 2010
I would like to thank the creators of this web site I hope and lot of people from here join so that we can keep in touch each other. I think the ultimate tribute would be to continue the mission and make sure that Fenerbahçe will remain worldwide.
If you are on facebook there is a fan page as well!/pages/Global-Fenerbahce-GFB/113058465412678?ref=ts
cercif • 11:35 • July 25, 2010
What a pity!, the webside was very interesting, greetings
from Germany........
2pac • 15:20 • July 25, 2010
If anyone would like to become a writer for an upcoming fenerbahce blog please contact me, also we are searching for designers.

We will carry on the legacy of fbww
ozturk • 15:27 • July 25, 2010
like everyone else, this website has become a big part of my internet life. I check it almost daily for news on our club.

but what I don't undertsand is why it has been shutdown? Is it money? Is it time? do you need more staff? wanted more readers?

the above stateemtn written doesn't really answer any of these questions.

all I can say is thank you for everything Nahtran and Mehmet! it has certainly been apprecited by us all.
emre • 15:54 • July 25, 2010
a new blog has already been created.
2pac • 16:09 • July 25, 2010
I've spent heaps of time developing one since i read this news, so now fenerbahce fans have many, quality i hope, sources of fenerbahce news to choose from.
Manx • 19:05 • July 25, 2010
ikhann • 22:03 • July 25, 2010
Thank you Nathan and Mehmet for all you have done the past 4 years.

I personally found out the site was closing down yesterday (I, like may others check the site many times a day) but was too upset to know what to even say. I came to this site for the obvious reason that there was no other english dedicated site. After Turkey's excellent Euro run, I became a fan of turkish football and was fortunate to watch some of Fener's incredible Champ league run. Coming back to the site, I was surprised and delighted to see a site run this well and this professionally, that I could not belive my eyes. This is a very sad time for me as it is for others and like someone has already stated, probably the worst news I've heard this year.

I just like to say that I have lost a lot of respect for Fenerbahce as an organization. To turn you guys down who were in my opinion the best unbias source for club information is a bonehead move. What a slap in the face it must have felt for you guys. If anything they should have seen the importance and significance an english operating website means for them in a marketing standpoint. They should have stuck to their moto " One day, everyone will be a Fenerbahce fan".

Anyways just my 2 cents.

P.S Emre I support you 100% on the new blog site and look forward to checking it out. It will never be FBWW but its better then nothing. For anyone else interested in a Fenerbahce forum I've been following for years...
sageleader • 22:05 • July 25, 2010
I think before we go off and try to create another site we should fight to keep this one alive. Maybe we can organize a letter-writing campaign to Fener administration to tell them how much we love this site and can't survive without it.
ForzaFener • 01:49 • July 26, 2010
Is this a joke? FBWW is the best Fenerbahce site on the net. You gotta look this through. I understand that you cant continue with the site but what about being the one who runs the show with other people do the work?

Where do fans all over the world go to discuss Fenerbahce? Here of course because other sites is mostly only turkish, swedish, french, german, arabic and more...
Edisk6 • 01:50 • July 26, 2010
Im devastated i would load this page on my phone atleast 10 times a day. Lost for words....ill pay to keep it open doesnt bother me.
FB1907_Australia • 02:24 • July 26, 2010
theres a million other websites out there, move it along.
sageleader • 05:05 • July 26, 2010
There aren't a million other sites.

BUT for those in the NYC area I'm starting an English-speaking Fener supporters group called FenerNYC. Just getting the site up but check it out:
2pac • 12:50 • July 26, 2010
ok my friend started a site called, plz come and check it out! bookmark it!
Kozak • 12:59 • July 26, 2010
Wow that is disgusting..They basically just went ahead and stole what macho, andrei, perlo and I planned to do. Using the exact same name we had come up with.
emre • 13:18 • July 26, 2010
2pac that isnt funny.
take the site down or rename it.
Kozak • 13:47 • July 26, 2010
Ignore my last comment. We gladly and excitedly welcome :)!
2pac • 14:07 • July 26, 2010
long live!!! CHILDREN OF FBWW!!!!

We will not disgrace FBWW dede!
3pac • 15:41 • July 26, 2010
Global Fenerbahce = GFB? = Genc Fenerbahce ? you already disgrace them with the similar shorting. Why dont you just come up with something original?
Kozak • 15:49 • July 26, 2010
Eh please, we do not shorten GlobalFenerbahce to GFB. We do not, and do not plan to have an abbreviation.
2pac • 15:52 • July 26, 2010
Thank you for all your work FBWW!

Please come and celebrate the opening of Global Fenerbahce at
3pac • 15:56 • July 26, 2010
anyway, i heard some ex staff of already working on a new site.

Better wait until they are finished before opening alot new crappy blogs.
mtHead • 15:59 • July 26, 2010
This is very sad, I am sorry to have reached this point.
I thank all of you for the great service and wish you the best in your future projects.
Will truely miss you as you have become part of my daily routine.
3pac • 16:00 • July 26, 2010
btw, Kozak! i love your loyalty...

"Wow that is disgusting..They basically just went ahead and stole what macho, andrei, perlo and I planned to do. Using the exact same name we had come up with"

"Ignore my last comment. We gladly and excitedly welcome :)!"

So what about macho, andrei and perlo?

Your site are destined to fail.
2pac • 16:03 • July 26, 2010
Stop being the devils advocate, this is very sad behaviour. We are all fenerbahce fans. If the fans don't like the site, then they'll move on. Please wish us luck :)
Kozak • 16:15 • July 26, 2010
Eh, macho, andrei and perlo have all jumped on board with

We talked with their people and came to an agreement of a merge. Thanks for wondering though.

Thanks for your support too. Its great to see we have your full backing towards our aspirations!
2pac • 16:23 • July 26, 2010
3pac, we all love you because we all follow the sarilacivert canary!
perlomental • 20:22 • July 26, 2010
As i said for, you will have to change the name of your domain since it violation against cipyright issues. i did not agree on anything!
3pac • 20:31 • July 26, 2010
"We talked with their people and came to an agreement of a merge. Thanks for wondering though."

Nice working with people going behind others back right in the beginning of the making.

Bound to fail bigtime!
khoda • 20:33 • July 26, 2010
I said it once before, and i say it again. Fenerbahce world wide no one can take your place! Nathan and Mehmet please rethink this!
mtHead • 21:24 • July 26, 2010
isn't a bit too early to start talking about new website. We have not finished morning here and you guys already planing a wedding.

Like Khoda said I hope you guys reconsider and find a way to keep it going. I promise I will stop bashing Nathan's fav. player Kazim. and I promise not to use foul language from now on.

Can you guys resist what's on offer or should I make an offer you can't refuse ;0)
TanzFener • 23:22 • July 26, 2010
Nathan & Mehmet,
Simple question. What will it take for you to continue FBWW. I am not the type that likes to stop something I love. I cannot express how thankful I am for what you have done but am not ready to part ways yet. Tell us the fans what it is you wanted from yonetim and what it will take to keep Fenerbahce worldwide open. I understand if these matters are private as you may have hinted in your last message; which btw nearly got a tear from me and trust when I say that this means a lot. Can we open a signing list? Can we use our contacts in Turkey to pressure? Can we do anything?
Nathan I am proud of you. As and American you show real Fenerbahce Spirit that is hard to come by.
Mehmet thank you for everything. You have kept me informed on so many levels and your sincerety is unquestionable.
I hope to hear from you.
macho-morten • 02:47 • July 27, 2010
Even though 3pac isn't a fan, we have already started to publish news on Those who want could check it out and make up their own opinion of it :)
ozturk • 05:41 • July 27, 2010
I think 3pac is from xtratime forums and is trying to troll us, as they have done in the past. I would just ignore him/her.
Aydan • 07:46 • July 27, 2010
my friends I think almost all of us want to save FBWW even if it means more of us have to step up if that means paying membership I would do it. I think it is also important to remember when Nathan created this there was no English news and we cannot allow that to happen either. No matter what happens we must carry on this mission.
3pac • 09:33 • July 27, 2010
No, i'm not from any xtratime or whatever. Just showing the people of FBWW what you are doing. You guys are pissing right in the face of Nathan, Mehmet and the rest of FBWW. you fighting with eachother trying to open a website while the rest of us is trying to save FBWW.
Kozak • 11:32 • July 27, 2010
Umm, 3pac. We've read and heard what Mehmet and Nathan have had to say and even talked to them ourselves. Their decision is obviously final. I think a lot of you are looking past the fact that this isn't just a financial issue for them.

We aren't "pissing right in the fact of Nathan, Mehmet and rest of FBWW", we are just trying to continue their mission.
3pac • 11:36 • July 27, 2010
Kozak, After what you done to your friends by backstabbing them and stolen there website name. (apperently copyrighted) your the last person that should "continue there mission"
AKay • 11:45 • July 27, 2010
mate, Kozak didnt steal anyones name, it was a coincidence that we came up with the same name.....we came up with the name first, then 2pac came up with it second but he invited me, kozak, macho to write for his site so we did.
Lionel_Hurmaci • 11:53 • July 27, 2010
Look, me, perlo, kozak and macho made a site and it was called global fenerbahce, we put it up on the 24th but then 2pac put his site up on 26th called got really pissed at 2pac cos we thought he stole our idea but he says he didnt steal it.....but then 2pac offered us to write for his site so we did. No one back stabbed anyone
Kozak • 12:05 • July 27, 2010
Thankyou Lionel.
2pac • 12:59 • July 27, 2010
To put things into perspective, 3pac- we see your point of view and we can understand where you're coming from but i would just like to say these words:

The name was semi-coincidental, i was on the phone with my friend who was going delirious over the closure of fbww where as i was no where near a computer. He suggested that I'd start a blog up in memory and suggested some names to me. Amongst them was global FB and it seems that he most likely would have got it from here. I mean no disrespect in any way shape or form.

Lionel_Hurmaci, it is not "my" site- it is all of ours and if anyone would like to contribute in any way shape or form please contact us through email

Also, we have started our prediction league, full of prizes to win! So make sure you get in there and start predicting the score of the Young Boys CL qualifier!
heema • 13:38 • July 27, 2010
actualy both of the websites are shit and by the way I think it's the normal end
I have been in this website since 4 years and I think nathan was the only one who can build website like this we had here
thanks again Nathan
Memz • 16:02 • July 27, 2010
Thank you very much for everything Nathan and Mehmet - i'll never forget FBWW helped me to some hard times.

Hope you all will have a wonderfull life and don't hesitate too much to write articles on this wonderfull site again when you guys miss Fenerbahçe too much..

Tesekkür ederim,

Memz • 16:10 • July 27, 2010
@globalfenerbahce - isn't it a shame that you (i don't know who) doesn't even use the colors of Fenerbahçe?
Kozak • 16:18 • July 27, 2010
Memz..we are working on that. Its a little bit hard when we are only 17 and going through what Australian's consider one of the roughest times you will go through (Year 12).
Memz • 16:22 • July 27, 2010
i understand that it isn't finished yet - but it's all black that could has been easily navyblue/yellow.

anyway if you need help with the 'new' design - just tell me how you kinda want it then maybe i can help with it.
AKay • 16:46 • July 27, 2010
yeah sorry Memz, we jsut put a temporary template...we were gonna change the colours...
AKay • 16:52 • July 27, 2010
we made the thing will probs take like a another week to completely finish it..
ZeCkTaSiS • 22:33 • July 27, 2010
Que mal, todos los días visitaba este sitio.. era lo primero que hacia. Es una lástima pero ojalá algún día puedan volver. Saludos desde México y la mejor de las suertes.
nathan • 05:45 • July 28, 2010
ZeCKTaSiS, gracias mi amigo o amiga :) Hablas Ingles tambien o Espanol solamente? De donde estas en Mexico?
nathan • 05:53 • July 28, 2010
Hey everyone, it may seem as if Mehmet and I have been hiding, but we haven't. In fact, we have read every comment here, on facebook, etc. To be totally honest, we are overwhelmed and astounded. We really had no idea that Fenerbahce Worldwide meant so much to so many people.

The last few days have been really hard. We've been reading every comment and hearing from so many of you, and it's been difficult because we didn't want to stop. There has been a sense of guilt, to some degree, at least for me. Mehmet and I didn't want to end Fenerbahce Worldwide and still don't. In fact, we have always wanted to serve you guys at a much, much higher level.

