FBWW Exclusive: İpek Ustaoğlu Interview Part Two

Interview  •  Author: Nathan Redd   •   Wednesday, April 23, 2008 Picture

Last week Fenerbahçe Worldwide brought you part one of our exclusive interview with Fenerbahçe Television's İpek Ustaoğlu.  In part one, İpek talked about how she became a Fener fan and how she got the job of a lifetime working for FB TV.  In part two, we ask her about meeting fans around the world, the stress of doing two shows each week, and her most embarrassing moment on the air. 

FBWW:  Many of our readers may not know that you speak Turkish, English, and Spanish.  How did you learn Spanish? 

İU:  Ay, si...pues...me voy a continuar en Español y tambien, Nathan!!!  Tu tienes que mejorar, y hablar mas mas mas mas Español, eh?!?  ( İpek jokes with Nathan about speaking Spanish as they often joke with each other in the language.  İpek's speaking ability is better than Nathan's, however, so she tells him she will continue in Spanish but he has to improve so they can talk speak more in the language).  Well, first of all, I love Spain.  I really adore the Mediterranean country.  I know a lot about their culture, lifestyle, food, language, people, I mean everything.  I went to Instituto Cervantes for 2.5 years in Istanbul, then later I decided to go and improve my Spanish in Spain.  A year and a half ago I went to Madrid and studied the Spanish language, literature, and culture at university.  I had a great time there and made so many Spanish friends, as well as from all over the world.  I have so many great memories of my time in Spain and now at work I use the advantage of my Spanish by translating news about Fenerbahçe or other international news. 

FBWW:  You are very busy with two shows currently on FB TV - Genç Çizgi and Countdown.  How do you prepare for each show?  Do you enjoy doing one more than the other? 

İU:  I love my shows; I love getting prepared for them.  I'm so disciplined while I'm working and I'm so serious - even with every tiny detail.  To be honest, Genç Çizgi is like the "flower" of the two, 'cause it's a show that I have to work harder on.  I do all of the research, all of the arrangements, create new ideas, etc.  Yeah, sometimes I get stuck and feel like I run out of ideas.  I have to decide what is bad or good for the audience, decide if people are gonna like it or hate it or whatever.  You know, I have to do everything for Genç Çizgi.  When I get angry, it's because of Genç Çizgi; when I'm happy it's because of Genç Çizgi.  To sum it up, yeah - Genç Çizgi has sort of become my life really.  Don't get me wrong - I love Countdown and it's so important to me.  Are you kidding?  It was my first show on FB TV and the show that I made my debut for Fenerbahçe on.  It's also the first live TV show I've done in my career.  We have so much fun during Countdown a lot - the director, Kıvanç (her co-host), everyone that works on the show.  What you see on TV is the way we really are - it's a very natural show! 

(Nathan:  As a side note, the show is very natural and very unscripted.  After having the opportunity to spend the day with both Kıvanç and İpek on filming day, I was amazed at how little preparation is done for the show in terms of topics of discussion, etc.  The calls and e-mails from the audience really dictate the topics and pace of the program).

FBWW:  How difficult is it to do a live show like Countdown?

İU:  Well, in my opinion, it's difficult to do any live show.  I mean, you have to really concentrate, be ready, be prepared if there are periods of dead air, but at the same time give your attention to the camera.  At the same time while you're thinking about these things, you have to be able to report and do interviews, etc.  The most important thing is always the audience.  While you're looking directly into the camera, you have to follow what's going on from what the director is telling you, what fans are calling in and e-mailing to say, etc.  You always have to be aware of everything else that is going on.   I hate presenting a show that is so empty or meaningless; unfortunately I see shows like this on TV all the time.  I want to feel and hear that we aren't like that.  To do a live show is to be well-prepared with a big, natural smile, know what you're going to do, and then you're ready - you just say "ok, let's go - let the show begin!" 

FBWW:  What was your most embarrassing moment on-air?

İU:  Haha, well, I can remember once that I had the flu really bad.  I had to do the show and I can't even remember how many times I sneezed - I just kept sneezing on the air and I felt so terrible!  It was really embarrassing for me and I was worried about the negative reaction from the audience.  People were e-mailing in, though, and it was just the opposite.  They were sending e-mails saying "Bless you!  Take care!  I made you some lime tree tea!  I have an aspirin - do you need it?!?" and all of these sweet things.  They made me so happy, but I guess I have to do a better job of taking care of myself.....and Kıvanç. 

(To read part one of Fenerbahçe Worldwide's exclusive interview with İpek Ustaoğlu, click on the "Interviews" section on the left hand side.  Stay tuned to FBWW for part three of our interview with İpek coming later this week.)

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kenan_khaderioglu • 15:52 • April 23, 2008
great interview i love the last question from nathan
it realy embarrassing moment but it happens thanks nathan thank ipek is love to work with ipek on fb tv after university
Leandro • 19:01 • April 25, 2008
¡No olvides hacer tus deberes de Castellano!
God Damn! I lost that program when Ipek was sneezing! :)
She is a good professional, don't doubt it!
See ya!
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