FBWW Exclusive: İpek Ustaoğlu Interview Part Three

Interview  •  Author: Nathan Redd   •   Tuesday, April 29, 2008 Picture

On Wednesday, Fenerbahçe Worldwide brought you part two of our exclusive interview with Fenerbahçe Television's İpek Ustaoğlu.  In part two, we asked her about the difficulty of doing a live show and her most embarrassing moment on the air.  In part three, İpek tells us about getting ready to go on the air each week on FB TV, as well as what it's like to be around the players all the time.  You'll also read why İpek is embarrassed to tell us about her life away from the camera.

FBWW:  With Genç Çizgi, you get to explore a different side from your sport side.  What is your favorite part of doing Genç Çizgi?

İU:  Well, it's hard to pick one because it's all very special to me.  Obviously, I love doing the fashion part just like any girl.  And yeah, I also love eating, so any time we do dining segments on the show is great.  When we do the restaurant segments, it's a lot of fun for me getting to sample so many different kinds of food, etc.  But I love the culture parts and getting to go see different exhibitions...I love art and being able to recommend different sites and experiences to people.

FBWW:  Do you get to keep the clothes you wear on the air?

İU:  If I really like them, yes :)

FBWW:  Do you get to choose your topics for Genç Çizgi?

İU:  Yes, I'm very lucky - it's my creation, so I get to decide everything we do for the show.

FBWW:  Is most of your viewing audience for Genç Çizgi female, or do you have a lot of guys that watch also? 

İU:  No, Genç Çizgi is not a program just for women.  For example, when we go to film the fashion segments, we look for men also to ask them for ideas, etc.  It's definitely a show for men and women!  I get a lot of calls or e-mails from men who watch.  They'll say "İpek!  Why did you go and try on that shirt?!?  Now my wife loves it and has to have it!  Now I have to go buy that shirt or she'll kill me!"  Actually I love getting e-mails like that, because it means that both men and women are watching the show!

FBWW:  Do you get recognized a lot by fans when you go out?

İU:  Yes, Fenerbahçe fans don't miss a thing!  I love them!!  I get a lot of fans of other teams who will stop and say hi when we're working on the streets, especially around Kadıköy. 

FBWW:  Most viewers probably don't know what a typical work week is like for you.  Can you tell us about that?

İU:  I wake up around 9:00 and go to work.  I check my e-mails, voicemails, etc. first and start making arrangements for where we will film, what content to shoot, etc.  I'll usually read through the news; I'll read through 8 or 9 newspapers looking for news, especially in the international press.  I work on news for FB TV also, so I'll read through the Spanish newspapers to see if they are talking about Fenerbahçe, etc.  I'll work on different things during the week - I'm in and out of the studios a lot based on what we are filming, where we're filming, etc.  Sometimes I'm not in the office much at all because we're out filming something.  I'll usually go home around 18:00 in the evenings.  I like to work out, so I'll go to the gym 3 or 4 days per week to take care of my health.  On the weekends, I just like to hang out with friends, go get coffee - the normal stuff :)  Nathan, you spend a lot of time with me - you tell them what I do!! :) 

Nathan:  I'll leave the rest up to the readers' imagination :)

FBWW:  For Countdown, you have a co-host in Kıvanç Özkök.  Was it difficult for you to work together at first?  Did you immediately have chemistry as co-hosts?

İU:  If it will stay just between us, I really hate him.  He talks such nonsense and he's just very unnecessary....(İpek laughs)...of course I am kidding.  To be honest, I owe Kıvanç.  When I first started, I was so nervous to be hosting a live show.  He helped me a lot.  In the first episodes of the show, he would cover my mistakes and really helped me with presenting a positive energy.  He is the same guy in real life that you see on TV.  He's smart, helpful, happy, and nice.  Even when we met he made me feel like we had been friends for many years.  I'm really lucky to work with him, and I still learn a lot from him. 

FBWW:  Do you get to meet a lot of the players?  Do you have any favorites?

İU:  Yeah, they usually all come to FB TV so we get to meet them and spend time with most of them.  I love Alex de Souza and Roberto Carlos.  When I was in Madrid, I was supporting Real Madrid (after Fener, of course) and I was a huge fan of Roberto Carlos and David Beckham. 

FBWW:  Do you have any special memories of Fener matches?

İU:  Of course!  How could I forget the 6-0 demolition of Galatasaray?!?

FBWW:  What are your career aspirations?  Where would you like to be in five or ten years? 

İU:  I love being on TV; I love presenting.  I've wanted to work in television ever since I was a little girl.  I just want to be more successful every day.

FBWW:  Do you feel like you are a different person off-camera than you are on the air? 

İU:  Well, you would probably need to ask my co-workers, but my family tells me that I'm very natural.  Being on TV in front of the cameras, people think it's very easy, but it's not as easy as it seems.  A lot of people say "I can be so natural on camera and relaxed in front of people," but the moment the lights come on they can't move.  It's not just a case of being relaxed, but having confidence and not thinking that people are watching you at the moment.  When we go on the air, there are millions of people watching us but you can't think about that.  Being a TV host is about being able to express yourself well, speak well, and not let people know about your personal problems.  I remember filming Genç Çizgi the night after I lost my grandmother.  Nathan, you were here with me so you remember what I was like during this time.  I was crying when the cameras were off, but when the lights come on, you have to stand there with a big smile and be full of positive energy for the viewers.  At that moment, sure - I was acting.  But that's a part of being in television - not letting your personal heartaches interfere with your work or sending off a negative vibe to viewers. 

FBWW:  How did you hear about Fenerbahçe Worldwide?  What do you think of the website and what they are doing with Fener fans around the world?

İU:  Well, I had heard about Fenerbahçe Worldwide before, but when Mr. Redd (İpek laughs) we met and I asked him to be on my show on FB TV.  When I heard about FBWW, I was so excited and wanted Nathan to be on my show.  I thought it was such a great idea.  I knew there were Fenerbahçe fans around the world, and many didn't speak Turkish, so Nathan and his team were doing such a great job.  Also, even after Nathan was on the show, we talked about FBWW more on Countdown, and we still talk about the site on FB TV all the time.  I read FBWW and I'm a huge fan of the site.  You guys are coming up on almost two years now since FBWW began, so we're so happy and proud of FBWW!!

Part four of our exclusive interview with FB TV's İpek Ustaoğlu will be coming shortly.  To read parts one and two, click on the "Interviews" section on the left panel of the website. 

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perlomental • 14:11 • April 29, 2008
nathan • 18:33 • April 29, 2008
thanks :)
perlomental • 22:54 • April 29, 2008
i think she will, but i hope she will not be sad, or angry, i think that she is friendly, will not do any problems, i hope!
CANO • 00:10 • April 30, 2008
ipek if you read this: keep doing your work, youre making an fantastic job and you look very cute hehe.
by the way, if you're single, call me :P haha
nathan • 01:07 • April 30, 2008
Haha...good try, CANO :)
Jessica • 01:31 • April 30, 2008
I'm glad you chose to interview such a strong woman in a still male dominated field. Thanks Nathan, and thank you Ipek!
rokkafellah • 01:57 • April 30, 2008
you're a great tv host, Ipek, keep on doing a good job as I know you will ;)
nathan • 05:37 • April 30, 2008
Thanks for your comments, everyone. I'll make sure that Ipek reads each one of them.
bader • 22:39 • June 26, 2009
shes hott
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