I would like to say thank you for all of the comments, but thank you is not enough. I know it sounds a bit cliche', but all of these comments, facebook messages, etc. have meant everything to us. It made us realize just how many family members we have as a result of FBWW.

I apologize that Mehmet and I have been so silent over the last few days. We've just needed to get away and clear our heads a bit, and we still need to. However, Mehmet and I have a lot of things to evaluate and discuss. We'll be sending out a message soon to discuss further information. However, I wanted to post a comment today so you would know we are reading every comment and have not forgotten about you.

Thank you to each person who left a comment and offered their thanks. I really can't express what I've felt in words. As I said, we'll send out another message soon to your FBWW accounts. Thank you everyone....thank you.

- Nathan
Denzo-Elturko • 08:00 • July 28, 2010
Hi Guys,
I have to say that im gutted that this website is ending. The joy of opening the internet and having FBWW as my home page allowed me to keep up to date with the club that I love all the way in Australia. Its a shame the club could not come to terms with you guys, because this site helped the fans who dont get to watch games live on TV and or live in Europe be up to date. Thanks for the years,I hope that even though this part of your lives has ended you will get all you deserve and the club will appoint you life members :).

All the best from a Fener fan in Melbourne.

khoda • 11:46 • July 28, 2010
As i said. Some people where in a hurry to forget Fenerbahce World Wide.

Nathan I'm really glad you guys still thinking about the website and the us (the readers)

Thank you yet again for still thinking about the site!
mtHead • 15:08 • July 28, 2010
I hope it won't come to me making an offer you can't refuse. Think really hard and get back to your computers and start typing and posting before the game today.
On a serious note, could you put up a new page before the game so we could start cursing and pulling our hair.
ozturk • 17:05 • July 28, 2010
thanks for the reply Nathan!
BushRanger • 19:47 • July 28, 2010
Nathan, Mehmet and the FBWW team, i am genuinely gutted to hear that you have been left with this difficult decision. Like so many other posters i have really enjoyed visiting the site for news on FB and the milli takim, and the general banter. Thanks for all your efforts and best of luck in your future endeavours.
Aydan • 20:04 • July 28, 2010
I don't think very many of us are in a hurry to forget about Fenerbahçe Worldwide at all. I'm certainly not. Since the shutdown I have felt and has been a huge hole in my life and over the past few days I've come to a deeper understanding and greater appreciation for everything Nathan & Mehmet have done for us. I still hope that there is some way we can save FBWW. My first loyalty is to Fenerbahçe Worldwide and it always will be. Thank you again Nathan & Mehmet for everything you have done for us.
Edisk6 • 21:50 • July 28, 2010
35 mins into the game we are playing horrible in every position. Defending is at a schoolboy level
khoda • 22:07 • July 28, 2010
Bekir, Önder and Bilica should stop calling them selfs fotball players after this game. Infact Önder should just retire from fotball in halftime!
sageleader • 22:07 • July 28, 2010
I've said it before and I'll say it again: Bekir is one of the worst players on our team.
polat10 • 22:10 • July 28, 2010
Bekir, alex, kazim(retard), cristian, pretty much everyone except emre and stoch are the worst.

and i'm still wondering why we took kazim back.......hes a little child
khoda • 22:13 • July 28, 2010

This division 4 player from england should go back to the crappy team he once came from. Complete retard is what he is...
polat10 • 22:14 • July 28, 2010
Agreed with khoda
khoda • 22:15 • July 28, 2010
and guys forget Bekir, Önder guy havent made a successful pass in the entire game. The guy should try to change profession in half time!
khoda • 22:24 • July 28, 2010
And now 3 times Alex is to slow when it comes to controle a pass to him. I hope all you understand that his getting old and its time to find someone that can get a hold of the ball when a pass is comming. DAMN
remedy2000 • 22:38 • July 28, 2010
That defence is dreadfull. If Fener were playing a good side, they could have conceeded 5 to 6 goals alone in the first half.
khoda • 22:45 • July 28, 2010
LOOK AT BEKIRS HEADER! HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE? WTF??? OMG, who decided to buy him in the first place?
khoda • 22:57 • July 28, 2010
Sick! as soon as alex left the field we started to play fotball again.
remedy2000 • 23:03 • July 28, 2010
The defence still remained poor.
Memz • 23:10 • July 28, 2010
Bruno Alves is for sale and even wants to play in Russia so i'm sure that he is willing to come to Fenerbahçe.

he'll cost some money but we will get a great agressive defender with great headers - a good shot - a hell of a pass for it instead and best of it is that he will have no communication problems with Lugano nor the other half of the team.
Aydan • 23:52 • July 28, 2010
see even the team plays badly without FBWW bring it back PLEASE! That was one of the worst performances I've seen I was watching the games in English and the announcer actually said he ran out of words to say how bad Fenerbahçe defense was and he actually asked what the team had been doing on the practice pitch since they weren't prepared for this game? Now that is embarrassing!
khoda • 00:09 • July 29, 2010
Why do we still got Önder and Bekir in Fenerbahce? Honestly we are a rich club. Cant we buy TSL best turkish defenders? I bet they would kill if they could to play for us. Why do we HAVE önder and Bekir in our team? What makes them good enough?
Memz • 00:47 • July 29, 2010
because of there Turkish passport they are (still) playing for Fenerbahçe - they probably got Bekir as a back up he was the captain of his old team so that probably made a lot sense but in fact it doesn't say anything.

Önder was a smart transfer back in 2004 but all that years that he could prove himself he failed and after the 2006/2007 season he isn't a regular player anymore - i remember that he was heading for Moskova but he wanted to come back because Zico left while he already signed but i guess Fenerbahçe payed his buy out i believe it was something like 300.000 euros.

anyway Önder who is a Galatasaray fan is probably just staying because Aziz doesn't want him to go to Galatasaray - i can't find and other reason for it.

and for Bekir - there are only a few good Turkish defenders - Bekir isn't one of them but he is close to them and because of that he won't complain about his playing time while others will probably do.

btw our back ups have always been below level - first we had Can Arat and Yasin Çakmak who had to replace Lugano and Edu - the difference was maybe even more then it is now.
Nesil • 03:26 • July 29, 2010

Take your time... and let us know what we can do to help you keep this website up. I do hope you decide to :-)
haris • 08:02 • July 29, 2010
I hope you will reconsider your decision and decide to continue this great work again. I really miss you, guys!
khoda • 09:33 • July 29, 2010
good written Memz
ZeCkTaSiS • 09:53 • July 29, 2010
Hola nathan.

Hablo solo un poco de inglés pero lo entiendo perfectamente :)... vivo en el estado de Michoacán, en una ciudad que se llama Zamora (cerca de Guadalajara y Morelia :P).

Saludos hermano.

PD: Soy hombre haha.
londonder • 06:15 • July 30, 2010
Guys no other website can be like FBWW. we should be a whole and help these guys to carry on with this website. Iv got strong feelings and im sure FBWW wouldn't close.. Nathan and Mehmet hear our Voice, we cant do with you two.
Jessica • 19:50 • July 30, 2010
I am deeply saddened by this announcement. This website has been my link to the team I hold so dearly and to the country that is in my heart. FBWW has meant the world to me these past three and a half years. I wish Nathan and Mehmet all the best and wish dearly to keep in touch.
erhan • 11:14 • July 31, 2010
all the best!:)
Edisk6 • 18:03 • August 1, 2010
This is still the first site i check everytime i go online...:(
macho-morten • 20:42 • August 1, 2010
Hehe, same here Edis. Even though I know there won't be any news, I come to check for new comments...
Aydan • 21:05 • August 1, 2010
me too!
polat10 • 01:44 • August 2, 2010
I just come here so I can get the inbox message Nathan said he was gonna send us all.......i'll keep waiting.
skulaksiz • 19:06 • August 2, 2010
me too! got stuck it seems. maybe one day there'll be something new :/
Pool-of-Life • 00:20 • August 3, 2010
Ah. It seems the time has come to rise above the status as an observer and put forth my thoughts. My story - well I've read this site for a while. Like many others. I have also been fortunate to be present at every Fenerbace home game last season. Before then I had never seen them live. I saw them in the league, the cup and EUFA. I saw them in the rain, at midnight and through the glorius early summer evenings that ended so tragically. And I made it back home on the minibus never really knowing how to tell the driver to stop without sounding rude (DUR....Simdi!! Kapi Ac.. etc)I'll never forget the win over Galatasary. I'll also never forget how come we let a 2-0 lead ens up with a 3-2 loss with Bursaspor?? This is the true culpret of the season's end. I really do hope though that the tannoy announcer will be given a chance to calm down and redeem himslef. I'd never heard an announcer trying to will the whole stadium along so much before in all my life. No wonder he got carried away.

Which brings me to Nathan and Mehmet - don't get carried away guys. First of all, maybe I should have contributed sooner. But, I'm sure there are many more people who visit your site than are registered. Even though I watched the games last season, I still came here to read the reports and the comments. The countdown in hours and minutes before the next game was also a godsend, believe me!! Deserting this site will affect many more than you think.

Secondly, if you have been offered lucrative deals like you say - just take them. Don't just abandon ship!! Everyone needs to make a livng and have time to sip a beer. Do what needs to be done.

Thirdly, I had wondered many months ago how this site funded itself. Guys, this is a professional site that should not rely on the creators volunteering their time!! Anladame?? Get it funded somehow - if FB corporate guys don't want to know then show them what they've missed. In the American vernacular "sock it to 'em". It's not like you are starting with an idea from scratch - you have a product and a customer base, just use it.

I respect all the other guys contrinuting to this site and I can totally understand why some are setting up other forums, so they can keep an English update of Fener alive.

But, the truth is Nathan & Mehmet, an English update of Fener is still alive here. Just look at the comments that keep comng. Even people are commenting that they come here just to check the comments. Even people who prefer to be barflys are registering on a site that is officially over just to say something to you.

Or is it over? OK guys, I have a feeling I've written a fair bit and as I am a reluctant contributer, I'm an even more reluctant proff raeder so forgive me if this post is filled with absurdities but it comes from the heart.

Time to go but listen - Nathan & Mehmet - you need time yes. You need money absolutely. Both can be made a reality. Just take a new approach, keep the site, make all these people happy, make yourselves happy and make Fenerbace corporate schmucks sorry they turned you away.

