The Global Club Part 2: The Men from Man

Commentary  •  Author: Uğur Pembecioğlu   •   Monday, February 18, 2008 Picture

The following article was written by our good friend (and now contributor) Uğur Pembecioğlu.  In this piece, The Global Club Part II, Uğur introduces us to two more non-Turk Fener fans, Allen and Michael Singleton.  Allen and Michael have been regular readers of Fenerbahçe Worldwide for quite some time, and I always wondered about these readers from "The Isle of Man."  Uğur helps us put faces with names now in the following piece.  In Part II of our "Global Club" series, we see yet another profile that proves what we previously believed - Fenerbahçe truly is a global club.

The Isle of Man is a small island in the Irish Sea (between Great Britain and Ireland). The island is a British crown dependency, but is not actually part of the United Kingdom. However, the UK Government remains constitutionally responsible for its defense and international representation. On this island of 572 square kilometers live roughly 76,000 people.  Two of those islanders were in Istanbul to watch Fenerbahçe play against Gençlerbirliği OftaşSpor earlier this month.

Allen Singleton and his son Michael have been long time Fenerbahçe fans, and they are no strangers to Türkiye, visiting the Mediterranean coast almost every summer.  It was in 2003 that they made their first football pilgrimage to watch Fenerbahçe against Beşiktaş in Kadıköy, a game Fenerbahçe lost during the nose-dive period of that season which followed the 6-0 humiliation of November 6th, 2002.  Allen and Michael certainly didn't let the result dampen their spirits or their love for Fener.

Earlier this month, The Singletons were back in town to prove that they were not bad luck for Fenerbahçe. They bought their tickets on-line from Biletix before they left for Istanbul.  We had a chance to get together before the game, and they had their brand new yellow-striped jerseys on.  They made sure to visit Fenerium and contribute nicely to the Maldonado Transfer Fund, with Michael even buying a Fenerbahçe cell phone.  They were excited because this was their first time in Saraçoğlu after the completion of the renovations.  I’ve talked to them after the game as well, and I think it's safe to say they'll be back.  They had a great time, witnessing the first penalty shot of the season, which was a shocker since referee Arzuman granting Fenerbahçe a penalty shot is something you don’t see but once in a blue moon.  I guess Arzuman had the unbearable lightness of being relieved from Ulusoy’s pressure.  This is something I was predicting - fewer referee mistakes once Ulusoy became a lame duck.  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

The Singletons were also fortunate to witness the debut of Fenerbahçe’s mid-season transfer Claudio Maldonado, who played as if it were his 100th game with the team.  Michael and Allen promised to come back frequently for Fenerbahçe since they proved that they didn’t bring bad luck.  They are two of the many Fener fans who fly in every fortnight from across Europe to watch the Canaries.  Fener is truly a global club, meaning they’ll always be welcomed in the greatest football temple north of the equator.

This is my first piece for the new and improved Fenerbahçe Worldwide and I wanted to introduce you to this great father and son.  Their love for Fenerbahçe took them from a small island in the Irish Sea and brought them to Istanbul (via Dublin) for a football match. There are many others like them and they only do it for the love of the colors.

(Article written by Uğur Pembecioğlu)

Comments (3)

kenan_khaderioglu • 13:07 • February 18, 2008
wow there like me iam kenan in (global club part 1) really fener is global club welcome to (global club part 2) welcome to Allen and Michael Singleton
CANO • 02:04 • February 21, 2008
wow thats very nice. but where can i find part 1 ?
11munirs • 18:52 • July 21, 2009
Wow, thats great dudee!
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