I know you are journalists - just look at the media you have been involved in. Just carry it on dudes, nobody does it better, nobody does it quite the way you do. Oh god I can feel a song coming on, I'm going..
ozturk • 04:53 • August 3, 2010
great comment pool of life.
Skyblues • 12:53 • August 3, 2010
Pool of life sums it up basically, I still find myself here every week 2-3 times at least, then I realise it's no more...Mehmet, Nathan, as Pool of Life says try to commercialise and sell this, you can easily make money out of this if Aziz hears about it...And perhaps instead of burning yourselves out, you can lower the workload - to 2-3 updates a week...optimistically hoping for the continuation of this...or even once a week version of it, even shorter updates would do...Pool of life seconded...
Sydney_GFB • 19:14 • August 3, 2010
nathan and mehmet i thank you for everything you guys have done for us, but i have to tell you i dont think use understand what this site really means to all these people, use cant just close a site like this down, people depend on this site it is like a big family that all have the same passion which is fenerbahce, i still check the site atleast 5 times a day to see new comments and hoping that one day there will be a new message from you guys saying FenerbahceWorldWide Lives On. GFB Sercan
ozanFB • 21:56 • August 3, 2010
Nathan and Mehmet, at some point you have to part with your "idealism".. Actually its not that strange that the fener officials dont want support this site since it is somewhat competing with their own official site - at least with the english version of it. I even think that they copied some features like the "transfer rumors" which is "transfer spekulasionlari" on the official site. Its damn sad that this site is not becoming an official part of the FB family. But to us this does not make any difference. So please accept some of the offers you received and continue this site.
Aydan • 22:51 • August 3, 2010
Pool of life I agree. I appreciate the new blogs and everything but it is not FBWW. Watching the games is not the same. I miss everything the pregame discussion half-time discussions and post game discussions. Yes there are other discussion boards of course but it is simply not the same because you have to deal with fans from other teams trashing your team and that's one thing about here with the exception of our EJk fans we are all Fenerbahçe. The fact that we even have someone from another team using the site to follow the national team speaks volumes about just how important this web site really is. The thing that really upsets me most is that I know if we had support from the whole Fenerbahçe community then those in charge of the club would have to listen to us instead of treating us like throwaway trash since they don't think English-speaking fans don't matter. I still come here every day just to read the comments. For me a scaled-back version or even a commercial version of FBWW is better than not having it at all.
Aydan • 01:39 • August 4, 2010
OzanFB there is absolutely no comparison between the English version of the Fenerbahçe web site and FBWW! Fenerbahçe does not even update the site regularly. They still don't have an English version of Fenrium so we can buy merchandise and up until recently even Fenerbahçe USA was completely Turkish. All of these things and the fact that they would not support FBWW send one message loud and clear you don't speak Turkish you're not important to us. As has been said many times before the club has no vision for its future and they should change the club motto because they have made a mockery out of the current one.
mtHead • 17:28 • August 4, 2010
Any prediction for todays game. Mine is that Richards is not playing so we will do fantastic in midfield however our glorious defence is going to be a talking point. I am going to go for a 2-2 draw again and hence we will lose the game in extra time perhaps a 3-3 or 3-2.
remedy2000 • 17:40 • August 4, 2010
Anticipating a very bad loss. Irregardless of the rest of the team, our defence is shyte and without a solid back line, the rest of the team suffers. We're going to be leaking in 1 on 1 attacks and shots like our goal is .
mtHead • 17:59 • August 4, 2010
LOL remedy, I am not sure where your going with that.
macho-morten • 19:11 • August 4, 2010
Calm down guys, there is no way our defence will be as brainless as a week ago. Also, Dia instead of Kazim should make for pacey attacking football. I honestly think we'll ease past them.
mtHead • 21:34 • August 4, 2010
Ok how are we doing just started watching, we are not down so that's cool,
Can someone sumurize
mtHead • 21:41 • August 4, 2010
hello anyone out there, did everyone abandon ship?
Edisk6 • 21:46 • August 4, 2010
i cant believe we are so bad.
Edisk6 • 21:46 • August 4, 2010
mtHead, we are horrible...once again.
mtHead • 21:47 • August 4, 2010
why are you surprised, look at our rooster and it is no surprise
Edisk6 • 21:50 • August 4, 2010
but its young boys...they are horrible. and somehow we are worse
Edisk6 • 21:51 • August 4, 2010
Bekir must have sections of his brain that have been removed..he is straight up retarded.
mtHead • 21:54 • August 4, 2010
whose playing forward, I have not seen ball go inside their penalty box
mtHead • 21:56 • August 4, 2010
oh my god that was horrible
Edisk6 • 21:56 • August 4, 2010
mtHead • 21:57 • August 4, 2010
he could have walked it in
fenerbahce4life • 21:59 • August 4, 2010
S**test play i've ever seen. These guys don't deserve their wages.
mtHead • 22:05 • August 4, 2010
chill f4life, no need to lose your cool, like you said they earn thier wages regardless of what you and I think about them.
Anyhow the team is not that great, better we go out here than get thrashed and embarced in the next round
Memz • 22:05 • August 4, 2010
thats what happen if you are greedy and don't stay on your words... huuuuh Aziz bey

we can still win so nothing is lost yet but i think it's a shame that a club with that much money can play that bad for 3 years (3th season) now and every time you think it gets better it's getting worse! aaaarghhhhhh *&!^!&@*!&!@#
Engin • 22:15 • August 4, 2010

Lugano and GG need to stop. They are always tired in the training and getting hurt a lot over the past 3-4 years.

Also it is time to get rid of that cancer Alex. Making a foregin player a captain of a big Turkish club is bad thing to do. Alex is one of the biggest coach killers ever many coaches have lost their jobs because of him whether it was in Brazil or Turkey.
mtHead • 22:21 • August 4, 2010
so what would you guys say to the players at the break.
For me I would stand in the middle and get a little boy from the stands and tell the little boy to show all the players how to pass a ball.
mtHead • 22:25 • August 4, 2010
how come no one wants to get back and defend. right now they had 5 on 3 it should have been 2 nil.
Memz • 22:28 • August 4, 2010
maybe Aziz just wants to leave Fenerbahçe and tries to make a profit this last 3 years - he just puts his money on the opponent and let us loose.

at least it would explain a lot cuz this isn't even the toenail of Fenerbahçe in the season 2007/2008
mtHead • 22:30 • August 4, 2010
ok now we are officially out, bye bye CL, I wish BJK had taken our spot
Memz • 22:33 • August 4, 2010
unbelievable :) we better get a dictator who learn the players discipline.
mtHead • 22:36 • August 4, 2010
too bad Sadam is dead, LOL Memz
remedy2000 • 22:38 • August 4, 2010
I think they need to replace Aziz with someone who knows something about football.
Memz • 22:40 • August 4, 2010
well he would bring some good to the players - the PAF team would do better then those losers who are playing now.
mtHead • 22:41 • August 4, 2010
Memz • 22:42 • August 4, 2010
the second team (youth team).
mtHead • 22:44 • August 4, 2010
yeah, but BJK or Gala or Bursa would eat these guys alive knowing CL was at stake
mtHead • 22:45 • August 4, 2010
I can't believe how indviduals are penetrating but the midfield is not supporting them at the top of box
remedy2000 • 22:46 • August 4, 2010
No champs league for fener this year lol. think i'm gonna support BJK this year, they seem to have a manager and board that transfers decent players and uses actual tactics?
Engin • 22:48 • August 4, 2010
Every single on of these players that have played with us for the last 2-4 years should be placed on the transfer list right after the game.
mtHead • 22:51 • August 4, 2010
who would want Engin, that is the problem when you have no youth system you have to keep buying and not be able to sell them.
mtHead • 22:51 • August 4, 2010
for the love of god pass and move
karaagclar • 22:56 • August 4, 2010
even with luis aragones we got to play in CL...
mtHead • 23:07 • August 4, 2010
I don't feel sorry for Fener at all cause they got what they deserve but this will bring the whole TSL down in the gutters
Engin • 23:14 • August 4, 2010
Firing Daum was a BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!
Memz • 23:14 • August 4, 2010
Aziz please leave and take your whole board with you - it's the only way to get us on the right road again - i (and probably millions of other Fenerbahçe fans) can't take all this failures anymore for another year.
mtHead • 23:15 • August 4, 2010
maybe now is good time to get a striker and couple of defenders.
I know everyone hate guiza but I am sure in this game he would have worked his socks off and done better than Gunal, why did wait so long to bring semih in is beyond me
Memz • 23:15 • August 4, 2010
Firing Zico was the BIGGEST MISTAKE!!!!!!!
Memz • 23:19 • August 4, 2010
mtHead we are not playing CL anymore - we must forget the first class players we won't get better then we have now.
mtHead • 23:20 • August 4, 2010
Memz I was being sarcastic
Engin • 23:25 • August 4, 2010
Firing Zico was the right decision, that guy cost us the title, league cup, and the CL. Akyut is to blame for the transfers the past two years bringing idiots like Caner, Dia, Stoch, Gokhan Unal, Bekir, Cristian, Andre Santos Ozer Hurmanci, Mehmet Topuz, Ilhan, and Bilica.
polat10 • 23:25 • August 4, 2010
Some of you guys are really pathetic, first you wanted to daum leave now you want him back. Honestly, it's the players to blame, not the coach, no body pressured besides emre, our attacking is the most useless part of our team. Gokhan, semih, and guiza all need to go, i'm not gonna blame stoch or dia cause there gonna take some time to adapt.
mtHead • 23:28 • August 4, 2010
wooooow polat who said anything about Daum. No one here miss him or want him back, I think you are speaking for yourself and projecting it on others
mtHead • 23:31 • August 4, 2010
there is only four of us here did anyone of us said we want Daum back, may be I missed something
Engin • 23:32 • August 4, 2010

I never wanted Daum to leave. Aykut is too blame for the lose today. He doesn't know how to coach that is why he has been fired from Istanbulspor, Konya, and Ankaraspor. He is a softy, this guy felt sorry for stupid Trabzon after he beat them on the last day of the 1995-96 season. I was so happy Ali Sen kicked him out of Fenerbahce. You never ever feel sorry for opponent.
karaagclar • 23:36 • August 4, 2010
how come did he feel sorry for Trabzon?? what is that story about??
polat10 • 23:36 • August 4, 2010
It's called remembering comments.

Engin, I agree that hes not coaching material, but the players did not do ANYTHING today. No pressure on the ball, hell they weren't even attempting to pressure the ball. Careless passing, volkan and emre were our best players today hands down. It's like i'm seeing the 2008-2009 season all over again.
Memz • 23:38 • August 4, 2010
Engin - Daum also lost us the title - league cup and EL.
Zico did great in the CL eliminated by Chelsea who would have been the champions if Terry didn't slept so where you talking about?

Aykut to blame for the transfers? no Aziz is - we don't have scouts at the club so thats pretty why we have bad transfers and Cristian was Daum's transfer btw.

and Özer - Topuz - Bilica did do great at there old clubs while Santos did also ok last year with us.
Memz • 23:39 • August 4, 2010
@polat10 - it's even worse then the 2008-2009 season imo.
Engin • 23:46 • August 4, 2010

Zico blew 5 league games during the 07/08. Aykut has been the Sporting Director of the Club since last May. He was the in charge of scouting and signing players. These signings are his mistakes.

Daum didn't cost us the title, Trabzon and Besiktas did. Besiktas let Bursa beat them and Trabzon broke their deal with us. They were suppose to take the League Cup and let us score 10 goals on them on final day.
Memz • 00:24 • August 5, 2010
i can't take this even serious but ok.

- Zico blew 5 games away? if we wouldnt have scored like 20 lucky goals in extra time this season then Daum would have blew 20 games away this season
- Zico had to focuss on the CL btw orders from the 'big boss' Aziz you know.

- Daum didn't cost us the title? wake up there wasn't any deal people where just saying (hoping) that because Trabzon eat us alive at the cup final - the fault of Besiktas - Trabzon and Bursamis yeahhh then the lost title of 2008 is also the fault of Galatasaray not ours and also all those others from the years before.

come onnnn
Memz • 00:27 • August 5, 2010
and again - Cristian was Daums transfer not Aykuts.
it's a fault of the board btw for let one man care of all the transfers while he has no scouting history or what ever.
remedy2000 • 00:31 • August 5, 2010
People going out need to be Ilhan, Bekir, Bilica, Selcuk, Unal, Guiza, Semih, Topuz, Ozer. All listed are either playing in a league faaaarrr above their ability or were terrible, useless transfers that did nothing but take up a player spot on the pitch.

Most of all though, KING AZIZ THE GREAT THE MAGNIFICIENT and his standard-bearer Kocaman need to lead that exodus of failed potential.

I'm still stumped on why we transfered such a useless defender from Genc :/
londonder • 00:39 • August 5, 2010
Young Boys 7
Fenerbahce 0

I think that sums up the day..
londonder • 00:51 • August 5, 2010
For you guys who can read turkish..

its true.. no need to get angry us supporters wanted Aykut Kocaman.
Engin • 01:54 • August 5, 2010
I think it is time that Alex leaves the club. This guy has been a cancerous toomer in our team for a long time. He has killed many coaches where ever he has played.
Kozak • 07:59 • August 5, 2010
I wasn't one of the people that wanted Daum sacked. Daum should have continued.

Since when were Topuz, Cristian and Ozer bad transfer?

Seriously you're all acting like immature idiots. Cristian has been nothing but awesome for us.
Kozak • 08:29 • August 5, 2010
and that is completely false Engin. Alex was one of the only people who has always said to trust the coach and that "we are adjusting".

He supported Aragones 100%, Daum 100% and is support Kocaman 100%.
ozanFB • 13:02 • August 5, 2010
Kozak, I think the point of Engin is that, because of Alex there can not be two strikers playing at the same time so the coaches are always forced to play something like 4-4-1-1. Moreover Alex is taking the speed out of the game.

BUT, I know that Alex contributed a lot to FB and this guy deserves a "heykel" at sukru saracoglu. I just think that his time has come.
Kozak • 13:55 • August 5, 2010
yeah but when has Fenerbahce ever played 2 strikers?
Engin • 14:55 • August 5, 2010

All of the 2003/04, Most of the 2004/05 season, half the 2005/06 and 06/07 seasons. Usually everytime Alex has been out of the line-up for the past 3 seasons.

Big clubs in different top flight leagues usually play a 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 4-3-1-2 formations. But in our league we have it backwards.

We payed lots money and gave up 3 players to bring both Ozer and Topuz. Both of them haven't lived to their high prices due to poor performances, lack of production, and many injuires. Cristian has done nothing for us expect for scoring 2 nices goals and a fluke goal against the worse goalie to ever play in Turkey.
Memz • 16:24 • August 5, 2010
however you wanna say it - without Alex we wouldn't have been that succesfull in the CL - his time may almost past now but to call him 'cancer Alex' is out of the line.

Topuz - Özer and Bilica where stunnin transfers on paper sometimes it just won't happen at a club due to the system or what ever look at Henry at Juve they sold him after 1 year then look at him at the Gunners or Diego Ribas/Felipe Melo/Guiza/Quaresma etc. at there old clubs and after there transfer - look at the 2 best players in the world Messi and Ronaldo how brilliant they do at there clubs but how bad for there country.
mtHead • 17:14 • August 5, 2010
How on earth Fener missed this guy
Check him out on youtube, he has scary pace and skill, multi dimensional.
khoda • 18:38 • August 5, 2010
"without Alex we wouldn't have been that succesfull in the CL"

Yes, 2 years ago. Now he is Cancer Alex! When a player do more harm to the game then good just because of age/speed then he is a Cancer and just like real cancer you have to cut him out of the squad to heal it. Yes he is a legend, and yes he did allot of good for fener but his time is over. Get over it! Look for young blood. Turkish people need to understand just because a player was good once does not mean he will stay good the rest of his life.

Its annoying people want alex on the pitch all the time. GET IT IN YOUR HEAD. IN FOOTBALL CHANGE IS GOOD AFTER A WILE!
Kozak • 19:01 • August 5, 2010
If Alex is cancer, the rest of the team is death itself.

Alex isn't the one out there getting red cards or allowing Volkan's box to be bombarded with attacks.

Think about that.

We need to get rid of players who abandon the team.
Memz • 19:25 • August 5, 2010
@khoda - read my other comments on other articles if you havent i wanted a replacement for Alex (not only Alex btw) a long time ago comparing him with Ronaldinho at Barça but it's about respect - you don't call a legend who have done that much for the club 'cancer' - if you do then sorry but then you have no honor - you wouldn't like it also if they called you cancer if you are doing your job not as good as it was - cuz thats how it is Alex is still one of the best players of Fenerbahçe or maybe better said he is less worse then all others.

all players are like 'simarik kizlar' at the moment - 'we get paid anyway why should we do something' looks like the actual motto.
khoda • 19:27 • August 5, 2010
No, Alex dont get red cards? ok, well he is the one that cant receive and control a pass when a player from the other team is standing next to him just because he is TO SLOW! He is the player that cant run with the rest of the team an attack because he gets tired. He is the one that cant defend with the rest of the team because he gets tired.

Man if you want change start with the oldest dude first. If Fenerbahce get rid of the old cancer alex it will send a signal to the rest of the team. Saying if you dont do your job we CHANGE you! doesn't matter who the you are! Legend or not! You are here to win and nothing els is acceptable.
Memz • 19:30 • August 5, 2010
and btw if Guiza would have scored all those chances who even a child makes then Alex would have like a 100 assists the last 2 seasons - Alex is still the only one who can make a killer pass which can rip the defence apart the man sees everything - but it's ok if he leaves but there should be a real good replacement also he shouldnt leave through the backdoor.
khoda • 19:35 • August 5, 2010

watch who you talking to, dont ever call me honorless again or i will talk back to you in another way.

Anyway, when you got a company and workers working for you and someone of your workers cant do there job like they use to then you replace him. If you keep him it will affect your whole company. The production would not be as high as it was and that affects both results and the rest of the team mates. So the guy become just like cancer. something that have to go in away.

Anyway. People call alex legend. I dont call him legend. Alex is nothing. Fenerbahce is everything. We should not thank Alex. He should thank us we let him play in our team. Thats the difference between real supporters. Just like religion no one can compare them self to god. ONLY GOD can be called GOD! Alex is just a man, once a very talented man that did allot good for Fenerbahce. But Fenerbahce always comes first and Fenerbahce is the only Legend in my eyes.
Memz • 19:43 • August 5, 2010
i just said - Fenerbahçeliler who call Alex a cancer have no honor - if you say that Alex is a cancer then yes indeed you are honorless - think about the principles.

and Alex still does his job better then all the other 'workers' - the whole club needs a replacement from Aziz to Ilhan there are really a lot players not worth playing for Fenerbahçe but you hear no one about them.

uhhh i don't say that Alex comes above Fenerbahçe but he did a lot - almost no one knew about Fenerbahçe before Alex' arrival but we showed ourselfs thanks to Alex to the world and now almost anyone knows us - not only Turks.
ozanFB • 20:11 • August 5, 2010
Agree with Memz. Calling Alex cancer is very disrespectful - this is something he definitely did not deserve.
polat10 • 22:15 • August 5, 2010
Emre deserves the captains band....end of story.
ozanFB • 23:44 • August 5, 2010
guys calm down
khoda • 00:37 • August 6, 2010
ozanFB: I'm sorry to have to use this kind of words. By people like Memz are so retarded that this is the only way they get it in there little heads.

Alex should left 2 years ago. Go search youtube and look up why Ronaldinho "left" Paris St. Germain and Barcelona. The coach that "made" Ronaldinho in Paris St. Germain tells a pretty good story. Football players especially Brazilian once have a thing about getting lazy and lose focus. But dumb farmer supporters that think everything that once was good will always stay good dont understand that. Thats why Fenerbahce only did something in Champion League once. And why Fenerbahce cant even beat a team like Young Boys in there own stadium.

"Kick Daum"

"Kick Aragones"

"Kick Aykut"

The only world they can is Istifa the coach.
khoda • 00:39 • August 6, 2010

A Turkish captain is what Fenerbahce needs. But dont you think Emre have little to much problems with his anger to wear the captain band?
GFBHollanda • 00:44 • August 6, 2010
We should have sold alex and Deivid 3 years ago when CSKA Moskow wanted to pay alot of monney for Alex and Deivid.

Players like Dia who was awsome against young boys and stoch cant play in a 4-5-1 system. We have a selection that doesnt fit the 4-5-1 system only 1 player can play in that system and that is Alex.

All the others shine in line ups like 4-3-3 of 4-3-1-2 or 4-4-2.

We saw Kozak how we play for 3 year long with 1 striker. How manny cups?

Its time to play with 2 strikers or we need a new meastro. A new Alex. Or we need 2 killers or at least 1 and play 4-4-2 or 4-3-3.


*Godin,Serdar Tasci, Marina, Alex, Naldo, Luisiao etc.
**Gyan, Niang, Samaras, Altidore, Biabiany, Huntelaar, Robinho, Fabiano, Forlan, Podolski, Gomez etc.
khoda • 00:45 • August 6, 2010

Finally, Thank God!
fener1907 • 01:15 • August 6, 2010
khoda where r u from?
ozanFB • 01:16 • August 6, 2010
bjk and gs played great in euro league qualifiers.. this season will be very hard to overcome this teams.. especially with aykut.. when will the transferperiod actually end?
fener1907 • 01:22 • August 6, 2010
Ozan dont even think about transfers i heard that Aziz is not willing to spend money and he is selling Lugano to AS Roma for 6.5 mill euros and releasing guiza!!! he said if Aykut wants transfers then i want wins!
khoda • 01:23 • August 6, 2010
@fener1907: Sweden, and you?
khoda • 01:24 • August 6, 2010
ozanFB: Did you see Quaresma in todays game? That player would fit in fenerbahce like a shoe! But i think then we had to get Bernd Schuster also because he is the only one that can bring out the best of that player.
ozanFB • 01:29 • August 6, 2010
yeah q7 did great.. if its true what fener1907 is saying then we are f... this season.
khoda • 01:32 • August 6, 2010
Well, its sad if its true, but then again. We still got the same players we got the last season, plus Dia and Stoch so then we should have been f.... last season too. Maybe things change soon. Hopefully anyways!
ozanFB • 01:34 • August 6, 2010
if its true then we lose lugano and guiza - so its not the same team.. especially lugano leaving would be bad
fener1907 • 01:35 • August 6, 2010
khoda i am turkish, i mean ur origin khoda whats ur origin?
khoda • 01:39 • August 6, 2010
fener1907: Swedish why?
khoda • 01:40 • August 6, 2010
ozanFB: ohyeah yeah without lugano we dont have any defense. So you are right.... sucks
fener1907 • 01:48 • August 6, 2010
It will be official by next week:( Lugano is leaving , AS Roma wants Nicolas Burdisso but Inter want 9 Mill euros for him so Roma changed their mind to Lugano...we should be happy if we dont get relegated this season...
fener1907 • 01:49 • August 6, 2010
fener1907 • 01:49 • August 6, 2010
khoda cause i thought u r from Iran or Afghanistan..
khoda • 01:50 • August 6, 2010
fener1907: oh haha why is that?
fener1907 • 02:25 • August 6, 2010
cuz khoda means god in irani n afghan language
Memz • 02:40 • August 6, 2010
@Nathan&Mehmet - sorry for messing up this great site but something needed to know its place

again sorry Nathan&Mehmet.
sageleader • 05:54 • August 6, 2010
Is this really what you all want to devolve this site into?
Aydan • 08:11 • August 6, 2010
sageleader I have to agree and ask the same question. You guys most of us have been here long enough to know that Nathan and Mehmet will not tolerate this type of language or fighting. If it keeps up they might simply decide to shut down the web site altogether and then we all lose.
Memz • 10:19 • August 6, 2010
i don't want to devolve this site into anything but Fenerbahçe - but yes i should have handled it on another way without messing up this site and as you can read i was sorry about that.

i've also send Nathan a PM with my apologies and to notice all this.
mehmet • 11:32 • August 6, 2010
---- I've had to edit or delete altogether some of the above messages. Foul language and offensive content is simply unacceptable.

---- I'm really shocked and upset that this has had to be the comment I post on this editorial.

---- Once again, on behalf of Nathan and myself, I want to repeat our gratitude for all your messages of support. We have not forgotten about all of you out there.

khoda • 13:55 • August 6, 2010
Thank you Mehmet for editing everything yesterday.
But i want to thank you for cleaning up and we havent forgotten you either!
ozanFB • 14:51 • August 6, 2010
btw its nice that we started again to use this forum for exchange of thoughts about fener!
fener1907 • 14:55 • August 6, 2010
Rubin Kazan made offer of 7 mill Euro for Guiza!
sageleader • 15:32 • August 6, 2010
Guiza's the best striker we have. If we sell him we better get someone good.
khoda • 15:36 • August 6, 2010
honestly, Guiza would be great as a wing player. Aykut should try that out!
ayhan • 16:07 • August 6, 2010
mmm we got drawn against poak in europa thats a tough leg for us if we play the same way as we did against young boys. missing the updates and transfer rumours still check the site daily :(
londonder • 16:42 • August 6, 2010
Hey guys Alex doesnt look fir thats the problem give him time. Hes the best foreign player that has ever played for us. We cant let him go like this.
ozanFB • 16:52 • August 6, 2010
with or without alex? you can write your oppinion on this at and maybe it will then published..
mtHead • 17:15 • August 6, 2010
Did anyone watch BJK, I really like their style of football. There was a lot of composure and good passing, totally opposite of Fener who could not put two passes together. Holosko's goal was as good as it gets, Fener has no chance against them, they look very scary.
What do you guys think about Trabozen' playing Liverpool that will be great match to watch, I am going to put my money on Trabozen
khoda • 17:58 • August 6, 2010
Yeah BJK have a great team this year. I guess there club nots runned by chobans.
ozanFB • 19:32 • August 6, 2010
semih not called to the national squad.. poor guy
fener-pnw • 04:53 • August 7, 2010
Guiza outside is not a bad idea if he has to stay. Young Boys should have scored 5 or 6 goals the first leg. Volkan was wandering around and out of position in the goal in the second leg - but he is a great keeper. But the defense has not been marking or closing the opponent down. I feel really badly for Semih - he had 2 chances in about 15 mins.
etc. etc.

Someone (Aziz?) has been mispresenting the financial condition of Fenerbahce over the last couple of years. I don't think they have any money.

I don't know how we will attract new players and coaches to Fenerbahce in the future.
All of us fans have been punked.
Memz • 17:25 • August 7, 2010
Fenerbahçe has enough money but in the past they spended it too easy - they buyed Topuz for something like 11 million (9 mil + Emreciksin) - just to compare: this season Porto buyed Moutinho from there archrivals for 11 million.

anyway nowadays the board probably knows that they spended too much on transfers and now they don't want to pay those ridiculous price tags but the clubs are still asking the jackpot because they know that Fenerbahçe spended way too much in the past so why wouldn't they try?

another problem is the coach - it doesn't mean everything but if you have a worldfamous coach (as coach or player doesn't care much) it's quit easier to get big names.

say Daum and they will only know him in Germany - Austria and Turkey ofcourse.
say Kocaman and they say who?! in all countries but Turkey.

i remember the names we tried to attract and they where listening when we had Zico and Aragones as coaches - that they didn't came is probably because the league or there club at that moment because it where really big names (Xabi - Robinho - Guardado - Vagner Love - Senna etc.) and it's to bad that we did get a cheap replacement instead of them.

you can also look at Besiktas - they where in negotiantions with Quaresma a long time and negotiantions where going bad but the deal was done when they signed Bernd and after him they did even get Guti! the same for Galatasaray - players want to play for Rijkaart and we should be happy that they don't have money to spend otherwise we would have to fight for the 3th place with clubs like Bursa - Kayseri and Trabzon.
khoda • 19:23 • August 7, 2010
haha your analyze sucks. Thats why they offered Gyan 16.5 mill becouse he is worth that kind of money? Besiktas got Guti and Q7 both for less then that amount and they are 100 times better player then Gyan. Gyan is not even a good goal scorer. What a joke! Fenerbahce board have not learned anything. It is more obvious now then ever that its runned by people with no clue how to attract real football players to the club that actually have something to add to the club.
Aydan • 06:19 • August 8, 2010
Hey guys don't forget to check the FBWW facebook and twitter pages because there are periodic news updates on them.
Memz • 15:56 • August 8, 2010
i thought you would ignore my comments in here? ;)

anyway - 16 mil for Gyan isn't ridiculous he is doing good in the French league had a good WC and is worth that money but he isn't the type of player Fenerbahçe needs right now - we need someone like Lisandro Lopez or Gomis who they also tried to sign.

but if you try to claim that they havent learned about spending money you are wrong - they still don't know much about scouting but that also is better - we've signed 2 young potential wingers.
khoda • 16:00 • August 8, 2010
you are right i should ignore you hahaha, if you think 16 mill isn't ridiculous for a player like Gyan then it only proofs my point even more.

hf bye
khoda • 16:03 • August 8, 2010
All the intelligent people of this site have disappeared. Waste of time visiting this site nowadays.
Memz • 16:05 • August 8, 2010
and on your last line - Besiktas' board doesn't know nothing more about football then ours does.

this is Turkey - it's a jealous neighbour business.
Aziz stole Topuz out of the hands of Yildirim so he wanted revenge (this is also easy to see at the caps he was giving Quaresma and Guti) - and thanks to Bernd he has it now.

this is Turkey - where it's more important that the rivals win nothing then to win everything yourself... unfortunately....

btw if the fans didn't want Aykut as coach and young players then we would also have signed players like Quaresma and Guti but that can still happen.
Memz • 16:08 • August 8, 2010
Gyan had a good WC - he was the star of Ghana - you won't get him cheaper at this moment.

and as far as i know it's just a rumour - if you have a link that it's confirmed please send it because Fenerbahçe itself is denying it.
khoda • 18:06 • August 8, 2010
"khoda • 16:03 • August 8, 2010

All the intelligent people of this site have disappeared. Waste of time visiting this site nowadays."

Quoting my self is enough!
Memz • 18:23 • August 8, 2010
khoda • 09:33 • July 29, 2010 good written Memz

khoda • 18:44 • August 8, 2010
Even idiots can have right sometimes. Its like if you guess 100 times its fate that one of those time it will be the right answer.
Memz • 18:56 • August 8, 2010
yes even idiots can be right sometimes - but you are never right so what are you?

now please only talk about Football or Fenerbahçe itself in here man and stop reacting like a donkey just because i wrote it.
khoda • 19:00 • August 8, 2010
Why do you need to use names? We are discussing Fenerbahce and Gyan. But you need to go ahead with those personal attacks? Well explains alot about the person you are. Destroying this wonderful site. Hope you have fun on this site all alone.

bye mr miyagi.
Memz • 19:06 • August 8, 2010
lol who is attacking who in here man - you can read it all back now.
polat10 • 20:54 • August 8, 2010
I call 1000 comments on this article.

anybody else want to bet on this?
ozanFB • 21:09 • August 8, 2010
yeah 1000 for sure.. just dont feed the trolls!
ozanFB • 00:54 • August 9, 2010
it seems like we neither get gyan nor nyang.. both played already their first official league match.. why arent we able to transfer the right people?? every transfer period it is the same bs.. we should have transfered Q7! he scored today against villareal.
Kozak • 06:25 • August 9, 2010
Depends on if Memz and khoda have enough gas in the tank to keep going till 1000 posts :P

Just to add more fuel..

Gyan is a B-E-A-S-T!
Memz • 11:21 • August 9, 2010
^naaa i won't comment on him anymore - it's all about Fenerbahçe now.

Gyan won't come - they canceled negotiations - this is confirmed by Pierre Dreossi who is in Stade Rennes' board while Marseille don't want to sell Niang also confirmed by there coach so yes Ozan it seems like we won't get Gyan nor Niang - hopefully they have a good replacement in there minds.

maybe they should look in another country then France - they are long enough there without really good results.
remedy2000 • 14:03 • August 9, 2010
I think the real problem with Fener is that they should have transferred a couple of world class CB's last season.

In many ways i think they should take these rejections as a blessing because they are not the most pressing of transfer needs.

Ill say it now, but i really do think that if Fener fails to make any CB transfers, we will see one of the most embarressing seasons.

I also think Kocaman is a bust for Fener. He looks lost and out of his depth. When the team falls behind he has no answers whatsoever. And judging by his post game comments, he really cant see what is wrong with his squad.

This leads me on to Aziz, because even if you were trying to fail, could you really make as many errors as aziz has made these last 3 years when it comes team managment. It leads me to believe that the zico era was more of a fluke then any shred business decisions made by Aziz. Its quite possible that as long as Aziz remains the chairman of the club, then Fener will always remain a second rate club on the european stage. Yet their Financiall position dictates that they should be competitng in the champions league every season at least.

Ill also apoligise here for any past comments that may have seemed alittle harsh. I have a brother who uses the same account and hes a lot less emotionaly reserved then i am when commenting on the team or the various posted messages.
ozanFB • 15:24 • August 9, 2010
here is the (likely to happen) worst-case scenario: no new transfer in, Lugano out to AS Rome.

If this happens then this season we wont play for the title
vivalavida • 04:09 • August 10, 2010
This whole tranfer season has been nothing short of a disaster. Yes we transferred some decent wingers in Dia and Stoch but the most important broken link in our play still has not been fixed and that is our defence. Ever since the depature of Edu and Roberto Carlos and the bringing in of Bilica our defense has fallen to pieces. Lugano is linked with Roma now and I wont hate him for leaving because he deserves so much more than this mess of a club.

Im still going to give Aykut Kocaman some time. Our squad still is not at full strength and you can see we are desperatley missing Lugano. Ilhan is a horrible transfer, Bekir is a terrible defender and Bilica is just the worst defender to ever wear this jersey. People expected us to beat Young Boys but at this rate even if we did go through there would be no chance of us advancing to the group stages. Unfortunaetly all I see is a dark tunnel with no light at the end for a good couple of seasons. Aykut will quit before he's fired, and a rushed replacement will be poorly chosen which will impact on next season as well. This is going to happen because our fanbase is not patient, even as I read up I'm reading that Aykut is not the man for the job or something similar.

Ah well Aziz got us into this mess.
Sydney_GFB • 07:52 • August 10, 2010
Kozak • 12:17 • August 10, 2010
pppftttt, you were the guys who wanted Daum gone.

The coach whos idea was that Fenerbahce should NEVER lose to such teams like Sherrif, Sion, Young Boys, FC Twente, Steau!

The coach whos idea was that to fill the team with fighters!

The coach whos idea was that Fenerbahce > ALL

The coach who led us to 1 point behind the champions! To the Turkish cup final!


vivalavida • 15:35 • August 10, 2010
Daum had to go, the man could never bring us to the next level. His tactics were awful, the football we played was uninspiring and his whole football philosophy is just plain out horrible.

The only consequences we've been suffering is the one that we've been suffering for years - Aziz Yildirim. As long as this man is in charge, I'm afraid we won't reach that next level we've all been waiting for.

Just look at all the other branches Fenerbahce has, how many of them were champions this year? Most of them, the only branch that has failed consistently over the years has been football and this is because Aziz keeps sticking his nose in where its not wanted. He's the one that deals with half time team talks, thats not his job, thats the manager. This is why players like Aurelio and Tuncay left. If he could just only deal with the financial aspect of the club which he has done so well in and hire other people to do all the other things than this club could actually go somewhere. I thought he was making progress when he appointed Aykut as Sporting Director of Football but like always its one step forward and two steps back with this club.
Kozak • 15:44 • August 10, 2010

Daum was here to get us back to our normal level and he did that and nobody respected him for it!

And now we sacked him we are right back where we started from!

Fenerbahce look like the biggest bunch of idiots to have sacked Daum!
vivalavida • 16:39 • August 10, 2010
How can you say Daum was going to bring us back to the normal level? And of course we had what it takes to the next level, with the current crop of players we have at our disposable bar the defence (but no one was sorting that out) we have what it takes.

Daum will never be respected by me, the man has coke orgies with hookers and even called Stoch a 'type c player'. Stoch has so far proved him wrong and if it were upto Daum we would of transferred someone like Martin Petrov. Daum in my books will always be a type Z manager.
BushRanger • 16:43 • August 10, 2010
Aziz hasn't got a clue about football. He is probably a good business man and has made FB a commercial success, but he's made some shocking decisions on the football front. Ironically, in any other business he would have been fired a long time ago for underperforming and missing targets. Can you imagine bosses at Apple or Microsoft failing so miserably and getting away with it?
Also, i don't think Daum was ever good enough to manage FB and I didn't like the football we played under him. We need a strong coach, and if we want to attract top talent from abroad we also need an experienced and recognisable manager. I'm afraid i only foresee more years in the wilderness under Aziz and Aykut.
vivalavida • 16:47 • August 10, 2010
Aykut will be gone after this season most likely. Knowing Aziz he will probably be gone by the end of August, at least Aykut will tell Aziz where to shove it
vivalavida • 16:56 • August 10, 2010
and now Guiza has been included in our match squad for the Europa League, what a disaster this season is going to be
mtHead • 19:36 • August 10, 2010
Guiza is going to be the surprise package if he is used properly the way he was used in Spain.
remedy2000 • 19:42 • August 10, 2010
Daum is not what fener needs, but no way would i have sacked him to employ aykut. Thats going from bad to worse and it shocks me how most of us here could see that, but experienced business men earning millions a year couldnt.

But i think the truth is that no matter who we get as a manager that it wont make much difference to how we play, because it seems that managers are not allowed to manage at Fener. Aziz does all the managing yet he has no proven success record of it.

Even the last time Fener had daum, after he was sacked he said it doesnt matter if they get the best manager in the world because he will not be allowed to manage. He went on to say that Fener needed better defenders and should get new transfers in, so the board got him forwards instead. This all sound similar to this transfer period?

Loads of transfers rumours for attacking players, but next to none for defenders, yet everyone can see here that we need better defenders more then anything else.

Infact i think it would have been better for Fener to have lost by a wide margin to young boys instead of a narrow margin. Because its going to take a lot of big shocks in quick succession to get any significant change at Fener. Otherwise we will witness many more years of partial failures, backed up with vivid promises of new transfers and greater aims.
Kozak • 07:54 • August 11, 2010
yeah sure Stoch has proved to be an A class player by diving to get a penalty..

Thats scum man. I like Stoch too but he hasn't exactly shown what it takes by abandoning the team.
ozanFB • 18:29 • August 11, 2010
several sources are claiming that we have niang! :)
mtHead • 18:37 • August 11, 2010
Can someone tell me why Volkan Sen is not in the Squad for this game, is he injured?
vivalavida • 19:56 • August 11, 2010
Hiddink is still using the same squad Fatih Terim used, as soon as he see's players such as Selcuk, Kazim and Marco Aurelio he'll get rid of them and replace them. Hopefully we will see Nuri more regularly this year
mtHead • 21:14 • August 11, 2010
I don't know why Erding is on the team, oh wait I know why because he plays in France. Why Sercan is on the bench instead of him is beyond me oh wait I know why because he plays in Turkey.
mtHead • 21:51 • August 11, 2010
Hiddick is fed with Erding, you could see it in his facial expressions
fener1907 • 01:37 • August 12, 2010
mtHead its not cause he plays in France, its becuase he plays good in PSG and its friendly so Hiddink is making up his mind for the qualifying round! he did the same with Russia Paveylchenko was in the bench at friendly's!
perlomental • 01:39 • August 12, 2010
Its been a long time since I visited this article but I almost read all of the comments. Unfortunately, some people still think Daum jad to leave. Anyways, I wont speak about Daum, Im gonna speak about Aziz.
The club knew there was a problem in the defense, but they signed Stoch and Dia, why? They both are good players, but after the team signed Stoch Dia came as a surplus and that was proven when Aykut didn't use Ozer or Deived in the second leg against Young Boys, if they want to bench Deived, then SELL him, not release, sell for 3 millions, he can be sold for this or lets say 2 million easily. However, the club saw that this team conceded 5 goals against Koln and did nothing for the defense. If the club is arrogant enough not to pay a transfer fee for a defender then they should sign someone for free, maybe Gallas or Rigobert Song... Unfortunately, Gallas is going to join. Dont get me wrong Gallas is good but the transfer came way too late. These kind of mistakes must be the cause behind Aziz's or Aykut's (the one responsible between them for the transfers) resignmint.
vivalavida • 14:25 • August 12, 2010
mtHead if you actually watch the French league you'd know that Mevlut is one of the better strikers in the league finishing 3rd top scorer last season and voted PSG player of the season.
ozanFB • 14:54 • August 12, 2010
perlo, I agree that another defender would be great but don't forget that by now we played without Lugano! Last season I think we had one of the best defenses in the TSL as measured by the goals conceaded. So our problem is that we depend very heavily in the presence of Lugano but as long as he is playing we look not to bad..
mtHead • 18:43 • August 12, 2010
Viva, I had a chance to watch him last week as well as many times with the national team, he is not my type of player technically he is not good, he has speed and that is it.
ozanFB • 22:17 • August 14, 2010
its official - we got niang!!!
polat10 • 22:33 • August 14, 2010
yup, we got niang
fener1907 • 01:37 • August 15, 2010
Only thing left now to do is get a centre back, Gallas could be a good choice because he is experienced and good player and for free! Sell Boral, Guiza, Deivid, Unal, Bilica and earn some money now!


Gonul Lugano Gallas Santos

Dia Emre Cristian stoch


Kazim/ Niang

Subs: Mert, Bekir, Ilhan, Selcuk, Caner, Semih, Alex

What do you guys think?
fener1907 • 01:38 • August 15, 2010
Guiza can be sold for atleast 6-7 mill Euros
Unal for 4 mill Euros
Boral for 2-3 Mill euros
Deivid for 2-3 Mill euros
Bilica could be used for exchange and plus 10 mill euros offer for Miranda who can also partner with Lugano
fener1907 • 01:39 • August 15, 2010
how much did Kayserispor pay for Onder?
JayJayOkocha • 04:54 • August 15, 2010
Niang was the best striker in the Ligue 1. Amazing that we got him. A centreback and a good box to box player and we're ready to be champs.

By the way, I'll eat my shoe if Necip Uysal won't be chosen as player of the year at the end of the season. Undoubtly the biggest talent in the Turkish league at the moment.
remedy2000 • 18:08 • August 15, 2010
If Necip Uysal played for besiktas yesterday, then i didnt even notice him on the pitch. I think he also played against villareal and im not sure i noticed him then either. Unless i got the wrong player of course. But now you mention it ill keep an eye out for him.

Theres more impressive players on besiktas's team at the moment then the kid you mentioned. But i would love for Turkey to discover another Turkish player of Arda Turan's quality. If the Turkish national team had 2 more players as capable as arda Turan we would win the worldcup.

Its a shame that boral is so inconsistant and injury prone, because at his peak he is one of the best wingers in the world. Players like Stoch or Caner wouldnt even get a sniff if boral was in form. Another wasted talent i think.

I also hope that caner isnt wasted at Fenerbahce either. On the wing hes just as capable as stoch, and if i had the choice i rather that position go to a player that will benefit the national team.
nathan • 06:50 • August 16, 2010
please check your inbox, if you haven't already. Please help us out :)
ozanFB • 15:50 • August 16, 2010
just joined .. by now there only 25 members..
sageleader • 05:38 • August 17, 2010
Please join the group everyone! We need more members to start this campaign. This is really important. Tell all your friends.
londonder • 15:04 • August 17, 2010
Hey guys iv joined the group and invited over 50 people.. good luck.
Kozak • 13:46 • August 18, 2010
Hopefully our protest works :D!
fener1907 • 21:32 • August 18, 2010
just call the club at +90 216 542 1907
Aydan • 06:34 • August 23, 2010
you guys I really don't understand for weeks a lot of us said we would do almost anything to keep Fenerbahçe worldwide running. Now we have a chance Nathan told us what we need to do. The facebook group Nathan recommended IS NOT an attempt to replace Fenerbahçe worldwide but it is a group to coordinate the effort to SAVE it. If you speak Turkish and can call the club that's great. If you wrote a letter like I did that great too. Right now the group only has 53 members so if you have facebook please join or even if you don't please sign up and join. For weeks we have all said how much we have appreciated everything Nathan & Mehmet have done for us now let's show that appreciation by doing everything we can to save Fenerbahçe worldwide. Right now the group only has 53 members and if we want to keep pressure on the club that is not enough. For four years Nathan & Mehmet did everything they could for us but now it is in our hands because we are the only ones who can save FBWW!
buraktigin • 00:02 • August 27, 2010
F**k fenerbahce, im now a besiktas fan, they loose to paok at home, screw them
Sydney_GFB • 00:24 • August 27, 2010
fenerbahce R.I.P
vivalavida • 14:00 • August 27, 2010
you need patience, we're going through a transistion so don't expect results right away. who cares about the europa league anyway, it's a shit tournament.
3pac • 19:43 • August 28, 2010
"Sydney_GFB • 00:24 • August 27, 2010
fenerbahce R.I.P"

Funny how "true fans" talk about Fenerbahce!
Kozak • 04:41 • August 29, 2010
Such a s**t tournament that we can't even qualify for it. Such a s**t tournament that we haven't even a trophy to say we've won it.

Not to mention we came down from Champions League for this!

Transition my ass!

Aragones wasn't given a transition period! He qualified for the Champions League group stages!

Daum wasn't given a transition period! He topped Europa League group, came 2nd in the league and 2nd in the Turkish Cup!

We booted his ass!

You guys are plastic.
vivalavida • 16:21 • August 29, 2010
oh piss off kozak, it was plain to see that it was not working with daum or aragones. you also rated bilica higher than lugano and roberto carlos so you have no room to say anything.

do you actually think we would of gone anywhere with daum? last time we gave him time, yes we won the championship but were we any better in the champions league? NO.

fenerbahce4life • 23:35 • August 29, 2010
kocman is the future. He gives young players a chance. For instance okan today was amazing. He would have never played with daum.
vivalavida • 01:55 • August 30, 2010
exactly, he also dropped santos cos lets face it, he looks overweight and his performances has been woeful. nice to see that now he has to work for his place alongside gokhan gonul, who should now take his thumb out his ass and realise okan is going to give him some competition for that starting place at RB. i don't care if we don't win the league this season, as long as Aykut stays next season then i'm happy.
Kozak • 14:50 • August 30, 2010
I rate Bilica higher than Lugano??

I was one of those few who constantly said Bilica WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH for Fenerbahce!

How was it not working with Daum? How? 2nd place in the league! Our players had respect! We were "favourites"! Runners up in Turkish cup! BEST DEFENCE! WINNING GAMES!

We gave Daum 1 season and look what he achieved:

-brought a squad that wasn't even his to 2nd place!
-Earned Fenerbahce European success in 1 damn season! Aykuts now gone and lost any respect we had!
-Brought the BEST out of Volkan
-The BEST out of Santos
-The BEST out of Gokhan
-The BEST out of Cristian

It looks like you decide to make up s**t and just pin it on me.

Also just a big screw you to anyone that gave me crap for saying Ozer was a winger and thats how he would be played!


Unlike Aykut, Daum didn't get to make all these flashy transfers! He had to deal with what he had! 2nd place, runner up in Turkish cup and a respectable top 32 position in Europa League with a squad that wasn't even his!
vivalavida • 22:09 • August 30, 2010
Here you go

And don't start saying that you were saying Bilica was not good enough for Fenerbahce. You're confusing yourself with me, I was the one that was against this transfer since day 1 and I got slated for it. When Lugano got injured, everyone finally saw how bad Bilica really is and I was right all along.

How can you say it was Daum that bought the best out of Gokhan? It was Zico that made Gokhan the player he is today! Thanks to him and Roberto Carlos there is no way Gokhan would of adopted the same style as Cafu/Carlos.

How it wasn't working with Daum? Did you see the way we were playing? Daum is local, small time manager who has enough hustle to grab a minor success, like winning the league or cup or maybe a big game or two. But as far as CL goes, we won't be having a good time with him.

However, Daum can have moments, perfect subs, tactics spot on, but really the main game plan is to outwork the opposition and that comes with some world class fitness coach that he has had by his side for generations it seems.

Daum is very average, he doesn't suck, but much like Aziz he does have an ego that shows up from time to time, whether it was not to play Roberto Carlos for his entire last match which I believe he should've, or take so long to play Ozer, or even if we look back and see his dispute with Pierre. I can only imagine it takes the boys high up to make sure he does some changing and throw his ego to the side.

Frankly, he was lucky with Fenerbahce in the past. His first season he had a flawless free kicker, and a complete breakdown from a better Besiktas side. In his second season he had an Alex that came here to prove something and was on extremely good form the entire year... not that he hasn't been since. In his third year, well, im glad he failed because it brought Zico, but in his third year, we had Appiah and Anelka, this team was on paper the strongest it ever was in his previous two years but they failed to win the championship. Not that its brought down to 100% blame to Daum, because the players after all are the more responsible ones when it comes to results on the pitch.

From what i remember Daum played a line-up that was as good as it could possibly be. Apart from the retarded fans stopping the game every 10 minutes the team didn't look convincing.

Daum did transition us from some of the worst football we've played in our recent history... The Lorant and Oguz Cetin era were just horrible.

However, if you look at Zico's team, it was completely different, almost half the line-up changed in his first season, and then the team that went to the CL quarter Final, there was basically no players left from the Daum era bar Volkan and Alex.

So Daum didn't really set the path for Zico's success, but rather Daum raised the bar for Fenerbahce's rep in Europe, increasing the quality of players we were able to attract as we became CL regulars under Daum - Zico just transformed that new rep into some serious success on the pitch.
Kozak • 11:30 • August 31, 2010
Oh please so 1 game I rated Bilica higher than Lugano and that means I think Bilica is better than Lugano?
vivalavida • 12:14 • August 31, 2010

"Fans are still asking for Fenerbahçe to make a defensive transfer better than Bilica, but honestly why replace what's already great? " LOL

"Fabio Bilica – 8.0
Was one of the outstanding players on the pitch. Was a menace to Antalyaspor's attack and equally a menace to their attack when he had the chance to move up the field. Watched a direct header fly just over the bar and almost scored a goal with an overhead kick which hit the post. His partnership with Lugano grows stronger with every game."

These were all the games you did player ratings in (All the others were done by Edis Koc) and every single one you rated Bilica higher than Lugano. It was like you were watching a totally different game, while I was giving Bilica ratings of just 1 (and that 1 was just for turning up to the game).
ozanFB • 17:23 • August 31, 2010
good job vivalavida : its one of these seldom cases were you can prove someone wrong by quoting his own statements :)

today the transfer period ends so it seems like guiza stays.. he might be a good sub but the now we have too many foreigners.. who could be subbed so that guiza could play?? if guiza and niang will play together it could be a great combination.. only way this could be possible would be by subbing alex. maybe like this:


hehe would be quite offensive though
vivalavida • 17:44 • August 31, 2010
Guiza and Kazim have been told to look for other clubs. Good riddance to the both of them. Also, looks like we're trying to sign a centerback before the transfer window closes.
vivalavida • 17:48 • August 31, 2010
And we're linked with Joseph Yobo of Everton
ozanFB • 17:49 • August 31, 2010
as I said the transfer period will end today..
vivalavida • 17:56 • August 31, 2010
Tuncay might be going to Wigan, LOL. This guy has become a joke
vivalavida • 18:01 • August 31, 2010
Arda could be on his way to Liverpool
ozanFB • 20:39 • August 31, 2010
its official we will sign yobo
vivalavida • 20:52 • August 31, 2010
Excellent! bye bye bilica, enjoy the bench
khoda • 17:11 • September 2, 2010
THANK YOU vivalavida!

And about Kazim, Guiza etc its the best thing that could happen. Telling this players to find new clubs is the best thing that could happen. Thank attitude this players have is just bringing the rest of the team down.

Thank you again mate!
ozanFB • 19:35 • September 2, 2010
according to guiza and kazim will stay at least until the january transfer period. they will either train with the team or seperately within the fb facilities but they apparently they wont play a single match.. I think thats retarded for at least two reasons:
1. at least guiza gets paid an huge amount of money and he would definitely be a good sub for niang. maybe the competition will even bring him to a better form.. so its stupid to pay to him such money without using him
2. letting both players not play until january will surely shrink their market value so in january they will most likely for guiza not even an offer which is comparable to what hercules offered..

good job aykut!
khoda • 13:16 • September 3, 2010
You have to understand that Aykut want to have a good atmosphere in the team. If players like Kazim and Guiza disturb the peace in the team maybe its better to cut them out until January . Aykut is training to build a new team from the core. He cant let players thats not in his plan come in the way. Kazim is stupid that he didnt learned from his mistakes and Guiza is a lost cause.
vivalavida • 15:08 • September 3, 2010
guiza looked out of shape at pre season, the guy looked like he smoked 30 a day and lost a lot of weight while i can't say anymore for kazim, he along with guiza, bilica and ilhan all need to go.
ozanFB • 15:23 • September 3, 2010
seems like these players are back in
khoda • 16:11 • September 3, 2010
Vivalavida: ilhan was a stipid transfer. I really wounder why Aykut wanted him? If you gonna bring a turkish player to the club, at least bring the best turkish player ells just bring a player from A2. Like Mert or Okan. They do a better job then allot A1 players. I thought Okan was so good that he should be first choice even before Bekir!
vivalavida • 16:44 • September 3, 2010
Okan should be a direct replacement for Gokhan Gonul, thing is Okan started off as a winger (which is plain to see) but I guess because we've got so many wingers, they're trying to mould him into a right back, hopefully they'll pull it off because the kid has got potential.

Bekir on the other hand is centreback not a right back
Kozak • 04:37 • September 4, 2010
Right so I wrote twice that Bilica did great and you give me shit?

If they were so terrible go ask why Mehmet and Nathan allowed it to be published on the site.

And how am I hypocritical? Do you even know what that word means?
vivalavida • 12:08 • September 4, 2010
wah wah wah, get lost kozak, you were pretty much on the Bilica bandwagon until Lugano got injured. You were doing it because everyone else thought he was a good player and you didn't want s**t from anyone else. I can go through all of the other players ratings that Edis did and point out comments from you saying you agree with these ratings etc.

do you really think I care about Mehmet and Nathan?
khoda • 13:38 • September 4, 2010
hahahaha Kozak you're a joke. The proof is tossed in your face and you still gonna deny it? hahaha what a joke! go kiss that "legend" Alex ass that you love so much. And while you at it. Thank him for getting us kicked out of CL and EL. All thanks to his crappy game in European games.
Kozak • 13:48 • September 4, 2010
Wow so I thought Bilica was good and as the season progressed I noticed his decline in play and changed my opinion. Sorry for being a normal human being.

And how is it Alex's fault for getting kicked out of CL and EL? As far as I'm concerned its the coaches problem in which competitions we are currently competing in.
GFBHollanda • 17:58 • September 4, 2010
Best line up within a few weeks...

1 XL

2 XL
Kozak • 03:26 • September 5, 2010
1 XL could work if you switched Emre to middle and Santos to the left.
vivalavida • 11:29 • September 5, 2010
nice going genius, ugur at left back, is that emre on the wing? and santos in alex's position. idiot.
vivalavida • 11:30 • September 5, 2010
yeah you only started changing your opinion when lugano got injured. this is when pretty much everyone changed their opinion too.
Kozak • 11:55 • September 5, 2010
Ugur can play left back.

And yeah I changed my opinion when Lugano got injured because we got to see how shit Bilica was by himself. Its easy to be fooled when someone makes someone else look great.

Kind of like how Volkan makes the Turkish national team defense look good.

But whatever, you can believe what you want to believe and call me what you want to call me.
vivalavida • 14:56 • September 5, 2010
Okay I believe you're a sheep who has no clue about football.
Kozak • 16:22 • September 5, 2010
Okay you can believe what you want to believe.

And why is it that you question Alex's legend status?

Anyone who knows Fenerbahce knows the contribution he has made to Fenerbahce. Damn, if you honestly think Alex isn't a legend how bout we erase all those goals and assists that he saved us with?

We would have never qualified for the round of 16 in Champions League without Alex in 2007-08. He was the assist king of Champions league in the year.

Try deny that.
ozanFB • 16:43 • September 5, 2010
so its time for kozak-bashing??
Kozak • 17:00 • September 5, 2010
Seriously why all the hate now? I held quite a bit of respect for the members here(especially you vivalavida, who I on more than occasion, agreed with) and thought you all had great character. Guess it wasn't wise of me to consider people over the Internet as friends.
vivalavida • 18:59 • September 5, 2010
Oh please I was the most hated member on this board just because I had different opinions such as

- Daum being a crap manager
- Bilica a hopeless defender
- Alex NOT to be dropped
- Roberto Carlos being our best left back we've had in our history. Now I don't mind criticism to his performances but "His first touch was good today" or "He crossed too hard today" is not criticism, it's an 11 year's old perspective of football.

Now since we're still crying about the Europe run and our opponents -PAOK is indeed not a big club in Greece but they know how they play football, in these times low budget clubs can achieve success, just look at Bursaspor or Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga.

PAOK almost eliminated Ajax, I bet that every Turkish team would have a hard time with PAOK, our problem is that we underestimate our opponents all the time.
polat10 • 20:09 • September 5, 2010
As much as I hate arguing with vivalavida i'm gonna have to agree with him on SOME points, the ones I disagree with him on is when he said fenerbahce should not drop alex, If he leaves then he leaves, but putting him on the bench is completely fine with me and that's something I want to see. If we are going to use an attacking formation, alex should not be in it, almost every other player in the field besides alex is capable of running a full 90 minutes. he shouldn't even be playing in europe, every time we attacking on the wings, we have only 1 player or not even 1 player in the box because were still waiting for alex to walk to the penalty box. I love alex but he needs to pick up the pace or just be benched and be checked in the game last 20 minutes. Aykut was criticized for not starting alex in the trabzon game, and when he did put him in he did horrible. Then he starts him at the paok game and does even worse, and now every fan started to shut up. Alex should no longer be captain anymore also, emre should take full responsibility, i don't care about his complaining, the guy knows how to lead a team.

And I also do prefer aykut over daum anyday, all we ever did with daum is just score one goal and play defense throughout the entire game, it's stupid to even watch that. He never gave the young players a chance at all, just in games against like altay or something. We also played at a really slow pace and that also pisses me off, I just want to see fast pace attacking soccer, and thats what aykut is trying to do. I still see the light in this team even though we got eliminated from both EL and europa cup. If daum was still here, he would probably start guiza over niang. Aykut knows what hes doing, it's gonna take some time, i'd rather see us play legit fast pace attacking soccer then win the league. And aykut isn't afraid to bench anybody if there playing bad or acting retarded, look what happened with kazim and santos, we don't need players like that if they keep acting like little babies or playing as if they don't even care. Why do you guys think we didn't get quaresma? simply cause of his horrible reputation and his bitchy attitude, we already dealt with players like that, so why go through this phase again. Other then that we were going to sign him during the 2009/2010 winter transfer season, but I think we made the right choice of not getting him.

But there is also one thing that pisses me off, no matter what transfer we get, the fans are NEVER happy. Hell if messi joined nobody would still be happy, I really don't know why they're always like this. And i really hate how the fans tell fenerbahce how to run their board, let them do there fucking job. seriously its really stupid for even trying to do something like that.

Also one thing I am happy about is that we finally transferred NO BRAZILIAN PLAYERS, as much as they piss me off. I'm glad we didn't transfer any. I'm sick of them being on our team, they show absolutely no heart when they play for us, the only player show showed heart every single game he's player from 1st minute until 90th minute was luciano, I still wish we kept him when he was injured and still would have bought lugano, those two would be an unstoppable defensive duo.

Even though I disagree with some of kozaks opinions, guys, stop hating on kozak, seriously. it's his opinion, live with it, we all have a different opinion when it comes down to talking about fenerbahce.
GFBHollanda • 20:24 • September 5, 2010
You idiot. Ugur started as left back u moron! Santos played a game on alex his position. He rocked! He got skills and speed. He is to good for the left back. In Turkey he can play as AM. It would be a waste to start him as LB.

Emre always played as LM. But i want him as LCM. But you dont understand tactics u cow!

I dont always agree with Kozak. But its his opinion i respect!

Vivalavi I respected you in the beginning but not anymore.

I love our squad now.

Hello Polat10! :D Good ur still here!
khoda • 22:11 • September 5, 2010
Polat10, I agree about everything you said. Its so damn good more and more people understand that Alex is done! If Fenerbahce want to get somewhere its time to think different and change. And as long as Alex is in the formation nothing will change because his role on the pitch stops everyone ells to play different.

And Aykut over Daum any day. I rather lose then see my team play crappy defensive football where the mostly do 1-1 or 2-2 games against sh**ty teams. Teams that Fener should crush!
Kozak • 00:57 • September 6, 2010
I want to kick your ass? I started to PM you out of no where?

Dude that wasn't me?! You were fighting with Memz! Its even in this same topic!

Once again you were fighting with Memz, not me, Memz!
ozanFB • 02:10 • September 6, 2010
thats right khoda it was you vs memz. i think kozak deserved a little bit of bashing for beeing a smart ass on others comments. but guys you shouldnt get too personal.. you can do what you want its just my oppinion. and khoda you technically might be right on alex after all nowadays he polarizes experts and fans equally since on the one hand his stats are amazing (assists and goals) but on the othe hand he is slowing down the game.. but please use dont phrases like "alex is cancer" or "go lick alex' balls" whatsover since you have to agree that at least in the past he did great for fenerbahce. of course fenerbahce did also a lot to him by letting him be part of this great club.

polat10 i agree with you on everything you said except that the fans are always unhappy about the transfers.. i think when we signed rc or even guiza noboday way unhappy. but if the club promisses "big signings" just to get players nobody even heard of its naturally disappointing. noting q7s current performances i also disagree with you that it was a good idea to not get him..
khoda • 09:28 • September 6, 2010
oh, my mistake, i must have confused you and Memz somehow. Sorry!
khoda • 11:05 • September 6, 2010
OzanFB: Ronaldinho was great! Eto was great! C. Ronaldo was great. Come on there is a lot of football players that been great. But they come and the go. Alex been in this club since 2004. Thats 7 Years. Yes he DID great. But not anymore. Just because he makes 2 assist and 1 goal agains a shitty turkish team that never played out in Europe he is still great? No. We put alot of millions in making young new tranfers. We brought players that play fast fotball. Players like Stoch that even run back home and help the defense. Alex just stand still. With him on the field is like playing with 10 and a half men nowdays. As long as Alex is on the team this team wont change the playing style and even if we win the League we wont have any chance in Europe. And you cant change style the day its time to play in Europe. The team have to play together for a while in that way first.
ozanFB • 14:06 • September 6, 2010
wow khoda what a progress - you managed to talk about alex without using explicit words :) I am perfectly fine with what you are saying.. as i said i am not sure whether i want him to stay. the thing is when he is not playing i dont see a better team. of course the team played for ages with alex so its hard make this transition.. maybe we should try to play without alex for some matches and then see what happens. at least against "easy" opponentes this should be possible..

btw, what you mean by "Ronaldinho was great! Eto was great! C. Ronaldo was great. Come on there is a lot of football players that been great. But they come and the go."?? Neither of this player came or go to fener? i think i would have noticed :)

actually i am fine with the new transfer policy as well of bringing young and hungry players but its the superstars who decide games..
khoda • 14:19 • September 6, 2010
haha, well i can be polite if other people are polite to me.

Anyway, all those players i talked about have been a key player in there teams for a while and the team have been "build" around them. But as we all know these players have changed teams and the teams where they used to play changed there playstyle/tactics to something new. Remember players come and go. But the team stays the same. Every great player will become less good with time. Even sometimes a great player needs to change team to boost his own performance.

Look at Guti, He is AMAZING and he is 31. but not amazing enough for Real Madrid. Change is good.
serdar_tasci • 23:25 • September 6, 2010
You know what guys seriously im so thrilled we are out of the uefa cup because we never win it no matter how hard we try its also a waste of time in my opinion, we are in a new era with our new manager and id say we take it one step at a time first of all we need to get the TURKISH league and cup then we can think about other competitions like europe etc, we have got such a powerful squad, which is why im really happy we made such signings of BLACK AFRICAN STARS they play their arses off not like EUROPEANS, look at the stars we signed NIANG,DIA,YOBO,STOCH these 4 players are world class espeacially Niang.

Polat dude i kinda agree with u on Alex that he is past his prime and that yes some games he should play on the bench but the thing is about this brazilian legend is that no matter how old he gets he still is in the right place at the right time to score and give tons of assists aswell, the guy reminds me of klose, klose dosent play the best football in the world but hes a striker and his job is ONLY TO PUT THE BALL IN THE BACK OF THE NET, and that is what hes been doing for the whole of his career, SO I BELIEVE ALEX SHOULD PLAY ALOT OF GAMES BUT we should try out our amazing young stars alot more often like we ddi with okan alkan

I mean look at our current line-up wothout stupid guiza and bilica in it:


FULL OF STAR PLAYERS AND INSETAD OF PLAYING ALEX ALL THE TIME IN ATTACKING MID WE CAN PUT SEMIH IN UPFRONT WITH NIANG, THIS FENERBAHCE TEAM IS EXPLOSIVE, finally weve got a player with nearly the same qualities as lugano two amazing wing backs, the defensive midfield is as strong as steel the wingers are top class, fast, skillful and amazing, the strikers are explove and hungry for goals and our youngsters are absolutely amazing i think aykut has done a great job by getting such amazing players:

Okan Alkan
Caner Erkin
Ozer Hurmaci
Issiar Dia
Gokay Iravul
Abdulakadir Kayali
Furkan Aydin
Mert Fehmi Gunok
Hasan Erbey
Berk Elitez

I love how he got rid of all the wastes of space like Deivid,Onder,Deniz,Bilgin,Babacan etc

khoda • 00:57 • September 7, 2010
just for you serdar_tasci

first one

second one

and last one
PRESS CAPS LOCK ONE MORE TIME AND YOU CAN write normal like this :)
serdar_tasci • 18:37 • September 7, 2010
well playing dia will make it to many forigh players in the starting 11, thats when some games he played caner instead of santos or stoch because we already have to many players
khoda • 10:30 • September 8, 2010
Well i see,
Then i would put christian on the bench and put Topuz there instead. That way we would be able to play Santos and Dia at the same time and we would get rid of the lazy christian thats not in any good form right now anyway!
khoda • 17:49 • September 8, 2010
Then rather put Tupuz instead of Christian. Then you can use both santos and dia!
serdar_tasci • 00:14 • September 9, 2010
khoda can i say one thing please, alex may be finished as u guys may say so but the thing is hes allways there to kick the ball into the net which is what football is all about, no matter how old he gets hes like klose he may not be the best mover but is the best shooter and always will be the best shooter in fener.


khoda • 12:43 • September 9, 2010
serdar_tasci: But you are wrong. To be good against crappy teams is not a big deal. Its about the harder games. Its about the games in Europe. Or the games against the stronger teams in SuperLig. There Alex is finnished. And you need to understand that if you want a team to play good you have to use almost the same formation all the time. You cant put in Alex in the crappy games and then when its time to play a important or hard game put him in the bench and play with another type of lineup. They team needs to play together in a new way all the time to learn to find each other easy. Thats why its time to say good bay to alex. So Fenerbahce can skip the "Alex" style of playing and move to something new that works in Europe. You tell me one other team that use the type of lineup and gamestyle we use. If it was so damn good other teams would copied us right?
vivalavida • 16:07 • September 9, 2010
If there is any player that deserves to be dropped until he's lost some weight, it's Andre Santos.

Thing about Alex is that he can have a bad game till the 85th minute and still manage to pull something out of the hat and produce a moment of magic. It's the same as Henry at Arsenal or even Diamanti when he was at West Ham.

That line up as 7 foreigners serdar.
alperfener1 • 17:03 • September 9, 2010
that's 7 foreigners serdar. unfortunately only 6 is allowed at one time.
alperfener1 • 17:11 • September 9, 2010
My preferered line up against kayserispor. Alex's performances have dropped over the years, but he's still a key player for us. Hence why I included Alex in this lineup.


serdar_tasci • 19:55 • September 9, 2010
Dude Ozer sucks to the max, he cant do anything id rather play okan alkan on the wing because he just amazed me on his debut give 2 assists already, also how can u guys hate baroni just because hes an extra foreigner in the team u idiots start making excuses of him being lazy and sloppy when he makes some of the best passes and contributions to the team we need such a play of his calibre. I also cant believe u fools have forgotten about kazim, this guy never looses the ball everytime he has it he never looses it, he does amazing skills has a bullet of a dhot and makes amazing runs and teams up with Gokhan the best. If you guys disagree with this line-up your absolute fools. This would be my line-up:






Mert Gunok
Caner Erkin
Okan Alkan
Issiar Dia
Cristian Baroni
Semih Senturk
Ozer Hurmaci


We can play:
Ozer for Kazim
Okan for Gonul
Baroni for Topuz
Caner for A.Santos/Stoch
Semih for Niang/Alex
I.Dia for Stoch/Kazim

perlomental • 22:45 • September 9, 2010
When Ugur Boral is back from injury, no one can take his place. So all of these lineups are most likely not to happen.
ozanFB • 14:24 • September 10, 2010
alper: gökhan will not play against kayseri.

We should play like this:


polat10 • 00:59 • September 11, 2010
Ozer does not suck.
Sydney_GFB • 10:41 • September 11, 2010
i agree with serdars line-up
serdar_tasci • 11:42 • September 11, 2010
The offical line-up for kayserispor which in my views is very similar to ozans lol:

serdar_tasci • 21:33 • September 11, 2010
Thank you sidney u are the only one who sees sense and has a brain look at this line-up it completely rocks:






Mert Gunok
Caner Erkin
Okan Alkan
Issiar Dia
Cristian Baroni
Semih Senturk
Ozer Hurmaci
Engin • 22:40 • September 11, 2010
I hope that Alex is never ever on the starting XI again. Sorry but he is going to destory Niang and the rest team big time with his walking ways. Dia should've started on the right wing and Emre or Mehmet Topuz as the number 10 or have Gokhan Unal with Niang and play 4-4-2. Also all those people who ripped Ilhan and Bekir. I rather them coming in for Yobo instead of Selcuk Sahin.
Kozak • 11:34 • September 12, 2010
well looks like Aykut listened to you guys on the lineups. You forgot to tell him to bring a backup defender though :|
fenerbahce4life • 01:07 • September 13, 2010
Guys give it time aykut is trying to create a new style for our team. We are still adjusting. Once everything falls into place we will be good. I want to add one more thing i hate selcuk, not because of the last game i just hate him he is the worst player ever. Even his face makes me angry nowadays lol.
Kozak • 14:22 • September 14, 2010
Eh Aykut shouldn't be worried about us giving him time, he should be worried about Aziz giving him time. If we lose against BJK, its not going to look good for Aykut.
GFBHollanda • 21:28 • September 15, 2010
Against BJK
Injured players: Yobo & Ugur

ozanFB • 02:06 • September 16, 2010
apparently kazim will play against bjk !

so most likely it will be

mtHead • 17:47 • September 16, 2010
so I guess this website is dead
polat10 • 09:51 • September 17, 2010
Ozan, mehmet topuz is going to take selcuks spot
since1907 • 10:49 • September 21, 2010
GFBHollanda • 01:24 • October 4, 2010
Finally Selcuks out :D

Line up second half!:

Lets bring our comming star Okan Alkan. A 17 year old talent! Lets try gokhan as defanding midfielder instead of Selcuk or baroni who both are crap!

Alex is good against lil teams but nog against big teams. Not anymore. I prefer stoch!

Or you can try this one first half and swith it to the line up above^ in the second half. So we can compare those 2 line ups...
Line up first half!:
Edisk6 • 10:56 • October 5, 2010
i wish i could come here daily and see new updates. :(
Edisk6 • 10:56 • October 5, 2010
GFBHollanda • 21:58 • October 7, 2010
Aykut sunu yap!
..................1 Volkan......................
...4 Okan.....2 Lugano...3 Yobo...8 Santos......
..................7 Gökhan......................
...10 Dia......6 Topuz.....5 Emre...11 Stoch....
.....................9 Niang....................
Yedekler: Serkan, Caner, Kazim, Alex, Semih, Unal, Baroni
Sydney_GFB • 18:13 • October 27, 2010
man months gone by and i still havnt found a fenerbahce fan based site as good as this one...what a shame
Edisk6 • 00:13 • December 7, 2010
:( still hoping
yavuz • 22:27 • December 19, 2010
and hoping :(
GFBHollanda • 12:49 • January 15, 2011
DreamTeam 2011-2012 Champions and Turkish CupWinner!

..................1 Volkan...................
..2 Gökhan..3 Serdar.....4 Ömer....5 Ugur...
.....6 Sissoko..7 L.Diarra..8 Muntari.....
...............10 Sessegnon................
..........9 Niang©.......11 Emenike.........
Serkan,Ceyhun Gulselam, Hasan Ali, Emre, Topuz, Semih, Dia

Muntari, Diarra, Sessegnon, Sissoko are all subs at their clubs. They want to leave. Ask Appiah, Niang, Dia and Okocha to help buying them. Omer Toprak, Hasan Ali, Serdar Kesimal, Ceyhun Gulselam and Emenike can leave their clubs because they want to make the next step in their career...

Inter Milan can buy Lugano for 5 milj + Muntari
Real Madrid can buy Santos for 5 milj + L Diarra
Sell Guiza to PSG for Sessegnon + 3 milj
Bilica, Selcuk, Ilhan Eker, Bekir + and okan on loan and 5 milj for Emenike
Alex transferfree to Coritibita
Yobo to Everton 0 euro

Sissoko for 7 - 8 milj
Ömer Toprak for 5 milj
Serdar Kesimal for 5 milj + Gokhan Ünal
Ceyhun Gülselam for 3 milj
Hasan Ali for Gökay and özer + 1 milj
Edisk6 • 02:26 • March 21, 2011
10 in a row woooooohoooooooo, lets not F it up on the last day of the season again.
Galvatron • 02:54 • March 21, 2011
GFBHollanda, that is the stupidest thing I have read for a while
GFBHollanda • 00:48 • May 16, 2011
Galvatron look at those first 11 pfff those africans are a beast.

But anyway. Where are the daum lovers? Dont see them anymore muahahhahaha!
vivalavida • 13:02 • May 16, 2011
Where are the Alex doubters? 27 league goals in 34 league games for a guy who doesn't run anymore. In 2nd place is Burak Yilmaz with 19 goals.

Seriously, Alex will shut his doubters up again and again. So happy he'll be around next season as well.
GFBHollanda • 00:39 • May 23, 2011
Where are the DAum lovers!!! Aykut did it much better! 17/18!!!! No single loss in the 2nd half!!!


Gokhan-Lugano-Serdar KEsimal-SAntos
Selcuk Inan-EMre
polat10 • 00:20 • May 25, 2011
I'll admit, alex didn't impress me at all in the start of the season, that's why I started to doubt him, but eventually he started picking up the pace again, yea, he will shut up his doubters.
Edisk6 • 11:10 • November 14, 2013
Damn I miss this website, hope all you return one least we are killing it this season!
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